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· Triplets Born in Pyongyang Maternity Hospital -- Jun 17, 2015
The 453rd triplets were born in the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital of...       ...hospital, said it has been unprecedented that triplets were born one after another in less than 10 days. Now those triplets are incubated under the deep attention of...       ...she said. Jo Kum Il, mother of the 453rd triplets, said: President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il in their lifetime sent even helicopters for the safe birth of triplets and took a measure to give silver knives and...       ...to give silver knives and gold rings as gifts to triplets and their parents, saying that the birth of triplets augurs the prosperity of the...       ...great men of Mt. Paektu, I will bring up my triplets to be faithful to the leadership of supreme...     (231 words)

· Kim Jong Un Visits Baby Home, Orphanage in Pyongyang -- Feb 04, 2014
Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defence....     ...and happily smiled at them. When seeing triplets, he let them sit on his knees. He recalled that...       ...whenever they were told about the birth of triplets, saying it was a good sign of prosperity of the...     (633 words)

· Children's New Year Performance Goes on -- Jan 06, 2014
Schoolchildren's New Year performance "May You Have Bright Future" is going on at the....     ...the stage are such colorful numbers as song of triplets "The Happiest Day", sextet "Our...     (266 words)

· Four Sets of Triplets Born in October in DPRK -- Nov 07, 2013
Four sets of triplets were born in the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital in...       ...October 17. The fourth is the 436th set of triplets born in the hospital. The mothers of triplets, taken to the hospital a few months before...     (144 words)

· Performance Given by Art Groups in Pyongyang
-- Jul 24, 2013
A performance "Song of war victory reverberating far above the sky above Pyongyang" was....     ...and song "At a Go" and dance "Triplets Leaving for Post". The performance...     (334 words)

· Quadruplets Leave Pyongyang Maternity Hospital -- Jun 19, 2013
Quadruplets left the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital on Wednesday. The one-girl and three-boy....     ...being blessed by the whole country in which triplets and quadruplets are brought up under the care of...     (138 words)

· Kim Jong Il Lauded by Bangladeshi Organization -- Jun 09, 2013
The Bangladesh-Korea Friendship and Solidarity Committee issued bulletin "For the people"....     ...flew for those mothers expected to give birth to triplets in a remote mountainous area far away from...     (154 words)

· Art Performance Given at Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's Palace -- Apr 10, 2013
A performance was given by the members of the art circles of the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's....     ..."We Sing of Care of Mother Party" and triplets' song "We Are Happy". The...     (238 words)

· Anniversary of Kim Jong Un's Assumption of Supreme Commandership Observed in Brazil
-- Jan 06, 2013
The Brazilian Committee for Solidarity with the DPRK posted an article titled "Leader loving....     ...Kim Jong Il, who sent even a helicopter for triplets in a mountain village, is conveyed as a legend...     (267 words)

· DPRK Marks First Mother Day -- Nov 11, 2012
The DPRK greets the first Mother Day. The 4th National Meeting of Mothers is to be held following....     ...Gwon County, Ryanggang Province, gave birth to triplets twice and hundreds of sets of triplets have been born at the Pyongyang Maternity...     (583 words)

· Bulgarian Organization Marks WPK Anniversary -- Oct 07, 2012
The Bulgaria-Korea Friendship Association made public the 8th issue of its bulletin on Sept. 28 on....     ...DPRK as a grand edifice in the era of Songun. Triplets born in the DPRK are growing up under the care...     (211 words)

· DPRK Children Benefit from Healthcare System -- Sep 14, 2012
In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea children enjoys great benefits from the healthcare....     ...believed to be pregnant with triplets, get diagnosis at Pyongyang Maternity Hospital. If they are confirmed, they are hospitalized. The state pays for the triplets growing up at nurseries until they turn four...     (169 words)

· Xinhua News Introduces Pyongyang Maternity Hospital
-- Sep 12, 2012
Xinhua News reported on Sept. 7 carried its correspondents Du Baiyu and Zeng Tao's notes under the....     ...well-organized system of bringing up triplets and taking care of their health is paying off...     (239 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Politics of Love and Trust Praised by Bulgarian Organization -- Jun 08, 2012
The Bulgaria-Korea Friendship Association issued its bulletin No. 4 on the occasion of the 48th....     ...than anyone else, let a plane fly for new born triplets. This story is told as a legend. In an...     (248 words)

· KCU Delegates from Ryanggang Province -- Jun 01, 2012
Ryanggang Province in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea finished appointing delegates to....     ...Secondary School in Taehongdan County, and the triplets, Hwang Un Jong, Hwang Un Dok and Hwang Un Hye,...       ...farmer, Hwang Chang Un (50), father of the triplets, told KCNA: "It seems to me like a...     (286 words)

· Two Sets of Triplets Born in DPRK -- May 07, 2012
Two sets of triplets were born in the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital of...       ...County of Kangwon Province, gave birth to girl triplets in the morning. She received a rest cure...       ...gave birth to one boy triplet and two girl triplets in the afternoon. Her husband Ri Myong...     (148 words)

· Art Performance Given by Kindergarteners -- Apr 22, 2012
An art performance was given by kindergarteners across the country at the Pyongyang Students and....     ...Paektu". Watching such numbers as triplets' song and oungum ensemble "We Are Grateful...     (233 words)

· Loving Care Shown to Hospitals in Pyongyang -- Apr 11, 2012
The dear respected Kim Jong Un on Monday sent wild honey and various kinds of foodstuff to....     ...for the people. Kim Sun Ok, a mother of triplets living in Jangchung-dong 2, Songyo District,...     (433 words)

· 415th Triplets Born in DPRK -- Mar 20, 2012
The 415th triplets were born in the DPRK on March 19. They are two...       ...honey and various kinds of nutrients. The triplets in incubators are now in good condition. In July 1947 the first triplets were born in the DPRK. At that time President...       ...the country should be responsible for the coming triplets and their mothers and take special care of...       ...for several months the women pregnant with triplets for easy deliveries and raising the babies until they reach 4 kg in weight. Whenever triplets were born, Kim Jong Il was the first to bless...       ...on them. Thanks to Kim Jong Il's largesse, triplets and quadruplets who were born after the...     (332 words)

· DPRK Women Call Kim Jong Il Father -- Mar 08, 2012
On the International Women's Day, women in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are sorely....     ...his instructions to carry women pregnant with triplets to the Pyongyang Maternity...     (216 words)

· Schoolchildren Give Art Performance -- Feb 17, 2012
The art group of schoolchildren gave performance at the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's Palace Friday....     ...Star). The colorful numbers included song of triplets "My Mother", immortal masterpiece, and...     (193 words)

· Triplets Take Part in New Year Performance -- Jan 24, 2012
Triplets enjoyed popularity in an art performance...       ...Kim Il Sung enjoyed, told KCNA: "The triplets were born in Kosong County, Kangwon Province....     (202 words)

· Kim Jong Il Will Always be with Us (6) -- Dec 28, 2011
Leader Kim Jong Il made sure that the best palace for babies was built with a huge financial....     ...the morning of December 19 when the 411th set of triplets were born we officials and employees decided to present a letter to Kim Jong Il if the 415th set of triplets are born next year, the centenary of birth of...     (256 words)

· 13th Pyongyang Symposium on Medical Science Held -- May 04, 2011
The 13th Pyongyang symposium on medical science of Koreans at home and abroad took place at the....     ...study on the growth and its characteristics in triplets," "The study to elucidate the...     (301 words)

· DPRK, Japan Quite Different in Outlook on Children -- Mar 08, 2011
It was reported by the Rodong Sinmun newspaper in January that first triplets in the new year were born at the Pyongyang...       ...of quadruplets late last year. The birth of triplets and quadruplets is a synonym for happiness and...       ...are mobilized to bring women pregnant with triplets to hospitals and after birth, the babies are...     (189 words)

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