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· KCNA Commentary Snubs U.S. Hypocritical Talk about Dialogue
-- Jun 12, 2015
The U.S. Department of State recently urged the DPRK to stop making "provocations" and....     ...and, to this end, proposed a moratorium on its nuclear test in return for the U.S. temporary cessation of...     (653 words)

· AAPSO Blasts U.S. Secretary of State's Reckless Remarks against DPRK -- May 29, 2015
The Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) made public a statement on May 24....     ...its willingness to put a moratorium on the nuclear test if the U.S. temporarily discontinues the...     (203 words)

· Reckless Remarks of U.S. Secretary of State Denounced -- May 20, 2015
The U.S. going reckless in its smear campaign against the DPRK in a bid to get rid of the miserable....     ...the willingness to put a moratorium on the nuclear test if the U.S. temporarily discontinues the...     (433 words)

· KCNA Commentary Accuses U.S. of Posing Nuclear Threat and Sparking Arms Race -- May 11, 2015
The U.S. is persistently spreading the story about "nuclear threat" from the DPRK,....     ...producing new type weapon grade plutonium and nuclear test bases in New Mexico State and started enriching...     (613 words)

· Russian Personages Demand Stop to U.S.-S. Korea Joint Military Drills
-- Apr 07, 2015
The first secretary of the Partizansk City Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian....     ...to take such measure as putting a moratorium on nuclear tests.  (226 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Calls for Settling Accounts with Aggressors with Arms Only -- Mar 24, 2015
Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an article denounces the south Korean puppet forces for pushing the....     ...Korea are an all inclusive and three-dimensional nuclear test war with huge armed forces and equipment...     (259 words)

· French Organization Condemns U.S.-S. Korea Joint War Drills -- Mar 13, 2015
The France-Korea Friendship Association posted on its website an article condemning the U.S.-south....     ...has the willingness to put a moratorium on the nuclear test, a concern of the U.S., in case the latter stops...     (139 words)

· U.S. and S. Korean Authorities' Moves against DPRK Accused by German Body -- Mar 11, 2015
The Anti-Imperialist Forum of Germany sent a protest letter to the south Korean puppet embassy in....     ...Korea and its vicinity with a moratorium on the nuclear test. The arch criminals escalating tension on...     (266 words)

· FM Spokesman Denounces U.S.-S. Korea Joint Military Exercises
-- Mar 02, 2015
A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK released the following statement Monday in....     ...to respond to it with a moratorium on a nuclear test which the U.S. is much concerned about, and...     (653 words)

· KCNA Commentary Blasts Japanese Dietman's Reckless Remarks over Central Hall of Chongryon -- Feb 26, 2015
Maehara, member of the House of Representatives from the Japan Democratic Party, at the House....     ...the Asia-Pacific, he said the U.S. sub-critical nuclear test was not in contravention of the "Prague...     (942 words)

· U.S. Urged to Roll Back Its Hostile Policy toward DPRK -- Feb 07, 2015
U.S. President Obama in a recent press conference openly revealed the attempt to bring down the....     ...launched satellites and succeeded in nuclear tests with its own efforts, technology and wisdom...     (233 words)

· News Analyst on History of DPRK-U.S. Nuclear Standoff
-- Feb 06, 2015
The United States is getting evermore hysteric in its hostile policy towards the Democratic....     ...But such pressure led the DPRK to successful nuclear test and possession of nuclear deterrent and,...     (501 words)

· DPRK's Access to Nukes Is Product of U.S. Hostile Policy toward It: Russian Expert -- Feb 01, 2015
The DPRK's access to nukes is a product of the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK, said Alexander....     ...that the U.S. is expecting a new nuclear test to take place in the DPRK, he explained the...     (307 words)

· DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Refutes Senior U.S. Diplomat's Remarks on Dialogue with DPRK
-- Feb 01, 2015
The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question put by....     ...responding steps for putting a moratorium on nuclear test, a concern of the U.S., in case the latter...     (468 words)

· U.S. Should Work for Detente on Korean Peninsula: News Analyst
-- Jan 23, 2015
The United States is intentionally aggravating the situation on the Korean Peninsula from the....     ...DPRK's proposal that it is ready to suspend its nuclear test if the exercises are stopped. As the world...     (321 words)

· KCNA Report -- Jan 10, 2015
The Korean Central News Agency released the following report on Saturday: Recently the DPRK....     ...responsive step as temporarily suspending the nuclear test over which the U.S. is concerned. And it...     (371 words)

· U.S. Ambition for World Domination Can Never Come True: Rodong Sinmun -- Dec 27, 2014
The senator of the U.S. from the Republican Party who is supposed to chair the Armed Services....     ...now underlines the necessity of carrying out a nuclear test. Lurking behind this is an aim to realize its...       ...that it may possess nuclear weapons and conduct nuclear test as it pleases but other countries cannot have...     (352 words)

· KPA Taking Lead in Building Thriving Nation (1)
-- Dec 24, 2014
The Korean People's Army (KPA) has fully displayed its might as the vanguard fighter in devotedly....     ...peaceful purpose and self-defensive underground nuclear test. But the KPA answered the U.S. war moves with...     (431 words)

· Denuclearization of World Is Impossible as Long as U.S. Remains: Rodong Sinmun
-- Dec 21, 2014
Recently, the U.S. conservatives are crying out for modernization of nukes through nuclear test accompanied by explosion, claiming that its...       ...world" since it suspended underground nuclear test, but its commitments have not been put into...       ...dominate the world. If the underground nuclear test is resumed in the U.S., the world will be...     (331 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Behests Are Being Successfully Implemented -- Dec 06, 2014
This year marks the 3rd anniversary of demise of leader Kim Jong Il. He was a peerlessly great man....     ...successful third underground nuclear test fully demonstrated once again the iron will to...     (480 words)

· Detailed Report on Secret behind Anti-DPRK "Human Rights Resolution" Released
-- Nov 28, 2014
The DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies released the following detailed report on Friday: A....     ...satellite launch on Dec. 12, 2012 and the third nuclear test on Feb. 12, 2013. The U.S. launched a new...       ...of the case in which a satellite photo of a nuclear test of north Korea several years ago was opened to...     (4176 words)

· KCNA Commentary Blasts Anti-DPRK "Human Rights Resolution" Fabricated by U.S. and Its Followers
-- Nov 28, 2014
An anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" was rammed through the Third Committee of the 69th....     ...and nation. The DPRK made such thunder as just nuclear test to warn the U.S. seized with the nuke...     (469 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Blasts S. Korean Puppet Military Gangster's Invectives
-- Nov 25, 2014
Kim Min Sok, spokesman for the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defense, speaking before media....     ... that someone's assertion may lead to "nuclear test and ballistic missile launch". And he cried...     (322 words)

· FM Spokesman Rejects UN "Human Rights Resolution" against DPRK -- Nov 20, 2014
A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry Thursday issued the following statement in denunciation....     ...restraint any longer in conducting a new nuclear test, its war deterrence will grow stronger...     (633 words)

· KCNA Slams US for Orchestrating Adoption of "Human Rights Resolution" against DPRK -- Nov 20, 2014
The U.S. human rights racket against the DPRK is inching close to an extreme phase which should not....     ...any restraint any longer in conducting a new nuclear test. It is crystal clear that under the...     (683 words)

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