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· Railway Workers Vow to Stamp Out Lee Group of S. Korea -- Apr 27, 2012
Railway workers in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are effecting an upsurge in transport,....     ...electric locomotive 'Pulgungi (red flag)' will mercilessly crush the Lee swarm of rats to death. We are now...     (195 words)

· KPA Command Order Army to Keep High Alert -- Mar 08, 2010
The Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army released the following report on Monday as regards....     ...the enemy and keep themselves highly alerted to mercilessly crush the aggressors should they intrude into the...     (678 words)

· Fine Art Exhibition on Theme of Class Education Opens -- Jun 25, 2009
A fine art exhibition on the theme of class education was opened at the Pyongyang International....     ...of the army and the people of the DPRK who mercilessly crushed the aggressors during the past Fatherland...     (356 words)

· Respect for Sovereignty Essential for World Peace Order -- Mar 04, 2005
The basic condition for the establishment of a world peace order is respect for the sovereignty of....     ...of instability" and "terrorism" and, in the end, mercilessly crush them by use of force. Not a few countries,...     (383 words)

· Art show of KPA opens -- Jul 23, 2003
The 16th Art Show of the Korean People's Army opened at the April 25 House of Culture today to mark....     ...Will Be Shot Again" and the sculpture "We Will Mercilessly Crush the Enemy". The opening address was made by...     (265 words)

· Revolutionary armed forces of DPRK fully ready to wipe out aggressors -- Apr 25, 2003
The revolutionary armed forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are closely following....     ...to always keep themselves ready to mercilessly crush the aggressors in any unexpected situation.  (203 words)

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