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· KCNA Slams Japan's Invariable Wild Ambition for Reinvasion -- Apr 30, 2005
It was disclosed recently that in 1994 the Japan Defence Agency conducted a mock preemptive strike....     ...the U.S. support before Japan is engulfed in a sea of fire due to the north Korean missile strike. All...     (798 words)

· Japan's Arms Buildup under Fire -- Apr 30, 2005
Rodong Sinmun in an article Friday notes that the Japanese militarists have openly revealed the....     ...attack the adversary before Tokyo turns into a sea of fire. This is little short of a declaration of war...     (495 words)

· S. Korea Urged to Stand against U.S. -- Oct 23, 2004
In order to be free from the uneasiness and dread of terrorist attack, south Koreans should hold....     ...quit Iraq in 7 days Seoul will turn into a sea of fire. This has put all parts of south Korea in the...     (199 words)

· U.S. forces' redeployment in S. Korea denounced -- Jun 28, 2003
The U.S. and South Korea on June 5 agreed to transfer the U.S. second infantry division deployed....     ...Seoul and areas north of it will turn into sea of fire in a matter of a few days due to North Korea's...     (324 words)

· Japan's reinvasion hysteria assailed -- Apr 07, 2003
The director general of Japan's Defence Agency recently said that if North Korea contemplates....     ...of the U.S. before the former is turned into a sea of fire. All the facts evidently tell that the...     (277 words)

· U.S. alarming military moves under fire -- Apr 07, 2003
If the U.S. ignites a war on the Korean Peninsula, it will never escape from Nemesis by the DPRK.....     ...U.S. seeks to turn the Korean Peninsula into a sea of fire. But what is intolerable is that it is keen to...     (250 words)

· Japan's anti-DPRK smear campaign under fire -- Mar 26, 2003
The director general of the Japan Defense Agency and high-ranking officials of the ruling Liberal....     ...backed by the U.S. before Japan turns into a sea of fire. Needless to say, Japan's tightened military...     (316 words)

· DPRK boasts single hearted unity more powerful than nuke -- Feb 11, 2003
It is thanks to the steel-strong unity of the party, the army and the people of the DPRK around Kim....     ...spirit of fearing neither death nor a sea of fire to protect him. This unity is unbreakable as...     (310 words)

· U.S. urged not to run amuck -- Jan 14, 2003
If the U.S. evades its responsibility and recklessly challenges the DPRK, the army and people of....     ...and turn the stronghold of the enemy into a sea of fire. Rodong Sinmun today says this in a signed...     (246 words)

· Papers call for building powerful country -- Aug 15, 2000
Papers here today editorially mark the 55th anniversary of Korea's liberation. Rodong Sinmun....     ...Japanese aggressors, pushing his way through a sea of fire and blood, and achieved the historic cause of...     (467 words)

· Dangerous war confabs against DPRK -- Jan 21, 1999
The U.S. and the South Korean authorities recently held the 30th "annual consultative meeting on....     ...the opportunity to plunge the provokers into a sea of fire and to reduce them to ashes. Minju Joson...     (266 words)

· U.S. sortie and logistic bases will be turned into sea of fire -- Dec 17, 1998
The spokesman for the general staff of the Korean People's Army in a statement warned that the....     ...wherever they may be on the earth and make it a sea of fire."  (361 words)

· U.S. sortie and logistic bases will be turned into sea of fire -- Dec 17, 1998
The spokesman for the general staff of the Korean People's Army in a statement warned that the....     ...wherever they may be on the earth and make it a sea of fire."  (361 words)

· Battle to defend Wolmi Island -- Jul 23, 1998
The U.S. launched an attack on Wolmi Island in September Juche 39 (1950). It is an....     ...September 13 after turning the island into the sea of fire through three days of intensive bombing and...     (432 words)

· Gen. Secy. Kim Jong Il's matchless grit -- Oct 30, 1997
General Secretary Kim Jong Il with matchless grit fights against the enemy, not wavering in any....     ...getting frantic as if they would make Korea a sea of fire, with fighter bombers and warships carrying...     (426 words)

· Provokers destined to doom -- Jun 30, 1997
Kim Young Sam of south Korea recently showed up at the Sosan Air Force Base to inspect an "aerial....     ...line area, they threatened "countermeasure", "sea of fire" and "retaliation" by the use of chemical...     (222 words)

· Provokers will be punished -- Jun 20, 1997
Kim Young Sam showed up at the Sosan Airforce Base on June 18 and openly whipped up a war fever....     ...crying that they would turn the zone into a "sea of fire". The intentional and premeditated military...     (362 words)

· Statement of spokesman for Ministry of People's Armed Forces -- Jun 18, 1997
The DPRK will not hesitate to fight the final battle with the United States and the south Korean....     ...they will take a "countermeasure" and spread a "sea of fire" against the DPRK on the military demarcation...     (716 words)

· Grave provocation by s. Korean puppets in MDL area -- Jun 12, 1997
The south Korean puppets committed a grave provocation against the DPRK on June 11. People's....     ...take a countermeasure and turn the area into a sea of fire. At around 12:30, they again prattled about...     (233 words)

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