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· Results of Premier League in DPRK
-- Jun 26, 2015
Men's premier soccer league for the Sports Contest for Pochonbo Torch...       ...Wolmido Team placed first in the women's premier soccer league with three wins and two draws....     (64 words)

· National Schoolchildren's Sports Contest Opens in DPRK
-- May 27, 2015
The 9th national contest of sports classes from primary schools opened here with due ceremony on....     ...address. After the opening ceremony boys' soccer match between the Pyongyang City team and the...     (65 words)

· S. Korean Authorities Urged to Lift "May 24 Step" -- May 26, 2015
Different organizations of south Korea held a meeting in Seoul on May 24 to demand the authorities....     ...relations and heading for reunification through soccer game of workers in the south and the...     (150 words)

· DPRK Team Wins at Regional Soccer Championship -- May 25, 2015
The DPRK team came first at the 2015 AFC U-14 Girl Regional Championship (East Asia). The....   (82 words)

· Premier Soccer League for Mangyongdae Prize Held -- May 22, 2015
The premier soccer league of Mangyongdae Prize Sports Games came to...       ...of the second round of men's soccer league between the April 25 Team and the...       ...and finals of the second round of the women's soccer league between the Sobaeksu Team and the...       ...first in the total standings of the premier soccer league respectively.  (134 words)

· DPRK Team Wins Berth to 2016 AFC U-23 Championship -- Apr 01, 2015
The DPRK team won a berth to the 2016 AFC U-23 Championship. Teams of the DPRK, Philippines,....     ...which ended goalless. So, the DPRK men's soccer team placed the first in the group.  (71 words)

· 7th National Conference of Sportspersons Held -- Mar 26, 2015
The 7th National Conference of Sportspersons was held at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium on....     ... Taking the floor were Kim Kwang Min, soccer coach of the April 25 Sports Team, Ra Un Sim,...     (726 words)

· DPRK Men's Soccer Team Bids for Olympiad -- Mar 21, 2015
The men's soccer team of the DPRK is to take part in the...       ...in making the DPRK win in the Shanghai 4-Nation Soccer Tournament and the Thai "King Cup" International Soccer Tournament in 2001 and 2002 and the 2012 AFC...     (147 words)

· Another Outdoor Sporting Ground Appears in Pyongyang -- Jan 07, 2015
A new outdoor sporting ground was recently completed at the Fitness Center in Thongil Street, Pyongyang. It has a soccer field and basketball, volleyball, tennis and...     (80 words)

· Hwaebul Team, Football Champion of DPRK -- Dec 03, 2014
The Hwaebul (torch) Team in the DPRK has emerged a football powerhouse of the country. The team....     ...last year's DPRK Championships and this year's Soccer Tournament for Torch Cup.  (126 words)

· AFC Prize Awarded to DPRK Football Association -- Dec 03, 2014
The DPRK Football Association won the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Developing Member....     ...the 2014 AFC U-16 Championship and U-14 Girls Soccer Regional Championship, while taking the second...     (181 words)

· Russian Figure Accuses U.S. of Abusing Human Rights for Attacking Other Countries -- Nov 27, 2014
Posted on 4th Media, internet homepage of China, on November 20 was an article titled "'Human....     ...set four world records. North Korea's women's soccer team took first place at the Asian...     (1061 words)

· Well-known Football Coach -- Nov 13, 2014
The women's football team of the DPRK took the first place in the 17th Asian Games, emerging one of....     ...Universiad and the 17th and 18th International Soccer Championships for King Cup, drawing attention of...     (192 words)

· Soccer Match Played -- Sep 10, 2014
A soccer match between the April 25 and the Hwoebul teams...     (164 words)

· Final Game of Soccer Tournament for Torch Cup Held -- Aug 28, 2014
A final game of the soccer tournament for torch cup was held at the...     (112 words)

· Soccer Tournament for Torch Cup Goes on in DPRK -- Aug 20, 2014
Group league matches for the Soccer Tournament for Torch Cup go on at Kim Il Sung...     (164 words)

· DPRK Women's Football Team Beats Its US Rival 4:2 -- Aug 17, 2014
The DPRK soccer team defeated its U.S. rival 4:2 in the quarter...     (56 words)

· DPRK Soccer Team Defeats S. Korean Team 3:1 -- Aug 12, 2014
The DPRK soccer team defeated the south Korean team 3:1 in the semifinals of the 2014 Asian U-14 Soccer Championship and advanced into the finals. The...     (101 words)

· Soccer Tournament for Torch Cup Begins -- Aug 11, 2014
A soccer tournament for torch cup began on the occasion of the Youth Day. It will last till August 28. It brought together 13 men's soccer teams. They are divided into two groups to...     (115 words)

· Wyongyang Int'l Football School -- Jul 22, 2014
It is one year since the Pyongyang International Football School, built on scenic Rungna Islet in....     ...matches. The school took the title at the soccer tournament of the 51st National Games of...     (211 words)

· Premier Soccer League Matches Getting Heated in DPRK -- Jul 02, 2014
The second round of the premier soccer league matches (men and women) is going on in...       ...Association, in the first round of men's premier soccer league matches the Wolmido Team proved...     (216 words)

· Second Premier Soccer Matches Kick off -- Jun 23, 2014
The second premier soccer matches of the Sports Contest for Pochonbo Torch...     (129 words)

· DPRK Team Wins at 2014 AFC U-14 Girls Regional Championship for East Region -- Jun 05, 2014
The DPRK players came first at the 2014 AFC U-14 Girls Soccer Regional Championship for the East Region held...     (87 words)

· Men's Soccer Finals Held -- May 14, 2014
Men's soccer games of the second round of the premier league...       ...third places in the total standings of the men's soccer games of the premier league of the Mangyongdae...     (125 words)

· Women's Premier Soccer Finals of Mangyongdae Prize Sports Games Held -- May 13, 2014
The second round of women's premier soccer matches of the Mangyongdae Prize Sports Games...     (88 words)

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