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· Constitutional Day of DPRK Marked -- Dec 28, 2005
Papers here today carry editorials on the occasion of the constitutional day of the DPRK. Rodong....     ...country. The U.S. imperialists and other reactionaries are now more vicious in their moves for...     (341 words)

· KCNA Blasts Japan's Fresh "Abduction" Racket -- Dec 26, 2005
As already well known to the world, the Japanese reactionaries have worked hard to garner support from the...       ...Osaka. This clearly proves that the Japanese reactionaries are systematically conducting a premeditated...       ...second "abduction case" peddled by the Japanese reactionaries as a product of their foolish attempt to tarnish...     (558 words)

· National Meeting Marks 14th Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Assumption of Office as KPA Supreme Commander -- Dec 24, 2005
A national meeting to mark the 14th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's assumption of office as....     ...in acute confrontation with the imperialist reactionaries. The U.S. is now keen on economic sanctions...     (729 words)

· Japan's Black-hearted Intention Assailed -- Dec 22, 2005
A working group of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan recently decided to push ahead with the....     ... It is the height of folly for the Japanese reactionaries to seek to isolate and stifle the DPRK and dodge...     (322 words)

· Japan's Moves for Overseas Expansion Slammed -- Dec 13, 2005
Japan is busy with its moves for the retrogressive revision of its present constitution as....     ...commentary: This indicates that the Japanese reactionaries' moves to round off the legal and institutional...       ...of reckless militarist insanity of the Japanese reactionaries preoccupied by the ambition for overseas...       ...of the United States. The Japanese reactionaries' undisguised moves for the retrogressive...       ...expansion are leading Japan to destruction. The reactionaries of Japan would be well advised to behave...     (275 words)

· Japanese Government's Rash Action under Fire -- Dec 07, 2005
The Japanese government recently decided to set up a new post of "ambassador in charge of the human....     ...upon its dignity and interests. The Japanese reactionaries are desperately working to win the favor of...       ...of the Yamato nation." The Japanese reactionaries consider it important in this regard to instill...       ...human rights racket kicked up by the Japanese reactionaries against the DPRK. Japan seeks to push the...       ...passive onlooker to this as long as the Japanese reactionaries persistently pursue confrontation and war, quite...     (325 words)

· Japanese Reactionaries' Reckless Campaign against Chongryon under Fire -- Dec 06, 2005
The Japanese reactionaries "brought an action" against the General...     (329 words)

· KCNA Refutes Japan's Anti-DPRK Diatribe -- Dec 05, 2005
The ultra-right reactionary organizations in Japan are now going busy with a strange anti-DPRK....     ...Jenkins. Not only Jenkins but the right-wing reactionaries of Japan will have to pay a high price for this...     (560 words)

· Japan's Moves to Possess Armed Forces Assailed -- Dec 05, 2005
The Japan Liberal Democratic Party deleted the sentence saying that "Japan shall not possess the....     ...and true purpose sought by the Japanese reactionaries in calling for the possession of the armed...       ...reorganizing its forces there. The Japanese reactionaries are trying hard not to miss this golden...       ...strong opposition and protest. The Japanese reactionaries should immediately stop their moves for...     (338 words)

· Arms Build-Up of U.S. and Japan under Fire -- Dec 01, 2005
A recent issue of Nihon Keizai Shimbun of Japan reported that the U.S. and Japan have agreed to....     ... These reckless moves of the U.S. and Japanese reactionaries to accelerate the nuclear arms race in Northeast...     (279 words)

· Frantic War Preparations of U.S. and Japan under Fire -- Nov 28, 2005
The common use of military bases of the U.S. forces in Japan is part of the frantic war....     ...high degree of vigilance. The U.S. and Japanese reactionaries would be well advised to stop their reckless war...     (331 words)

· S. Korean Right-Wing Conservative Forces Have No Future -- Nov 26, 2005
The "Grand National Party", a general headquarters of flunkeys and traitors and anti-reunification....     ...conservative forces in south Korea are the reactionaries of history as they stand in the way of the...       ...to outside forces. With no desperation can the reactionaries stop the advance of history. The end of the...       ...from their present miserable one. The reactionaries of history can never escape a final doom as they...     (445 words)

· Japan's "Development Aid" to Africa Termed Noose for Exploitation and Plunder -- Nov 24, 2005
Japan is intensifying its exploitation and plunder of other countries by a more concealed and....     ...Through the "development aid" the Japanese reactionaries seek to hold sway over the political fields of...     (347 words)

· Japan Urged to Redress Its Past -- Nov 23, 2005
The Japanese reactionaries have not yet sincerely apologized and repented...     (333 words)

· Japan's Harsh Discrimination against Koreans in Japan Accused -- Nov 22, 2005
The Japanese reactionaries are becoming evermore harsh in their...       ...for the imperial Japanese army. The Japanese reactionaries have maltreated the Koreans in Japan for many...     (326 words)

· S. Korean Traitors' Pro-Japanese Remarks under Fire -- Nov 22, 2005
Undisguised pro-Japanese traitorous remarks heard from south Korea are nothing but shameful deeds....     ...are at large while encouraging the Japanese reactionaries in their moves for reinvasion. The GNP group...     (300 words)

· U.S. Sanctions and Blockade Policy towards DPRK under Fire -- Nov 21, 2005
The U.S. Department of Treasury recently made public a decision calling for freezing overseas....     ...against it. At its instructions the Japanese reactionaries participated in the multi-national joint...     (460 words)

· Japan Urged to Redress Its Crimes Committed against Korean Nation -- Nov 19, 2005
A spokesman for the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) issued a statement on Nov.....     ...unprecedented in human history. The Japanese reactionaries are working hard to launch reinvasion,...     (265 words)

· DPRK History Society Indicts Japan for Crimes against Koreans -- Nov 19, 2005
The DPRK History Society issued an indictment Thursday disclosing the illegality and invalidity of....     ...and turning over a new leaf. The Japanese reactionaries' hostile politics against the DPRK have reached...     (725 words)

· Koreans to Certainly Force Japan to Pay for Crimes Committed by It for Century -- Nov 18, 2005
The preparatory committee for joint functions of Koreans in the north, the south and abroad for the....     ...in the name of all Koreans the Japanese reactionaries for challenging justice and conscience by...     (402 words)

· Japan Urged to Compensate for Sexual Slavery -- Nov 17, 2005
Recently Amnesty International issued a report in which in reference to the issue of "comfort....     ...its past though belatedly. The Japanese reactionaries have now become nostalgic for the days when they...     (311 words)

· Japanese Political Circles' Turn to Right under Fire -- Nov 15, 2005
Rodong Sinmun Monday carries a signed commentary denouncing the Japanese political circles for....     ...The real purpose sought by the right-wing reactionaries in the Japanese political circles in their moves...     (382 words)

· Japan's Obstructions to Korea's Reunification Flayed -- Nov 14, 2005
What Japan has done against the DPRK for such a long period after Korea's liberation is as bad as....     ... Precisely for this reason the Japanese reactionaries are still persisting in their moves to...       ...people also desire it. But the Japanese reactionaries are going against such mindset. The Japanese reactionaries' vicious obstructions to the reunification of...     (340 words)

· Japan's Dangerous Plot to Adopt War Constitution Assailed -- Nov 09, 2005
The Japan Liberal Democratic Party finally decided on an amendment to the constitution little short....     ...commentary in this regard: The Japanese reactionaries assert that the revision of the constitution is...       ...are closely watching every move of the Japanese reactionaries for overseas expansion and keep themselves fully ready to counter it. The Japanese reactionaries should drop their reckless moves at once,...     (308 words)

· Japan's Dangerous Moves for Nuclear Weaponization Blasted -- Nov 08, 2005
Japan is massively stockpiling plutonium under the pretext of "laying in stock nuclear fuel". ....     ...to have access to nukes. The Japanese reactionaries' oft-touted "nuclear and missile threat" from...       ...degree of vigilance. Should the Japanese reactionaries persistently keep to the road of nuclear...     (264 words)

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