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· KCNA Commentary on Lesson from Tragedy in Okinawa Seven Decades Ago
-- Jul 06, 2015
An event "memorial day" took place in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan on June 23, 70 yeas since....     ...of Japan and other Asian countries. The ultra-right wing reactionary forces in Japan are getting...     (518 words)

· Minju Joson Terms Japan's Revision of Security Bills Political Suicide
-- Jun 23, 2015
The three witnesses who had been invited to be present at the recent constitutional deliberation at....     ...is the wild ambition of the Japanese ultra-right conservative politicians that they can realize...     (276 words)

· DPRK Scholar Hits at Japan's Distortion of Past History -- Jun 18, 2015
A Japanese ultra-rightist politician recently sent parcels to victims...       ...actions were evidently prompted by the ultra-rightist politicians and reactionary organizations of...     (353 words)

· Japanese Political Hooligans' Insult to Victims of Sexual Slavery Denounced -- Jun 10, 2015
Suzuki, Japanese ultra-right politician, recently sent parcels to victims of...     (239 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Denounces S. Korean Puppet Group for Disturbing Activities of International Women's Grand March -- Jun 01, 2015
Rodong Sinmun Monday in a commentary denounces the south Korean puppet group for desperately....     ...along the road on the West coast. They hurled ultra-right conservative gangsters into an area near the...     (272 words)

· Japanese Ultra-right Political Gangster's Shameless Terrorist Act Touches off Koreans' Indignation
-- May 25, 2015
A Japanese ultra-right political gangster committed a terrorist act of...     (164 words)

· Minju Joson Blasts Reckless Action of Japan to Cover up Its Past Crimes
-- Apr 30, 2015
More crimes committed by Japan during its colonial rule over Korea have been disclosed recently,....     ...to help Japan veer to the Right and train more ultra-right conservatives so as to realize the old dream of...     (318 words)

· Overseas Koreans' Organizations Denounce Japan's Suppression of Chongryon -- Apr 10, 2015
Overseas Koreans' organizations continue to publish statements denouncing the Japanese....     ...by the Japanese government. If the ultra-right conservative forces of Japan continue to crack...     (332 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Slams Japan's Moves to Cover up Sexual Slavery -- Apr 03, 2015
Some civic organizations of the U.S. launched a signature campaign demanding the erection of....     ...one after another in the U.S., the Japanese ultra-right reactionary forces lodged protests with the U.S....     (262 words)

· KPA Will Blow up Balloons Carrying Anti-DPRK Leaflets: Open Notice of KPA Frontline Units -- Mar 22, 2015
The frontline units of the Korean People's Army made public an open notice Saturday which said: The....     ...hooligans more dead than alive who belong to the ultra-right conservative organizations such as the...     (442 words)

· Student's Campaign Declared in Japan -- Mar 17, 2015
A meeting was held in Osaka, Japan to declare the start of students' campaign across the....     ...of Koreans. Speakers denounced the ultra-right forces for their wrong understanding and...     (198 words)

· Japanese Ultra-Right Forces Slammed for Justifying Its Past Crimes -- Mar 13, 2015
Koreans in the U.S. and members of a Japanese progressive organization staged an action in New York....     ...in New York on Mar. 9 to denounce the Japanese ultra-right forces for justifying the crimes of sexual...       ...of Koreans in Japan", a notorious Japanese ultra-right conservative organization, planned to give a...       ...to check the reckless moves of the Japanese ultra-right conservative organization that let loose a spate...       ...deny the Japan's part history. When the ultra-right conservative gangsters moved the venue of the...     (194 words)

· S. Korean Paper Slams Authorities' Campaign to Eliminate "Followers of North" -- Mar 12, 2015
The south Korean internet newspaper Minjok Ilbo on March 10 carried an editorial "Anti-north....     ...the prosecution, police, conservative media and ultra-right organizations are busy with the campaign for...     (246 words)

· Merciless Punishment Awaits Provokers: CPRK Secretariat -- Mar 10, 2015
Anti-DPRK hysteria is running high in south Korea at the instigation of the puppet forces with the....     ...south Korean forces almost every day egged ultra-right conservatives on to sponsor "a people's...       ...alive of the "Elders' Federation" and ultra-right conservatives including those of the...     (278 words)

· CPRK Hits S. Korean Regime for Anti-DPRK Campaign over Attack on U.S. Ambassador -- Mar 07, 2015
Lippert, U.S. ambassador to south Korea, was reportedly attacked by a south Korean resident in the....     ...ambassador. Meanwhile, the regime let old ultra-right conservatives defame the dignity of the DPRK...     (395 words)

· Koreans in Japan Accuse Japan of Its Discrimination Policy, Human Rights Abuses
-- Mar 06, 2015
The Korean Human Rights Association in Japan held a seminar in Tokyo on Feb. 28 denouncing Japan....     ...Special Privilege of Koreans in Japan", an ultra-right conservative group. They said Japan has...     (183 words)

· Pro-U.S. Lackeys Are Bound to Face Severe Punishment: KCNA Commentary
-- Feb 06, 2015
Channel A broadcasting service of south Korea on Feb. 5, at the prodding of the U.S. and south....     ...down through generations. However, the ultra-right conservative Channel A hurt the mounting spirit...     (860 words)

· Report on S. Korea's Conspiratorial Human Rights against DPRK Released -- Jan 30, 2015
The DPRK Measure Council for Human Rights in South Korea on Jan. 30 released an inquiry report....     ...offenders" for distribution. The ultra-right conservative media of south Korea, at the...     (1069 words)

· Japan Must Feel Ashamed of Sexual Slavery: KCNA -- Jan 30, 2015
8,749 Japanese politicians and scholars including lawmakers and university professors recklessly....     ...and mercilessly killed them. However, the ultra-right forces of Japan are desperately working to...     (483 words)

· Racket against Progressive Media Persons under Fire in S. Korea
-- Jan 22, 2015
The Citizens Federation for Democratic Press of south Korea made public a commentary slamming the....     ...conservative media and the representative of an ultra-right conservative organization that slandered...     (132 words)

· Minju Joson Slams Japan's Desperate "Claim to Tok Islets"
-- Jan 20, 2015
Shortly ago, the Japanese government posted on its website a video clip dealing with its....     ...for overseas expansion. The Japanese ultra-right forces are working hard to prevent the...     (310 words)

· Japan Accused of Distorting History
-- Jan 20, 2015
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan recently allowed the....     ...on history or not. However, the Japanese ultra-right forces are working hard to trample down even the...     (277 words)

· S. Korean Paper Denounces Authorities for Crackdown upon Korean-American -- Jan 11, 2015
The south Korean paper Hangyore in an editorial on Jan. 9 branded the authorities' crackdown upon....     ...that the regime is losing its reason. The ultra-right forces indicted her on horrible allegations, but...     (131 words)

· S. Korean Organization Launches Sit-in Strike on Emergency Situation -- Dec 30, 2014
The Solidarity for Democracy, People's Life, Peaceful Reunification and Sovereignty of south Korea....     ...said, terming the Park Geun Hye regime an ultra-right dictatorial regime which revived the...       ...to fight against the dictatorial tyranny of the ultra-right regime.  (146 words)

· S. Korean Paper Denounces Puppet Group for Suppressing Progressive Forces
-- Dec 25, 2014
Kyunghyang Daily News of south Korea on December 23 carried an editorial condemning the suppression....     ...protected liberal democracy," all the ultra-right forces turned out with this as a...     (153 words)

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