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· KCNA Commentary on Lesson from Tragedy in Okinawa Seven Decades Ago
-- Jul 06, 2015
An event "memorial day" took place in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan on June 23, 70 yeas since....     ...become extremely fascistized due to militarism, mercilessly suppressed those who called for the end of the...     (518 words)

· Message of Sympathy to Egyptian FM
-- Jul 04, 2015
DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong Friday sent a message of sympathy to his Egyptian counterpart....     ...shortly ago the prosecutor general of Egypt was mercilessly killed by terrorists and terrorism in Sinai area...     (109 words)

· DPRK Will Mercilessly Punish Those Hurting Its Dignity and Social System; Rodong Sinmun -- Jun 27, 2015
The UN "office on human rights in the north" appeared in Seoul on June 23 under the....     ...steadfast will and determination of the DPRK to mercilessly punish those who are keen to hurt its dignity...     (282 words)

· People Vow to Take Revenge upon U.S. Aggressors
-- Jun 23, 2015
Meetings of youth and students and women separately took place on Tuesday to vow to take revenge....     ...to death and it is necessary, therefore, to mercilessly punish the enemies with arms only, they...     (331 words)

· KCNA Commentary Accuses U.S. of Spreading Germ Weapons -- Jun 20, 2015
The truth behind the hideous crimes the U.S. has perpetrated by seriously threatening and....     ...in the Korean war. The U.S. imperialists mercilessly killed more than 1.23 million innocent people in...     (548 words)

· Kim Jong Un Watches Night Naval Fire Strike Drill of KPA -- Jun 16, 2015
Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of....     ...to watch the artillery pieces and warships mercilessly hit the naval targets through rapid firing and...     (451 words)

· Regional Committee for Implementing June 15 Declaration Calls for Intensifying Movement for Reunification -- Jun 14, 2015
The Chinese Regional Committee of the Overseas Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint....     ...against reunification that the puppet group has mercilessly defied the unanimous desire of all Koreans for...     (146 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Slams S. Korean Puppet Group's Moves to Escalate Confrontation with DPRK -- Jun 04, 2015
Some days ago, the south Korean puppet group held a tripartite consultative meeting with the chief....     ...forces only harden the will of the DPRK to mercilessly meet the challenge of aggressors with the...     (297 words)

· NDC Spokesman of DPRK Clarifies Its Principled Stand on U.S. Scheme for Germ Warfare -- Jun 03, 2015
A spokesman for the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK released a statement Wednesday in....     ...peace and hideous crime aimed at genocide, and mercilessly punish it. The International Criminal...     (432 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Blasts S. Korean Diplomatic Chief's Call for Closer Cooperation with U.S.
-- May 25, 2015
Yun Pyong Se, puppet minister of Foreign Affairs of south Korea, in talks with U.S. Secretary of....     ...full play to its tremendous military muscle and mercilessly wipe out the U.S. and the puppet warmongers and...     (276 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Terms S. Korea Tundra of Human Rights
-- May 24, 2015
The south Korean puppet group in collusion with outside forces including the U.S. are vociferating....     ...policy even a bit. She is a criminal who mercilessly violated the rights to existence and dignity of...     (251 words)

· Representative of S. Korean Ruling Party Kicked out of Venue of Memorial Service -- May 21, 2015
The representative of the ruling "Saenuri Party" of south Korea was kicked out of the....     ...and the puppet ruling forces that have mercilessly trampled down the desire of the Kwangju...     (161 words)

· International Peace Symposium Takes Place -- May 21, 2015
An International Peace Symposium took place here on Thursday by women of different....     ...of children. But their human rights are being mercilessly trampled down in the capitalist...     (280 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Calls for Resistance for Achieving Independence, Democracy and Reunification -- May 18, 2015
The Kwangju Popular Uprising in 1980 was a bloody anti-U.S., anti-fascist patriotic struggle staged....     ...rights of the south Korean people are still mercilessly infringed upon by outsiders and...     (301 words)

· DPRK Will Mercilessly Punish Those Keen on "Human Rights" Racket against It: Minju Joson
-- May 13, 2015
The south Korean puppet Foreign Ministry on May 4 announced that the UN "office for human....     ...social system. It will never pardon but mercilessly punish those hell-bent on the anti-DPRK...     (247 words)

· Command of KPA in Southwestern Sector of Front Issues Emergency Special Warning -- May 08, 2015
The warmongers of the south Korean puppet military have recently reached the height in their....     ...warning is based on the resolute decision to mercilessly punish with arms the provocateurs hell-bent on...     (413 words)

· Minju Joson Denounces S. Korean Authorities' Moves to Enact "Law on Human Rights in North" -- May 06, 2015
The south Korean puppet authorities and the gentries of the "Saenuri Party" held a....     ...the criminal moves of the puppet forces but mercilessly frustrate them through toughest counteraction....     (290 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Brands U.S. as Worst Human Rights Abuser
-- Apr 29, 2015
A white policeman mercilessly killed a defenseless black man in South Carolina...     (303 words)

· Japanese Authorities Accused of Suppressing Chongryon
-- Apr 28, 2015
Political parties and organizations of various countries released statements between April 9 and 13....     ... Japan perpetrated a shameful act of mercilessly trampling down even elementary human rights,...     (214 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Hits out at S. Korean Regime's Theory of "Eliminating Followers of North"
-- Apr 04, 2015
The south Korean puppet regime has mercilessly suppressed the people from all walks of life who...     (397 words)

· DPRK Will Mercilessly Punish Those Joining in Evil Operations against It: CPRK Spokesman -- Apr 02, 2015
As reported, there took place recently a domestic and foreign press conference with spies of the....     ...moves. The DPRK will unmask and mercilessly punish to the last those who joined in...     (519 words)

· World Will See DPRK Emerging as Thriving Nation: Indian Paper -- Apr 01, 2015
The Indian paper Voice of Million carried an article titled "New strategic line" on Mar.....     ...building a thriving socialist nation, mercilessly smashing the imperialists and their followers'...     (258 words)

· S. Korean Forces Will Get Only Destruction from War Moves: Minju Joson -- Mar 29, 2015
Moves inciting confrontation have been pronounced in south Korea five years since Cheonan warship....     ...is well aware of this, it will resolutely and mercilessly foil the puppet forces' confrontation and war...     (314 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Calls for Settling Accounts with Aggressors with Arms Only -- Mar 24, 2015
Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an article denounces the south Korean puppet forces for pushing the....     ...is the firm determination of the DPRK to mercilessly wipe out by force of arms the confrontational...     (259 words)

· U.S. and S. Korean Regime Accused of Abusing Punishment of U.S. Ambassador for Their Sinister Purpose -- Mar 17, 2015
The Korean Central News Agency issued a report on Tuesday denouncing the U.S. and the south Korean....     ...as a momentum and renewing their firm will to mercilessly wipe out the enemies. We have already...     (554 words)

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