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· S. Korean Authorities' Anti-DPRK Human Rights Racket under Fire -- Jul 05, 2015
Leading newspapers here on Sunday carry commentaries in denunciation of the south Korean puppet....     ...the north-south relations and put an end to the evil cycle of confrontation and tension as long as...     (298 words)

· KCNA Commentary Denounces S. Korean Regime's Deliberate Action to Bedevil North-South Ties -- Jul 02, 2015
The puppet regime of south Korea put "institutions and individuals supporting the north"....   (460 words)

· Entry of U.S. Nuclear Submarine into Pusan Port Denounced -- Jun 30, 2015
More than 20 civic and public organizations of south Korea including the Pusan People's Solidarity....     ...placards reading "U.S. forces, group of evils who introduced anthrax germs,...     (164 words)

· S. Korean Human Rights Organization Calls for Judging Puppet Regime -- Jun 28, 2015
The Family Movement for Realizing Democracy in south Korea held a Thursday meeting in Seoul on June....     ...said that the "Security Law" is an evil law which labels the north as "an...     (131 words)

· KPA Service Personnel Meet to Vow to Take Revenge upon U.S. Aggressors
-- Jun 25, 2015
Service personnel of the Korean People's Army (KPA) held a meeting to condemn the bestial....     ...and reduce to ashes the U.S. mainland, den of evils. Then followed the reciting of a poem...     (301 words)

· DPRK FM Spokesman Accuses Hostile Forces of Setting up Anti-DPRK "Human Rights Office"
-- Jun 23, 2015
A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued the following statement Tuesday: The dishonest....     ...invoking the "Security Law" and other evil laws. It is the height of impudence for them to...     (522 words)

· S. Korean Paper Denounces U.S. Scenario for Germ Warfare and Authorities Toeing It
-- Jun 22, 2015
The south Korean internet paper Minjok Ilbo on June 19 in an editorial condemned the U.S. for....     ...U.S. troops are the root cause of all evils in south Korea. This is an undeniable stark...     (145 words)

· S. Korean Puppet Regime Accused of Blocking Joint National Event -- Jun 15, 2015
The south Korean preparatory committee for joint national events to mark the 70th anniversary of....     ...was derailed because the Park Geun Hye regime bedeviled the north-south relations as the days go by...     (127 words)

· S. Korean Regime's Resignation and Withdrawal of U.S. Troops Demanded -- Jun 14, 2015
Civic, social and religious organizations of south Korea held a press conference in the plaza of....     ..."law on human rights in the north", an evil law against nation and...     (373 words)

· U.S. Wholly to Blame for Sparking Nuclear Race: Rodong Sinmun -- Jun 13, 2015
It was reported that the bill on national defense right now under discussion at the U.S. Senate....     ...super-power. The U.S., cesspool of evils, will be held wholly responsible for the...     (274 words)

· S. Korean Paper Demands Withdrawal of U.S. Forces -- Jun 13, 2015
Minjok Ilbo, an internet paper of south Korea, in an editorial on June 11 demanded the immediate....     ...withdrawal of the U.S. forces, the source of all evils, attempting the dangerous germ warfare....     (123 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Marks Anniversary of June Popular Resistance in S. Korea
-- Jun 10, 2015
Rodong Sinmun Wednesday dedicates an article to the 28th anniversary of the June popular resistance....     ...and human rights can not be found and a den of evils where pro-U.S. lackeys are escalating the...     (330 words)

· North-South Dialogue Cannot Become Political Plaything of Confrontation Maniacs: Rodong Sinmun
-- Jun 09, 2015
Recently the south Korean puppet group let Jong Jong Uk, vice-chairman of the "preparatory....     ...puppet forces may try to evade the blame for bedeviling the north-south relations while making...     (282 words)

· S. Korean Puppet Forces Are to Blame for Disturbing Dialogue: Rodong Sinmun
-- Jun 07, 2015
The south Korean chief executive pulled up the DPRK, saying it makes "far-fetched....     ...to shirk off the criminal responsibility for bedeviling the inter-Korean relations through the...     (257 words)

· CPRK Blasts S. Korean Chief Executive's Anti-DPRK Remarks
-- Jun 07, 2015
A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) in a statement Sunday....     ...group can never evade the responsibility for bedeviling the north-south relations and pushing the...     (310 words)

· KCNA Condemns U.S. Anthrax Germ Experiment -- Jun 04, 2015
The Korean Central News Agency in an indictment released on Thursday vehemently condemned the....     ...white powder" and "weapon of evil" is one of the dangerous biological weapons...       ...and proliferating WMDs. It is an empire of devils, chieftain of bio-chemical warfare and synonym...     (788 words)

· U.S. Scheme for Bio-Chemical Warfare Denounced by Papers -- Jun 03, 2015
Newspapers of the DPRK Wednesday come out with commentaries in connection with the recent....     ...the Korean nation even by resorting to an evil biological weapon made of anthrax germ and put...     (337 words)

· NDC Spokesman of DPRK Clarifies Its Principled Stand on U.S. Scheme for Germ Warfare -- Jun 03, 2015
A spokesman for the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK released a statement Wednesday in....     ...that the sinister attempt of the empire of devils to turn the Korean peninsula into a barren land...     (434 words)

· S. Korean Puppet Forces' Frantic War Drills Assailed -- Jun 02, 2015
The DPRK-targeted war exercises now under way in south Korea is a root cause that escalated....     ...they cover up their criminal acts of having bedeviled the north-south ties and wantonly harassed...     (346 words)

· Minju Joson Terms CIA Center for Hunting Human Beings -- May 31, 2015
The U.S. magazine Foreign Policy said the CIA, the basic mission of which remains intelligence....     ...is, therefore, an icon of the U.S., empire of evil, and its miniature as the worst criminal state...     (277 words)

· Lifting of Confrontational Step and Fascist Law Called for in S. Korea -- May 31, 2015
The Family Movement for Realizing Democracy in south Korea held a Thursday rally on May 28, urging....     ...a bid to stay in power. Terming the law an evil law encroaching upon the conscience and freedom...     (194 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Flays Park Geun Hye for Slandering Humanitarianism
-- May 24, 2015
Park Geun Hye of south Korea in a recent "congratulatory speech" said she is trying to....     ...They are seeking to shift the blame for the bedeviled inter-Korean relations on to the DPRK by...     (299 words)

· Human Rights Abuses in U.S. under Fire -- May 19, 2015
U.S. President Obama recently said slaying of a young black late in April and riot of black people....     ... Racial discrimination is chronic evil practice and a social trend in the U.S....     (257 words)

· Park Geun Hye of S. Korea Accused of Her Invectives against DPRK -- May 18, 2015
A string of malignant invectives let loose by Park Geun Hye of south Korea is lashing all Koreans....     ...the kingpin of scandals and mastermind of social evils. She had better zip her lips, though...     (447 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Praises Revolutionary and Noble Mental and Moral Traits of Young Korean People -- May 13, 2015
The beautiful traits fully displayed by the Korean youth in the annals of revolution and....     ...and followed the party only, not affected by any evil idea and degenerate bourgeois lifestyle. This...     (303 words)

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