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· Surprise Demonstration against Japan's Rash Remarks on Tok Islet -- Apr 04, 2005
Members of the All-People Solidarity for Defending Tok Islet in south Korea held a surprise....     ...the Japanese ultra-rightist forces for their rash remarks on Tok Islet, according to south Korean KBS. ...     (93 words)

· List of Pro-Japanese Professors to Open to S. Korean Public -- Mar 16, 2005
The General Student Council of Korea University on March 11decided to open a list of former and....     ...professors to the public in protest against the rash remarks made by Honorary Professor Han Sung Jo,...     (86 words)

· March First Uprising Commemorated in S. Korea -- Mar 05, 2005
A commemoration of the March First Uprising was reportedly held at the "National Assembly" building....     ...the Japanese ambassador to south Korea for his rash remarks about Tok Islet. Bringing to light Japan's...     (199 words)

· Japan's Dangerous Attempt at Preemptive Attack under Fire -- Feb 28, 2005
Japan's recent move to purchase Tomahawk cruise missiles and revise the "law of Self-Defense....     ...deeply touched the nerves of the DPRK by making rash remarks that the centre of north Korea should be...     (329 words)

· Rash Remarks of S. Korean "Minister of Unification" Flailed -- Aug 21, 2004
Jong Tong Yong in his first appearance before reporters a few days ago after he took office as....   (295 words)

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