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· Withdrawal of Appointment of Diehard Pro-Japanese Element to Important Post Demanded by S. Korean Paper -- Jun 21, 2014
The south Korean internet paper Voice of People carried an editorial on June 19 demanding the....     ...adding: Pak Hyo Jong is a core member of neo-conservative circles who beautified the Japanese...     (126 words)

· S. Korean Puppet Regime Accused of Designating Pro-Japanese Lackey as Prime Minister -- Jun 20, 2014
South Korean organizations including the Solidarity for Implementing Justice of History held a....     ...as "prime minister" were based on his neo-conservative outlook on history beautifying the pro-Japanese...     (126 words)

· Puppet Authorities' Actions to Appoint Sycophantic and Conservative Forces to Important Posts Slammed -- Jun 18, 2014
Seven history study organizations including the History Study Society, Ancient History Study....     ...is more narrow-minded and dangerous than the neo-conservative elements' outlook on history, it...     (176 words)

· 2013, Year of Struggle of S. Korean People against Fascist Regime -- Dec 14, 2013
This year people of various social strata in south Korea staged actions across south Korea to bring....     ...and passing the history textbook written by neo-conservative-lining scholars who embellished dictators...     (630 words)

· S. Korean Authorities Accused of Instructing Rewriting of Textbooks -- Dec 05, 2013
South Korean people from all walks of life staged actions across south Korea on Dec. 2 in protest....     ...as a standard is as shameless an act as infusing neo-conservative idea into the students. The organization...     (321 words)

· S. Korean Conservative Group Assailed for Distorting History -- Nov 30, 2013
The south Korean internet paper Voice of People on Nov. 28 carried an article denouncing the puppet....     ...history textbook written by scholars of the neo-conservative circle under the patronage of the Ministry of...       ...article condemned the scholars of the neo-conservative circle appointed by the present regime to the...     (200 words)

· Distortion of History by S. Korean Authorities Slammed -- Sep 14, 2013
South Korean scholars of the Institute of Historic Affairs, the Institute for National Studies and....     ...History Textbooks of history textbook written by neo-conservative historians. The textbook has hundreds of...     (124 words)

· Results of Screening of History Textbooks Declared Invalid in S. Korea -- Sep 11, 2013
Over 490 social bodies including the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Teachers Union,....     ...approved were written by historians with neo-conservative leanings. They, therefore, referred to the...     (283 words)

· Cancellation of Results of Screening of History Textbook Demanded in S. Korea
-- Sep 06, 2013
The south Korean newspaper Hangyore in an editorial on Wednesday demanding the cancellation of the....     ...of the contents of the textbook compiled by neo-conservatives embellishing what was done by Syngman Rhee and...     (152 words)

· Conservative Scholars' Distortion of History under Fire in S. Korea
-- Sep 04, 2013
The south Korean Kyunghyang Daily News Monday carried an editorial denouncing the puppet....     ...compilation of this textbook was spearheaded by Neo-conservative scholars who termed the existing textbook...     (299 words)

· S. Korean Paper Denounces Conservatives for Distorting History -- Sep 03, 2013
The south Korean newspaper Hangyore carried an article on Aug. 30 in denunciation of the puppet....     ...the Modern History Society, an organization of neo-conservatives, passed the examination. In the...     (156 words)

· UN Security Council, Imperialists' Tool for High-handed, Arbitrary Practices (2): News Analyst
-- Mar 20, 2013
The Afghan war that broke out in the first year of the 21st century was an unprecedented....     ...and conquest of the world, pursuant to the neo-conservatives' design of establishing a "uni-polar...     (562 words)

· DPRK's Satellite Launch Not Contradictory to DPRK-U.S. Agreement: KCNA -- Mar 19, 2012
The south Korean puppet forces are busy with an odd smear campaign over the issue of DPRK's launch....     ...of satellite as a golden chance to egg the U.S. neo-conservative forces on to drive the DPRK-U.S. talks into a...     (592 words)

· S. Korean Authorities Accused of Moves to Put Media under Their Control -- Dec 14, 2009
The south Korean authorities are becoming more desperate in their moves to put media under their....     ...the fact that the above-said council made up of neo-conservatives subservient to the authorities has desperately...     (182 words)

· Lee Myung Bak's Moves to Rewrite Textbooks Flayed -- Nov 08, 2008
More than 1,300 history teachers of schools at different levels across south Korea issued a....     ...praise dictatorship. It continued: The neo-conservative forces taking the lead in the moves to rewrite...     (150 words)

· U.S. Policy of Aggression towards DPRK Blasted -- Aug 19, 2008
The more desperate military methods the U.S. war-like forces employ to stifle the DPRK would only....     ...of aggression toward the DPRK. The U.S. neo-conservative forces are now justifying their hostile policy...     (424 words)

· KCNA Ridicules U.S. Mandarin's Reckless Remarks -- Jan 29, 2008
Some days ago, Lefkowitz, special envoy for North Korean human rights issue of the U.S., was....     ...known, the U.S. conservative hardliners led by neo-conservatives are now seized with extreme uneasiness and...     (511 words)

· First Friday Meeting Held in S. Korea Denounces GNP -- Jan 22, 2007
The first Friday meeting for denouncing the Grand National Party of south Korea (GNP) was....     ...the distorted history textbook published by neo-conservative forces last year as "an advance of history."...     (247 words)

· Dissolution of "National League of New Right" and GNP Urged in S. Korea -- Dec 12, 2006
The South Headquarters of the National Alliance for the Country's Reunification reportedly released....     ...gave vent to their strong protest against the neo-conservative forces when the "textbook forum" under the...       ...on-looker to the unceasing follies of the neo-conservative forces. The foolish dream of the neo-conservative forces to take over power in the 2007...     (232 words)

· Neo-conservatives' Distortion of History Protested in S. Korea -- Dec 11, 2006
The south Korean Federation of University Student Councils (Hanchongryon) reportedly issued a....     ...in denunciation of the history distortion by the neo-conservatives on Dec. 4. Recalling that the neo-conservatives egged a group of swindlers called "Textbook...       ...in detail to the fact that in the textbook the neo-conservatives justify Japan's colonial rule and praise the...       ...will struggle to check the moves of the neo-conservatives, poison of the times, and throw them as well as...     (203 words)

· Anti-Reunification Elements' Suppression of S. Korean Teachers Union under Fire -- Aug 05, 2006
The suppression of the National Teachers Union of south Korea by the neo-conservative forces including the Grand National Party is...     (309 words)

· Brutality of U.S. Troops Assailed -- Jul 26, 2006
Rodong Sinmun in an article Tuesday throws a revealing light on the brutalities perpetrated by U.S.....     ...of the present U.S. administration. Its neo-conservative forces inculcate into the minds of the U.S....     (429 words)

· Moves to Frame up "Liberal Teachers Union" Flailed -- Jan 23, 2006
A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Korean Educational and Cultural Workers' Union issued....     ...in denunciation of the moves of the south Korean neo-conservative forces to frame up "Liberal Teachers Union" in a...       ...devoid of independence, and of the south Korean neo-conservative forces living with the backing of the U.S. ...       ...to the nation and reunification, it said the neo-conservatives' moves to revive the consciousness of...       ... It went on: As long as the GNP and other neo-conservatives are left intact, it is impossible to realize...       ...should clearly see the heinous scheme of the neo-conservatives under the manipulation of the U.S. and...     (365 words)

· Struggle against Japan's Revival of Militarism Declared in S. Korea -- Jan 10, 2006
The Promotion Council for Demanding Compensation to the Victims of the Pacific War and the Council....     ...of different countries against the Japanese neo-conservatives' moves to revive militarism and distort history...     (155 words)

· U.S. New Military Strategy for Expansion of "Anti-terrorist War" under Fire -- Jan 06, 2006
The "report on four-year defense strategy" called "1421" which was approved by U.S. Defense....     ...as the main target of their attack. The U.S. neo-conservatives are letting loose a string of balderdash that a...     (376 words)

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