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· Kim Il Sung's Exploits Praised by Foreign Newspapers -- May 05, 2015
Foreign newspapers carried special write-ups illustrated with the portrait of smiling President Kim....     ..."Generalissimo Kim Il Sung, eternal sun of mankind". It carried a photo of his...     (199 words)

· Meeting of Koreans in Japan Held to Mark Birth Anniversary of Kim Il Sung -- Apr 14, 2015
A meeting of Koreans in Japan took place at the Korean Hall of Culture in Tokyo on April 11 in....     ...as a prominent leader, peerless patriot and the sun of mankind as he performed undying feats unprecedented in...     (362 words)

· Day of Sun Marked in Tajikistan, Poland -- Apr 02, 2015
Meetings to celebrate President Kim Il Sung's birth anniversary (the Day of the Sun) were held by....     ...a great master of outstanding leadership and the sun of mankind. Slaboy January Guzowski, chairman of the...     (294 words)

· Book "Great Statesman in 20th Century" Published in Nepal -- Jul 07, 2014
Book "Great Statesman in 20th Century" was brought out in Nepal to commemorate the 20th....     ...Kim Il Sung as the father of people and the sun of mankind.  (304 words)

· Public Presentation of Ministry of People's Armed Forces on Greatness of Kim Il Sung Held -- Jul 06, 2014
There took place the public presentation of the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces on greatness....     ...Great Generalissimo Kim Il Sung is eternal sun of mankind revered by all peoples", "The Great...     (352 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Praises Immortal Feats of Kim Il Sung
-- Apr 22, 2014
Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an article says President Kim Il Sung will be alive in the hearts of the....     ...people as the eternal sun of Juche and the sun of mankind, no matter how much water may flow under the...     (354 words)

· Venue of Kimilsungia Festival Draws Endless Stream of Visitors -- Apr 18, 2014
An endless stream of people are visiting the venue of the 16th Kimilsungia Festival every day. It....     ...the visitors remembered Kim Il Sung as sun of mankind. The festival reflected the faith and will...     (218 words)

· Joint Friendship Gathering with Participants in Art Festival Held -- Apr 17, 2014
A joint friendship gathering with the participants in the 29th April Spring Friendship Art Festival....     ...Sung and Kim Jong Il who are always alive as the sun of mankind and Marshal Kim Jong Un and underscored the need...     (130 words)

· Gifts to Kim Il Sung Represent Deep Reverence for Him -- Jul 08, 2013
President Kim Il Sung was presented with a great number of gifts from different countries even....     ...reverence for Kim Il Sung, who is praised as the sun of mankind. The exhibits also include a crystal ware...     (227 words)

· Kim Jong Un's Work Studied, Disseminated in Peru, Guinea -- Apr 13, 2013
A seminar and a reading session on the dear respected Kim Jong Un's works "The Great Kim Il....     ...People". President Kim Il Sung is the sun of mankind who performed undying exploits to shine along...     (314 words)

· Kim Il Sung's Outlook on Happiness -- Apr 13, 2013
President Kim Il Sung was a great sage with a lofty outlook on happiness. In his lifetime, he would....     ...be enjoyed only by Kim Il Sung, the eternal sun of mankind.  (240 words)

· Kim Il Sung Praised in Malaysia -- Mar 29, 2013
It is the great honor and pride for the Korean people to uphold President Kim Il Sung as eternal....     ...Korean people but also world progressives as the sun of mankind, he said. He stressed that the Workers'...     (180 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Noble Personality (11)
-- Dec 15, 2012
Giancarlo Elia Valori, chairman of the Italian General Investment Group, is one of those who was....     ...who tends the world of morals with love, is the sun of mankind, so his love is called love of the sun."...     (204 words)

· Lee Myung Bak Group of Traitors′ Hideous Crimes under Fire in Peru -- Apr 29, 2012
Political parties and organizations of Peru condemned the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors for its....     ...the Day of the Sun, praising the great sun of mankind. But puppet Lee Myung Bak committed such hideous...     (260 words)

· Participants in Int'l Festival Calls for Holding Peerlessly Great Men in High Esteem as Eternal Sun -- Apr 15, 2012
The participants in the international festival for commemorating the 100th birth anniversary of....     ...called for holding in high esteem as the eternal sun of mankind the peerlessly great men who ushered in a new...     (328 words)

· Kim Il Sung's Feats Praised -- Apr 09, 2012
Seminars on the feats of President Kim Il Sung took place in Benin, Italy and Democratic Congo and....     ...was, indeed, a peerlessly great man and the sun of mankind to whom all people look up and praise. The...     (264 words)

· Lot of Literary Works Created in Different Parts of World to Mark Day of Sun -- Apr 08, 2012
Figures of different circles and progressive people in different parts of the world authored and....     ...poems "Great Succession", "Bright Sun of Mankind" and "To three great persons of Mt....     (448 words)

· Birth Anniversary Marked in China
-- Apr 08, 2012
A friendship meeting took place in Beijing on April 5 to mark the centenary of the birth of....     ...people for his feats and is always alive as the sun of mankind as he brought hope to the world oppressed...     (223 words)

· Humankind Awards Many Titles to Kim Il Sung -- Apr 03, 2012
Hundreds of millions of world people, attracted by President Kim Il Sung, awarded a lot of titles....     ..."Unquenchable flames", "The great sun of mankind without an equal on our planet,"...     (536 words)

· Worldwide Commemorations of 100 Days since -- Mar 26, 2012
The 100 days of bitter sorrow since General Secretary Kim Jong Il's untimely passing were a....     ...Korean people but of all other people and the sun of mankind. At least 190 countries, the UN and other...     (363 words)

· 39,900 Gifts to Kim Jong Il from 170 Odd Countries -- Mar 24, 2012
Kim Jong Il, leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, received more than 39,900 gifts....     ...who praised him as a peerlessly great man, the sun of mankind and great brilliant Songun commander for his...     (197 words)

· National Oratorical Contest Held -- Feb 10, 2012
A national oratorical contest took place at the People's Palace of Culture Friday to commemorate....     ...Light Industry, praised Kim Jong Il as the great sun of mankind who recorded legends about loving care for the...     (256 words)

· Memorial Services for Kim Jong Il Held in Foreign Countries -- Dec 25, 2011
Events were held in Ecuador, Russia and Mongolia between Dec. 21 and 23 to mourn the demise of....     ...an example of a genuine popular leader and the sun of mankind. A. Narangerel, director of Kim Jong Suk...     (217 words)

· Kim Jong Un Visits Bier of Kim Jong Il to Express Profound Condolences -- Dec 23, 2011
Kim Jong Un, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea,....     ...great man, father of all people and the sun of mankind. Among the mourners were senior officials...     (336 words)

· Kim Il Sung Praised by Bangladeshi Political Leader -- Jul 08, 2011
Hasanul Huq Inu, chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Bangladesh National Socialist....     ...Kim Il Sung. The statement praised him as the sun of mankind who founded the immortal Juche idea and wisely...     (120 words)

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