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· DPRK NDC Statement Blasts U.S. War Moves
-- Jun 25, 2015
The National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK issued a statement Thursday, 65 years since the....     ...the U.S. launched the war with an intention to wipe out the DPRK after setting it as target...     (886 words)

· KPA Service Personnel Meet to Vow to Take Revenge upon U.S. Aggressors
-- Jun 25, 2015
Service personnel of the Korean People's Army (KPA) held a meeting to condemn the bestial....     ...of Politics renewed their resolution to wipe out the U.S. imperialists, the sworn enemies, and...     (300 words)

· Pyongyang Mass Rally Marks Day of Struggle against U.S. Imperialism
-- Jun 25, 2015
A Pyongyang mass rally took place at Kim Il Sung Stadium on Thursday, the day of struggle against....     ...and people will never miss the opportunity but wipe out the aggressors to the last one. Then...     (342 words)

· Regional Committee for Implementing June 15 Declaration Calls for Intensifying Movement for Reunification -- Jun 14, 2015
The Chinese Regional Committee of the Overseas Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint....     ...conduct the patriotic reunification movement to wipe out the group of heinous anti-reunification traitors...     (146 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Slams S. Korean Authorities for Seeking International Cooperation in Anti-DPRK Campaign -- May 30, 2015
The south Korean puppet forces' moves to seek international cooperation in the anti-DPRK campaign....     ...the tremendous muscle they have built and thus wipe out all the provocateurs and realize the historic...     (283 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Blasts S. Korean Diplomatic Chief's Call for Closer Cooperation with U.S.
-- May 25, 2015
Yun Pyong Se, puppet minister of Foreign Affairs of south Korea, in talks with U.S. Secretary of....     ...its tremendous military muscle and mercilessly wipe out the U.S. and the puppet warmongers and...     (276 words)

· Kerry's Hectic Diplomacy Would Get U.S. Nowhere: KCNA Commentary
-- May 23, 2015
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, at a joint press conference in the wake of his junket to Beijing,....     ...to successfully conduct underwater operations to wipe out the hostile forces keen to encroach upon its...     (495 words)

· Minju Joson Slams U.S. and S. Korean Authorities' Max Thunder -- Apr 18, 2015
A large-scale joint air combat drill Max Thunder of the U.S. and south Korean warmongers is now....     ...but give vent to the pent-up resentment and wipe out the aggressors to the last one.  (223 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Calls for Settling Accounts with Aggressors with Arms Only -- Mar 24, 2015
Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an article denounces the south Korean puppet forces for pushing the....     ...firm determination of the DPRK to mercilessly wipe out by force of arms the confrontational maniacs...     (259 words)

· Kim Jong Un Watches Drill of KPA Air and Anti-Air Force -- Mar 20, 2015
A drill of raiding and repairing an airfield was staged by the Air and Anti-Air Force of the Korean....     ...combat drills of all the service personnel to wipe out the U.S. imperialists and their stooges...     (442 words)

· U.S. and S. Korean Regime Accused of Abusing Punishment of U.S. Ambassador for Their Sinister Purpose -- Mar 17, 2015
The Korean Central News Agency issued a report on Tuesday denouncing the U.S. and the south Korean....     ...and renewing their firm will to mercilessly wipe out the enemies. We have already clarified its...       ...political system dearer than our lives but to wipe out them to the last man. We together with...     (556 words)

· KFA Denounces Key Resolve and Foal Eagle -- Mar 14, 2015
The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) headquartered in Spain made public a statement on Mar. 10....     ...slightest provocation, the DPRK will mercilessly wipe out the aggressors. With nothing can they...     (174 words)

· KCNA Commentary Accuses S. Korean Regime of Trying to Link Case of Attack on U.S. Ambassador with DPRK -- Mar 10, 2015
The south Korean puppet group is making much fuss over the recent case of attack on the U.S.....     ...the shame it experienced in international eyes, wipe out the pro-reunification patriotic forces and...     (554 words)

· Merciless Punishment Awaits Provokers: CPRK Secretariat -- Mar 10, 2015
Anti-DPRK hysteria is running high in south Korea at the instigation of the puppet forces with the....     ...DPRK have already declared its resolute will to wipe out those who provoke the dignity of the supreme...     (276 words)

· AINDF Calls for Shattering U.S. and S. Korean Warmongers' War Moves -- Mar 08, 2015
The Information Bureau of the Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front....     ...national reunification! Let us rise up to wipe out the U.S., the root cause of war and the...     (378 words)

· Dangerous Nuclear War Drills Denounced by Organization of Koreans in Russia -- Mar 08, 2015
Ri Chae Son, vice-chairwoman of the Central Association of Korean Nationals in Russia, issued a....     ...the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army will wipe out the aggressors. The statement urged the...     (189 words)

· Koreans in China Denounce U.S., S. Korean Warmongers' Joint Military Maneuvers to Invade DPRK
-- Mar 05, 2015
The General Association of Koreans in China released a statement on March 2 to denounce the....     ...will unanimously turn out in the sacred war to wipe out the aggressors with the people in the homeland...     (269 words)

· U.S. and S. Korean Puppet Forces Will Face Ruin for Their War Drumbeats: CPRK
-- Mar 03, 2015
An extremely grave situation has now been created on the Korean Peninsula due to reckless Key....     ...forces of the DPRK determined to resolutely wipe out the provocateurs and aggressors, which will just...     (812 words)

· Oath-taking Meeting Held at Paektusan Secret Camp -- Feb 12, 2015
An oath-taking meeting took place at the Paektusan Secret Camp on Feb. 12 to accomplish the....     ...and the arms provided by the working class will wipe out the enemies like the blizzards of Mt. Paektu...     (476 words)

· Performance Given by Art Squad of C.C., Youth League
-- Feb 06, 2015
A performance was given by the art squad of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist....     ...reflected the will and stamina of the youth to wipe out all the U.S. imperialists and south Korean group...     (233 words)

· U.S. Imperialists Will Face Final Doom: DPRK NDC
-- Feb 04, 2015
Obama announced new "additional sanctions" on the DPRK through a "presidential....     ...upon the U.S. under the slogan "Let's wipe out and annihilate the enemy and give death to...     (1118 words)

· Kim Jong Un Guides Winter River-Crossing Attack Drill -- Jan 27, 2015
A winter river-crossing attack drill of the armored infantry sub-units of the motorized strike....     ...itself highly alerted so that it may mercilessly wipe out the aggressors, should they dare make a...     (535 words)

· Kim Jong Un Guides Flight Drill of KPA Air and Anti-Air Force -- Jan 24, 2015
A flight combat drill of fighter and bomber groups under the Guards 1st Air and Anti-Air Division....     ...Anti-Air Division made their firm resolution to wipe out with final annihilating strike, if the Supreme...     (677 words)

· Beninese Political Party, Organizations Denounce S. Korean Authorities' Reckless Moves -- Jan 03, 2015
A Beninese political party and organizations released statements on December 23 and 24 last year as....     ...considering it was prompted by the scheme to wipe out the progressive political parties standing in...     (310 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Denounces S. Korean Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff's Outbursts -- Dec 24, 2014
Shortly ago, Choe Yun Hui, puppet chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of south Korea, ceaselessly....     ...racket, and they are always highly alerted to wipe out them. Seized with extreme uneasiness and terror,...     (277 words)

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