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· Demolition of Concrete Wall Urged -- Dec 31, 2005
The Sri Lanka Committee for the Reunification of Korea issued a statement on Dec. 22 strongly....     ...the unity of the Korean nation as a violation of human rights in the civilized world.  (107 words)

· Repeal of "North Korean Human Rights Act" in U.S. Demanded -- Dec 31, 2005
More than 1,800 members of religious organizations of south Korea including the Council of....     ...demanded the repeal of the "North Korean Human Rights Act" in the United States, according to MBC of...       ...that the act seriously distorted the core of human rights, holding that the act be abolished without delay.  (69 words)

· KCNA Blasts Japan's Political Row over "Abduction Issue" -- Dec 31, 2005
The ultra-right conservative forces of Japan are persisting in their anti-DPRK despicable row over....     ...the "meeting" was aimed at wooing international human rights organizations and other organizations to put...     (489 words)

· Rodong Sinmun on Bankruptcy of U.S. Policy of Hegemony and "Anti-Terrorist Strategy" -- Dec 30, 2005
This year the United States identified its policy for supremacy and "anti-terrorist strategy" with....     ...they committed violence, terrorism and bestial human rights abuses. The U.S. belligerent ruling forces...     (340 words)

· Rodong Sinmun on Bankruptcy of U.S. Policy of Hegemony and "Anti-Terrorist Strategy" -- Dec 30, 2005
This year the United States identified its policy for supremacy and "anti-terrorist strategy" with....     ...they committed violence, terrorism and bestial human rights abuses. The U.S. belligerent ruling forces...     (340 words)

· GNP's Traitorous "Human Rights" Racket under Fire -- Dec 29, 2005
The "human rights" racket kicked up by the south Korean...       ...the GNP kicked up a row over the non-existent "human rights issue" in the north at the instigation of the...       ...merits a more serious attention is that their "human rights" racket is timed to coincide with the U.S. recent frantic "human rights" offensive against the DPRK. It is...       ...to the tune of foreign forces, not knowing what human rights are like, bereft of the consciousness of being...       ...in the American-style view on the value of "human rights," while serving the U.S., having neither proper...       ...north. There is no need to argue that the "human rights" offensive launched by them with the backing of...       ...better cool their heads overheated with their "human rights" racket against the north and behave prudently.  (336 words)

· "Resolution on Human Rights" against DPRK Rejected -- Dec 28, 2005
The permanent mission of the DPRK in the UN Secretariat and international organizations in Geneva....     ...with the more frantic U.S.-led anti-DPRK "human rights racket". An official of the mission in his speech said that the growing tendency of politicizing human rights at the UN gives rise to serious concern among...       ...example is the adoption of a "resolution on human rights" against the DPRK at the 3rd Committee of the...       ...he stressed, holding that the grave human rights abuses by the U.S. and its following countries should be called in question if they are to really debate on the human rights issue. Citing data to bring to light the...       ... Citing data to bring to light the U.S. human rights abuses, encroachment on the sovereignty of other...       ...and Japan are pulling up the DPRK over the "human rights", deliberately turning their face away from...       ...politicization, option and double standards of human rights. It is more ridiculous that the EU countries...       ...an end to showdown in the field of international human rights and materialize dialogue and cooperation the U.S. attempt to abuse human rights for its unreasonable political purpose should be...     (386 words)

· True Colors of "Democracy" Seen through Constitution (2) -Equal Rights of People - -- Dec 28, 2005
The equal rights and social and cultural freedom of the citizens are an important issue related to....     ...Indians without restriction. As a result, the human rights of the American Indians are mercilessly...     (415 words)

· Rodong Sinmun on U.S. Smear Campaign against DPRK -- Dec 28, 2005
Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary denounces the U.S. political, economic and military....     ...commentary says, and goes on: The U.S. vicious human rights abuses committed in Afghanistan and Iraq go to...       ...group of criminals most heinously violating human rights in the world. It is nonsense and the height...     (277 words)

· U.S. Dangerous Moves for War Denounced -- Dec 28, 2005
U.S. President Bush's repeated insistence on the justification of the doctrine on "preemptive....     ...to humankind and commit unprecedented abuses of human rights. Bush and his administration started a...       ...world cannot be peaceful and the worst abuses of human rights beyond human imagination cannot be removed as...     (194 words)

· Rodong Sinmun on Case of Illegal Wire-tapping in S. Korea -- Dec 27, 2005
It was recently disclosed that wire-tapping had been illegally conducted by former "Security....     ...into all crimes committed against democracy and human rights during the successive fascist dictatorial...       ...of south Korea against the nation, democracy and human rights, trampling upon the people's desire and demand...     (389 words)

· True Colors of "Democracy" Seen through Constitution (1) -- Dec 27, 2005
The U.S. is trying harder to spread the American way of "democracy" in the Democratic People's....     ...pretext of ensuring "freedom", "equality" and "human rights". The "democracy" on its lips, however, is a...     (457 words)

· GNP of S. Korea Chiefly to Blame for Illegal Wiretapping -- Dec 26, 2005
The recently disclosed truth behind the "illegal wiretapping by the Security Planning Board" in the....     ...as they committed all sorts of horrible human rights abuses including conspiratorial plots, torture...     (351 words)

· U.S. Blamed for Possessing WMD -- Dec 26, 2005
The United States is persistently pursuing the policy of hostility toward the DPRK, loudly talking....     ..."nuclear threat" from the DPRK and its "human rights issue." But the reality goes to clearly prove...       ...weapons and it is a chieftain of terrorism and human rights abuses. The Secretariat of the Committee for...       ...talk about "nuclear threat" from the DPRK and "human rights issue" in it. The DPRK will bolster up its...     (226 words)

· KCNA Blasts Japan's Fresh "Abduction" Racket -- Dec 26, 2005
As already well known to the world, the Japanese reactionaries have worked hard to garner support....     ...to Japan and the ambassador in charge of human rights issue expressed his intention to build up...     (554 words)

· National Meeting Marks 14th Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Assumption of Office as KPA Supreme Commander -- Dec 24, 2005
A national meeting to mark the 14th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's assumption of office as....     ...The U.S. is now keen on economic sanctions and "human rights" racket aimed at overthrowing the system in the...     (729 words)

· KCNA Assails Role Played by Japan for UN Passage of "Human Rights" Resolution against DPRK -- Dec 23, 2005
As already reported, the "resolution on human rights" against the DPRK was railroaded through the...       ...clearly indicated the politicization of the human rights issue, selectivity and double standards. It...       ...a "servant" and "a shock brigade" in the U.S. "human rights" racket. Such behavior of Japan only aroused...       ...connive at Japan taking the lead in the U.S. "human rights" racket in a bid to infringe upon the dignity...       ...to calculate that its noisy trumpeting about "human rights" to the tune of the U.S. may help achieve its...       ...once, Japan is not entitled to talk about the "human rights issue" in the DPRK. Japan is the world's...       ...playing the role of a "shock brigade" in its "human rights" racket. The U.S. is not such a country with...     (558 words)

· U.S. Hit for Human Rights Abuses -- Dec 23, 2005
To lay bare the U.S. imperialists' human rights abuses and bring them to the human rights court is a most important and urgent issue...       ...It has since committed unimaginable monstrous human rights abuses in different parts of the world. The U.S. is the chieftain of aggression and plunder and the kingpin of human rights abuses at present. The hideous human...       ...rights abuses at present. The hideous human rights abuses committed by the U.S. imperialist...       ...demand and interests. The U.S. is not a "human rights champion" as it claims but the worst human rights abuser in the world and heinous enemy of...       ...life as not more than that of a fly. GIs' human rights abuses in different parts of the world are...       ... The U.S. imperialists advocate "defence of human rights" while placing human rights above state sovereignty. This is aimed at...       ...state sovereignty under the pretext of "human rights". By placing human rights above state sovereignty the U.S. seeks to...       ...war" committed by the U.S. is not to defend "human rights" but is aimed at invading and dominating other...       ...to make a clean breast and reflection on its human rights abuses before the world and stand trial for them before advocating the "defence of human rights".  (448 words)

· Japan's Black-hearted Intention Assailed -- Dec 22, 2005
A working group of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan recently decided to push ahead with the....     ...sanctions" against the DPRK and a "bill on the human rights issue in north Korea". Rodong Sinmun Wednesday...       ...touted economic sanctions against the DPRK and "human rights issue" are prompted by their black-hearted...       ...up international public opinion through its "human rights" racket on the other in a bid to pressurize and...       ...past through the economic sanctions and the "human rights" row. These moves are nothing but a base...     (328 words)

· U.S. Hostile Policy towards North under Fire in S. Korea -- Dec 21, 2005
The Seoul District Federation of University Student Councils under the south Korean Federation of....     ...with each other to raise a hue and cry over "the human rights issue in the north" and call for "additional...       ...of the "nuclear issue in the north" and "the human rights issue in the north." With no desperate efforts...     (250 words)

· Halt to U.S. Infringement on Sovereignty of Other Countries Called for -- Dec 21, 2005
It is imperative to decisively check the U.S. violation of sovereignty of other countries if human rights abuses are to cease worldwide and their cause is...       ...commentary. Referring to a series of hideous human rights abuses by the U.S. in Iraq, the commentary says...       ...proves that state sovereignty is essential for human rights. This is the very reason why the Koreans have...       ...of other countries is thoroughly checked, such human rights abuses as those practiced in Iraq will take place and the world will turn to a barren land of human rights. The U.S. should not be allowed to infringe...       ...for world supremacy including its anachronistic human rights strategy.  (225 words)

· Ridiculous Move of S. Korean Pro-U.S. Elements under Fire -- Dec 21, 2005
Pro-U.S. ultra-right conservatives of south Korea are now contemplating the erection of a statue of....     ...the north and the south over what they call "human rights issue," keeping pace with the U.S. anti-DPRK...     (282 words)

· DPRK System Will Be More Consolidated -- Dec 21, 2005
The U.S. some time ago let the EU present a "resolution on human rights in north Korea" to the United Nations and adopt...       ...to hold an "international conference on human rights issue" of a certain country, which are a very...       ...goes on: Although the U.S. plays a "judge of human rights", styling itself a "defender of human rights" and taking issue with the "issue of...       ...and taking issue with the "issue of human rights" in anti-American independent countries including the DPRK, it is a real abuser of human rights. The essence and ultimate goal of the U.S....       ...and ultimate goal of the U.S. strategy of "human rights" towards the DPRK is to fabricate false "human rights issue" and arouse public opinion and politicize...       ...frantically the U.S. resorts to the shameless "human rights" racket, the more the system of the DPRK will be...       ...ponder over the consequences of its reckless "human rights" offensive.  (237 words)

· KCNA Blasts U.S. Moves to Scuttle Six-Party Talks -- Dec 20, 2005
The U.S. is persisting in its campaign to impair the image of the DPRK. The Bush administration....     ...the disturbance of peace and stability and such human rights abuse as massacre, its consequences. As far...       ...U.S. which was set up through the most savage human rights abuses and which has become rich as a result of...     (567 words)

· DPRK Foreign Ministry Denounces U.S. Anti-DPRK "Human Rights" Racket -- Dec 20, 2005
A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry in a statement issued Monday blasted the frantic anti-DPRK "human rights" racket kicked up under the U.S. supervision. The U.S. instigated its allies to railroad the anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" through the Third Committee of the...       ...as the "international conference on north Korean human rights performance," the statement said, and went on:...       ...in the 21st century for the U.S. to talk about human rights as it has the world's poorest human rights record and is an empire of evil. The U.S....       ...international law. It advocated the defence of "human rights" in a sea of blood shed by Iraqis. The Bush...       ...a typical criminal state which politicizes the human rights issue and applies selectivity and double standards concerning the issue. Its talk about "protection of human rights" is nothing but leverage for interfering in the...       ...opposing and rejecting the U.S. trumpeting about human rights are ringing louder in different parts of the world. This is evidenced by the mounting criticism of the U.S. anti-DPRK "human rights racket." Washington's escalated anti-DPRK...       ...racket." Washington's escalated anti-DPRK "human rights offensive" is prompted by its sinister intention...       ...any cost. The Bush group's noisy anti-DPRK "human rights racket" only discloses its vulgar and despicable true nature. The U.S. "human rights offensive" against the DPRK will never work on...       ...system which would shake in face of the U.S. "human rights offensive." A lesson the Korean people have drawn from the U.S. undisguised human rights campaign against the DPRK is that human...       ...campaign against the DPRK is that human rights precisely means the state sovereignty and defending human rights precisely means protecting this sovereignty. ...       ...and stifle it with the nuclear issue and the "human rights issue" as pretexts.  (523 words)

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