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· Revolutionary Culture Created by Soldiers Praised -- Oct 30, 2004
The revolutionary culture created by servicepersons in the DPRK is the culture representing the....     ...rejecting all manifestations of decadent and reactionary culture. The army and the people of the DPRK will...     (398 words)

· High Vigilance against Reactionary Ideological and Cultural Infiltration Urged -- Sep 15, 2004
The imperialists are extensively infiltrating reactionary ideas and culture into other countries by....     ...against the intrusion of rotten imperialist reactionary culture, which is like a drug making the sound mind of...     (275 words)

· S. Korea's flunkeyist and treacherous acts -- Mar 31, 2000
Pak Ji Won, "Minister of Culture and Tourism" of South Korea, at the talks with the Minister of....     ...the destiny of a country and nation. Once reactionary culture is rife it is not easy to combat it. If a nation...     (320 words)

· Despicable attempt of pro-Japanese traitor -- Oct 22, 1999
The present chief executive of South Korea on Oct. 18 told reactionary pressmen of Japan and venal....     ...he disclosed his attempt to open doors to the reactionary culture of Japan in April last year. Around his Japan...       ...doors to the Japanese culture, so that the reactionary culture of Japan including films and video cassettes...       ...revealed his criminal attempt to introduce the reactionary culture of Japan overall.  (117 words)

· Wetern style cannot be criterion of everything -- Rodong Sinmun -- Dec 17, 1997
Rodong Sinmun today accuses the imperialists of forcing their view of value and style on other....     ...mental cripples. It is also inhuman and unethic reactionary culture which makes the mental and cultural life poor. ...     (388 words)

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