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· S. Koran Organization Slams Puppet Military Group for Shunning Troop Reduction -- Jul 06, 2015
The People for Achieving Peace and Reunification in south Korea held a press conference outside the....     ...the keynote of which is to put off the period of reduction of standing troops till 2030. Recalling...       ...an intention not to carry out a drastic troops reduction, adding that this means completely repealing...     (137 words)

· New Water Quality Multi-parameter Developed -- Jun 08, 2015
A new water quality multi-parameter was developed by a research group of Kim Chaek University of....     ...of water, including pH, temperature, oxidation-reduction potential and dissolved oxygen. The parameter...     (133 words)

· Role of DPRK Red Cross Society Increased -- May 08, 2015
Today marks World Day of Red Cross and Red Crescent. In this regard, KCNA met Yu Ju Yong, deputy....     ...areas in line with the disaster risk reduction plan in community, while publishing books...     (217 words)

· Kim Il Sung's Work Published in Russia -- Apr 15, 2015
President Kim Il Sung's work "For a Free and Peaceful New World" was brought out in....     ...establishing a new fair one, realizing arms reduction and dismantling weapons of mass destruction...     (64 words)

· Minju Joson Blasts U.S. Moves to Beef up Its Forces -- Mar 09, 2015
The U.S. is now becoming increasingly keen on beefing up its military capability. The U.S. Navy has....     ...community is calling for detente and arms reduction are nothing but desperate frenzy to prevent its...     (305 words)

· KCNA Commentary Flays U.S. Invariable Ambition for World Hegemony -- Oct 27, 2014
The U.S. Army has worked out a new military strategy to cope with military conflicts with different....     ...will be massively increased to make up for the reduction of heavy weapons. This is touching off...     (712 words)

· S. Korean Organization Declares June Popular Resistance -- Jun 13, 2014
The Federation of Office and Financial Workers' Unions of south Korea held a press conference in....     ...lay-off, expansion of part-time jobs, reduction of wages and crackdown on trade unions, it said,...     (274 words)

· KCNA on US "Theory of Threat from N. Korea" -- Dec 24, 2013
The United States is nowadays getting more vociferous about "threat from north Korea",....     ...of the U.S. military strength due to the forced reduction of domestic defense expenditure, in contrast to...     (525 words)

· S. Korean Regime Accused of Deceiving People -- Nov 20, 2013
The Citizens Solidarity for Democratic Society in south Korea in a commentary on Nov. 18 denounced....     ...reform of the tax system including exemption or reduction and increased taxes on illegal income. But she...     (190 words)

· KCNA Commentary Terms "IS Reform" Charade -- Jul 18, 2013
The south Korean authorities are staging a sinister charade to deceive the people as they are....     ...on IS agents' entry into public organs and the reduction of its intelligence gathering function, the...     (532 words)

· DPRK's Permanent Representative at UN Demands Dismantlement of "UN Forces Command" in S. Korea -- Jun 26, 2013
Dismantlement of the "UN Forces Command" in south Korea is an essential requirement for....     ...has the decision-making power over the issues of reduction or beef-up of U.S. troops in south Korea which...     (358 words)

· Nepali Papers Term U.S. Provoker of Korean War -- Jun 18, 2013
Nepali newspapers carried articles branding the U.S. imperialists as a provocateur of the Korean....     ...a vicious cycle of overall economy. The reduction of profits of monopolies and other reasons...     (323 words)

· Counting on US Would Only Bring Disgraceful Frustration: Minju Joson -- May 11, 2013
The U.S. is now mulling spending 10 billion U.S. dollars for bolstering the missile defense system....     ...touted "denuclearization" and "reduction of nuclear weapons" are nothing but...       ...nature, the U.S. will never opt for nuclear arms reduction. The U.S. is apt to mock at and deceive...       ...and "nuclear arms reduction" in a bid to make a fool of human...     (288 words)

· U.S., Wrecker of Peace and Security of Korean Peninsula -- Apr 12, 2013
The Korean Peninsula has been exposed to a danger of total war, a nuclear war. At this juncture,....     ...to south Korea, though it is hard pressed for reduction of defense budget. All the facts go to...     (347 words)

· Scientific Successes Gain in Scope in DPRK
-- Mar 19, 2013
Scientists and technicians of the State Academy of Sciences in the Democratic People's Republic of....     ...down to introducing the process of smelting-reduction iron production by use of oxygen heat. In...     (161 words)

· U.S. Accused of Its Dangerous War Policy, Arms Buildup
-- Feb 07, 2013
Shortly ago, the U.S. conducted a test of a mini-bomb for F-35 pursuit plane. The bomb is capable....     ...talking about "detente" and "arms reduction" but such bomb test more clearly indicates...     (305 words)

· Lee Myung Bak Accused of His Crime-woven Office
-- Feb 07, 2013
Public comment on the five years' office of traitor Lee Myung Bak of south Korea was critical,....     ...policy on personnel affair, scandals, reduction of jobs, economic crisis, collapse of the...     (134 words)

· KCNA Commentary Brands US as Arch Criminal Escalating Arms Race -- Jan 15, 2013
The United States keeps selling war hardware to different parts of the world, becoming more talkative about "arms reduction" than any other countries. Last year the...     (399 words)

· DPRK Foreign Ministry Issues Memorandum -- Jan 14, 2013
The Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea released the following memorandum....     ...which has an absolute power to decide on reduction or enforcement of the U.S. forces in south Korea...     (3610 words)

· Reduction of Total Budget for Jeju Naval Base Construction Demanded in S. Korea
-- Dec 30, 2012
Residents of Kangjong Village on Jeju Island of south Korea and members of civic and social....     ...Assembly" on Dec. 24 demanding the reduction of the 2013 total budget for a naval base...     (171 words)

· Officials of S. Korean Organizations Call for Reconciliation, Cooperation -- Sep 25, 2012
Officials of civic and social organizations in south Korea held a meeting in Seoul on Sept. 20.....     ...under pretence of public security and the reduction of military expenditure as essential tasks for...     (151 words)

· KCTU Stages Sit-in Strike in S. Korea -- Aug 19, 2012
The south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) staged a sit-in strike for winning victory in....     ...and layoff, revision of the evil law on labor, reduction of labor hours and stop to privatization....     (196 words)

· S. Korean Metal Trade Union Launches General Strike
-- Jul 15, 2012
The south Korean Metal Industrial Trade Union Federation (Metal Trade Union) on July 13 launched....     ...agreed to stage a general strike for wage hike, reduction of labor hour, ban on part-time job, etc....     (111 words)

· Pentavalent Vaccination Launched in DPRK -- Jul 12, 2012
Pentavalent vaccination was launched in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. A ceremony for....     ...B, providing us with a good prospect for the reduction of child mortality and morbidity and for...     (449 words)

· Minju Joson Terms U.S. Arch Criminal Harassing Global Peace, Stability
-- Jun 19, 2012
It was disclosed that the United States sold military equipment worth over 2 million U.S. dollars....     ...indicates that the "peace" and "reduction of international tensions" touted by the...     (302 words)

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