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· New Labor Regulations to Be Invariably Enforced in KIZ
-- May 14, 2015
The Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK revised the labor regulations and....     ...of conditions of businessmen, the DPRK took such generous measure as extending the date of wage payment...     (582 words)

· US Citizen Interviewed in DPRK -- Dec 14, 2014
Arturo Pierre Martinez, a U.S. citizen staying in the DPRK, was interviewed by domestic and foreign....     ...to violators of these laws, and for the most generous reception I have received. I am also...       ...not. I have been treated most humanitarianly and generously as possible. Actually I have been staying at a...       ...the government of the DPRK. They were all too generous and showed humanitarian treatment and I conclude...     (5003 words)

· S. Korean Authorities' Call for "Humanitarianism" Is Hypocritic: News Analyst -- Apr 08, 2014
The puppet authorities of south Korea are still making a mockery of the nation, advertising about....     ...relations. In February this year the DPRK generously agreed to south Korea's proposal for resuming...     (359 words)

· S. Korean Authorities Should Halt Acts of Slandering DPRK: Rodong Sinmun -- Feb 23, 2014
At a recent north-south high-level contact the north and the south reached an agreement on the....     ...smear campaign, hurting the broad-minded and generous measures taken by the DPRK to mend the...     (324 words)

· Anniversary of October 4 Declaration Observed by Koreans in Russia -- Oct 02, 2013
The United Confederation of Koreans in Russia issued a statement on September 30 to mark the 6th....     ...year began to improve thanks to the positive and generous peace-loving measures taken by the...     (270 words)

· U.S.-S. Korea Joint Military Drills against DPRK Slammed
-- Aug 31, 2013
The General Association of Koreans in China issued a statement Friday denouncing the U.S. and the....     ...guns at the dialogue partner and react to the generous peace measures with war drills and sinister...     (324 words)

· "Defectors from North" Interviewed after Return to DPRK
-- Nov 08, 2012
Kim Kwang Hyok and his wife were interviewed by local and foreign reporters at the People's Palace....     ...only wrongdoings. But the homeland was so generous as to accept them who committed so many crimes,...     (762 words)

· Chinese Paper Lays Bare Sinister Aims Sought by U.S. in Allowing S. Korea to Extend Missile Range
-- Oct 23, 2012
The Chinese newspaper Jiefang Ribao (Liberation Daily) on Sunday carried an article titled "Why did the U.S. so generously allow south Korea to extend its missile...       ...it to 800km. Why has the U.S. become so generous? It was a very carefully calculated...     (424 words)

· Kim Jong Un Lauded by Korean Resident in U.S.
-- Sep 19, 2012
Ri Jun Mu, a Korean resident in the U.S., posted on his Internet homepage on August 31 an article....     ...on the documentary film was affectionate and generous. One could feel that he has magnanimity big...     (967 words)

· S. Korea to Buy U.S. Secondhand Combat Cars for Use at Anti-DPRK War -- Jun 26, 2012
The south Korean Lee Myung Bak regime is going to "introduce U.S. mine-proof special combat....     ...in the Afghan war. The U.S. is pretending to be generous by selling off tens of thousands of cars whose...     (299 words)

· New School Year Begins in DPRK -- Apr 02, 2012
A new school year has begun in schools at all levels throughout the Democratic People's Republic of....     ...Un. I will bring up my children well under this generous system." An entrant, O Yong Gwang...     (233 words)

· Ecuador Defies U.S. Warning against Forging Close Ties with Iran -- Jan 12, 2012
Ecuador on Monday defied a U.S. warning to Latin American countries that they should not forge....     ...could not treat a visitor (Iranian president) ungenerously, Quintero added.  (69 words)

· Rodong Sinmun on All-Embracing Politics of Kim Jong Il -- Sep 30, 2011
The all-embracing politics of General Secretary Kim Jong ll is based on noble human love, the....     ...of putting all people under loving care. It is generous and bold politics as it calls for uniting close...     (289 words)

· Chile's President Calls for Unity on National Day -- Sep 21, 2011
Chilean President Sebastian Pinera Sunday called for unity when celebrating the 201st anniversary....     ...people to build together a great, free and generous country," and to protect and promote their...     (48 words)

· American Trespasser Interviewed -- Feb 05, 2010
As already reported, American national Robert Park was detained for trespassing on the northern....     ...rights. I have never seen such kind and generous people. People have been incredibly kind and generous here to me, very concerned for my physical...     (903 words)

· Strong and Brave Korean Nation -- Aug 20, 2009
The Korean nation has been widely known in the world as one with strong and brave disposition from....     ...with a strong character are brave, prudent and generous and do not invade and plunder others. It...     (228 words)

· Story about Removed Straw Mat -- Aug 18, 2009
General Secretary Kim Jong Il suddenly had his car stopped near a threshing ground of a....     ...prevented him from taking it. But he said with a generous smile: "Never mind. Let's remove the straw...     (175 words)

· Souvenir Picture Which Was Not Taken -- May 26, 2009
The car carrying General Secretary Kim Jong Il was running a sightseeing road of Mt. Kuwol on May....     ...scenery of the mountain. He smiled a generous smile of understanding and said that was not a...     (320 words)

· GNP's Moves for All-out Confrontation with DPRK Assailed -- Dec 19, 2008
The gentries of the Grand National Party of south Korea are now letting loose a spate of malignant....     ...is an aim sought by the GNP through its generous financial support for the ultra-right...     (309 words)

· Sanatoria and Rest Homes Full of Happiness -- Sep 13, 2008
Working people are enjoying their holidays in sanatoria and rest homes built in scenic spots of the....     ...body. Having keenly felt the benefit of the generous socialist system through their pleasant...     (261 words)

· Ri Hoe Chang's Run for "Presidential Elections" under Fire -- Nov 19, 2007
Ri Hoe Chang, who is running for the "presidential elections" as an independent politician, was....     ...he tried to create impression that he is "generous" and "broad-minded" with such sugar-coated words...     (275 words)

· Japan's Servility to U.S. Ridiculed -- Jul 04, 2006
GI criminals are accorded such "special treatment" in prisons by Japan that they are given chances....     ...should face a due punishment. Such "generous treatment" accorded by Japan to the U.S....     (342 words)

· Japan's Servility to U.S. Ridiculed -- Jul 04, 2006
GI criminals are accorded such "special treatment" in prisons by Japan that they are given chances....     ...should face a due punishment. Such "generous treatment" accorded by Japan to the U.S....     (342 words)

· Japan's Servility to U.S. Ridiculed -- Jul 04, 2006
GI criminals are accorded such "special treatment" in prisons by Japan that they are given chances....     ...should face a due punishment. Such "generous treatment" accorded by Japan to the U.S....     (342 words)

· KCNA Urges U.S. to Lift Financial Sanctions -- Mar 27, 2006
It is shame on the United States to let loose malarkey intended to give impression that it is....     ...resuming and doing harm to it. The DPRK was generous enough to advance at the New York DPRK-U.S....     (512 words)

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