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· Songphyon, Special Dish for Chusok -- Sep 17, 2013
Chusok (Harvest Moon Day), a folklore holiday of Korea, falls on September 19 (lunar August 15th)....     ...rice cake stuffed with beans and flavored with pine needles). Localities are somewhat different in the...     (97 words)

· Health Drinks of Pine Needles Produced -- Apr 19, 2010
Efficacious drinks of pine needles have been produced by the Natural Health...     (98 words)

· Pine Needles and Pollens Good for Health -- Jun 09, 2009
The Korean people have widely used pine needles and pollens in making foodstuffs and...       ...and ginger, is made by steaming it on a layer of pine needles in earthenware steamer, washing it with water...       ...pine needle odour. The liquors made of pine needles or pine pollens are called songhwa-ju,...     (161 words)

· Hangawi, Folk Holiday of Korea -- Oct 06, 2006
Hangawi (the lunar August 15th) this year falls on October 6. The Korean nation has celebrated it....     ...rice cakes (stuffed with beans and flavored with pine needles), steamed rice cakes in layers and glutinous...     (191 words)

· Book "Korean Folk Customs According to Four Seasons" Published -- Jan 24, 2006
The Pyongyang Publishing House of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has recently published....     ...shaped rice stuffed with beans and flavored with pine needles, taffy and cake made from wheat-flour, oil and...     (253 words)

· Book "Common Knowledge on Etymologies" (Vol.1) Off Press -- Dec 07, 2005
The Social Sciences Publishing House of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has recently....     ...rice-cake stuffed with beans and flavored with pine needles, sweet rice dish, beef with vegetables cooked in...     (153 words)

· Korean People Enjoy New Year's Day -- Jan 02, 2005
The New Year 2005 is being gaily celebrated in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Streets....     ...holiday food as rice cakes steamed on a laver of pine needles, glutinous rice-cakes, rice-cake soup and green...     (242 words)

· Korean People's Customs in September -- Sep 17, 2004
There are many kinds of seasonal customs in Korea with a long history and brilliant culture. In....     ...in September is rice cakes steamed on a laver of pine needles. The Korean people's diligence and...     (171 words)

· Efficacious Pine Needle Foodstuff -- Jun 16, 2004
Pine needle has been used as material of health foodstuffs from ancient times in Korea. According....     ...hair to black. The Korean people have used pine needles in steaming rice-cake and curing various...     (215 words)

· Food Fair Held -- Jan 19, 2004
A fair of food prepared with flour and potato and food for the lunar New Year's Day was held in....     ...shell-fish-shaped rice cake steamed on laver of pine needles and red-bean dumpling. They also drew the...     (276 words)

· Pine Needle Tea Made in DPRK -- Nov 15, 2003
Researchers of the Wood Processing Company of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has made....     ...and invented a method of extracting essence from pine needles after years of study of references and...       ...efforts to make liquor, sweets, etc. with pine needles. The fax number of the company is...     (211 words)

· Pine pollen nutrient pills, natural health foodstuff -- Aug 09, 2002
The Microbiological Institute under the Academy of Sciences recently succeeded in producing natural....     ...components extracted from pine pollen and pine needles, contain vitamin C, E, B, A, P, PP, K, essential...     (102 words)

· Autumn festival in Korea -- Oct 01, 2001
Today, 15th day of the 8th lunar month, is the autumn festival day, one of the folklore holidays....     ...to prepare rice cakes steamed on the laver of pine needles with beans, red beans, chestnuts and jujubes,...     (197 words)

· Harvest Moon Day, Korean folk holiday -- Oct 05, 1998
Today is Harvest Moon Day, that is August 15 by lunar calendar. This day has been enjoyed as....     ...dishes is a rice cake steamed on a layer of pine needles. Nochi is enjoyed in some local areas. Nochi is...     (138 words)

· Korea's spring food -- Feb 27, 1997
Korea is now in spring. From old times the Korean people have cooked and eaten various kinds of....     ...crescent-shaped rice cakes on a laver of pine needles. Songphyon is characterized by pine needle...     (181 words)

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