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· Headquarters of All-People Movement for National Unity formed in S. Korea -- Apr 30, 2003
The headquarters of All-People Movement for National Unity was reportedly formed in Seoul on April....     ...and south of Korea. At the inaugural ceremony So Kyong Won, active at reunification movement organizations,...     (147 words)

· Anti-U.S. solidarity meeting held in S. Korea -- Nov 18, 2002
The 38th Anti-U.S. Solidarity Meeting was reportedly held under the sponsorship of the people's....     ...apology and compensation for the damage done to So Kyong Won, former "national assemblyman".  (302 words)

· Release of unreasonably arrested student demanded -- Oct 13, 2002
The Council for National Reconciliation and Independent Reunification reportedly issued a statement....     ...class U.S. soldier repeatedly apologized to So Kyong Won in the presence of the chief of the...     (286 words)

· Introduction of U.S.-made fighters opposed in S. Korea -- May 29, 2002
A "meeting urging the withdrawal of the selection of F-15K fighters" was reportedly held in Seoul....     ...workers, poor people, etc. attending. So Kyong Won, permanent adviser to the Council for National...     (207 words)

· Bush's projected trip to S. Korea protested -- Feb 02, 2002
The Association for Peace and Reunification (Phyongthongsa) reportedly held a rally on January 29....     ...trip to South Korea. Co-representative So Kyong Won at the rally recalled that the unjust...     (163 words)

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