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· Participants of Youth Meeting Visit Different Places in Pyongyang -- May 16, 2015
The participants in the 2nd National Meeting of Young Frontrunners in Noble Traits looked different....     ...dolphins displaying diverse skills, they were deeply moved by the noble intention and profound care of...     (135 words)

· Korean Books Donated to Russia -- May 06, 2015
A ceremony of donating Korean books was held at the Amur National University of Cultural Sciences....     ...said: Through my visit to the DPRK I was deeply moved to see the shining reality which was brought...     (174 words)

· IPU Secretary General Visits Mangyongdae -- Apr 30, 2015
Martin Chungong, secretary general of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and his party visited....     ...of the visit the secretary general said he was deeply moved to hear about the revolutionary family of the...     (155 words)

· Russian Delegation Visits Mangyongdae -- Apr 17, 2015
The delegation of the Supreme Court of Russia led by President Vyacheslav Lebedev visited....     ...head of the delegation said he was deeply moved, adding: Comrade Kim Il Sung is the...     (136 words)

· Brazilian Political Personage Praises Korean People's Achievements -- Mar 16, 2015
The organizational secretary of the Espirito Santo State Committee of the Communist Party of Brazil....     ...Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il. He was deeply moved to see the service personnel and people of the...     (139 words)

· Officials in Charge of Cultural and Friendly Relations of Foreign Embassies Visit Pyongyang Cultural Exhibition -- Feb 12, 2015
Officials in charge of cultural and friendly relations of foreign embassies here visited the....     ...anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il. They were deeply moved to see round photos documenting the...     (114 words)

· KPA Commanding Officers Visit Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum -- Feb 08, 2015
Commanding officers of the Korean People's Army visited the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War....     ...the regular armed forces. They were also deeply moved by photos and revolutionary relics and data...     (205 words)

· Monument to Kim Jong Il's Visit to Khabarovsk Erected in Russia -- Dec 19, 2014
A monument to leader Kim Jong Il's visit to Khabarovsk City was erected at the Utsos observation....     ...have reached a very high level, by which we are deeply moved. He will always be remembered by not only...     (348 words)

· DPRK Educators Resolved to Repay WPK's Loving Care -- Nov 12, 2014
Educators of Kim Chaek University of Technology in the DPRK boast of their happy life at twin....     ...with all necessary living things. Deeply moved by such warm solicitude of the WPK, their...     (201 words)

· Message of Thanks to Kim Jong Un from Yazov -- Nov 11, 2014
Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defence....     ...on his 90th birthday. I and my family were deeply moved by your special dispatch of a high-level...     (188 words)

· Successes at Asiad Delights DPRK Citizens
-- Sep 30, 2014
People in the DPRK have been rejoiced over its athletes' successes at the ongoing 17th Asian....     ...University of Light Industry, said: I was deeply moved to see our winners looking up at the DPRK flag...     (171 words)

· Kim Yong Nam Meets Mongolian Parliamentary Delegation
-- Sep 29, 2014
Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK, met and had....     ...Assembly Hall Monday. R. Gonchigdorj said he was deeply moved to see the appearance of the developing DPRK and...     (104 words)

· Cuban Embassy Staff Members Visit Meari Shooting Gallery -- Aug 28, 2014
Cuban Ambassador to the DPRK German Hermin Ferras Alvarez and his embassy staff members visited the....     ...honorable mission to defend their country. I was deeply moved to look round the gallery which is associated...     (139 words)

· Delegation of Cuban Foreign Ministry Visits Mangyongdae -- Aug 27, 2014
The delegation of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed by Director General for Bilateral....     ...head of the delegation said that he was deeply moved to visit Mangyongdae, adding that the President,...     (228 words)

· Korean in U.S. Admires Reality of DPRK
-- Jul 15, 2014
A Korean in the U.S. posted an article titled "Nice people in beautiful country" on his....     ...orphanage and home for the aged in Pyongyang deeply moved people, the article said. In capitalist...     (156 words)

· Kim Il Sung Always Remembered by World's Progressive People -- Jul 11, 2014
It is one of undying feats performed by President Kim Il Sung that he had made great contributions....     ...millions of military uniforms to Vietnam. Deeply moved by his revolutionary fidelity, former Vietnamese...     (267 words)

· Kim Il Sung, Great Man Always Living in Hearts of World Progressives -- Jul 10, 2014
President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime had shown deep loving care for many party leaders, heads of....     ...and people. Among those who were deeply moved by the great personality of Kim Il Sung were...     (310 words)

· 445,900 People Visited Monument Inscribed with Kim Il Sung's Signature -- Jul 06, 2014
The monument inscribed with President Kim Il Sung's signature has been visited by a great number of....     ...overseas Koreans and foreigners. They are deeply moved to see the letters "Kim Il Sung July 7,...     (289 words)

· Women's Union Officials Make Study Tour of Mt. Paektu Area -- Jul 01, 2014
Officials and members of the Democratic Women's Union of Korea made a study tour of the....     ...and the Tableland of Junghung. They were deeply moved to visit the township of Samjiyon which has been...     (274 words)

· Russian Delegation Visits Mangyongdae
-- Jun 19, 2014
A delegation of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation headed by Vice-Director....     ...head of the delegation said: I was deeply moved to visit the old home of the President. He...     (144 words)

· Mexican Party Delegation Visits Mangyongdae -- Jun 05, 2014
A delegation of the Workers' Party of Mexico led by Laura Julieta, member of its National Executive....     ...where Kim Il Sung was born. I was deeply moved by the fact that he was born in such a simple...     (145 words)

· One-day Bus Tour of Hoeryong by Chinese People -- Jun 03, 2014
Chinese people made the first one-day bus tour of Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province, the....     ...44), a staff of Yanbian News, said: I was deeply moved to see an art performance given by...     (192 words)

· Schoolchildren Eager to Enjoy Camping in Songdowon -- May 05, 2014
All schoolchildren in the DPRK are delighted at the news that the Songdowon International....     ...said: All of students at my school were deeply moved to see the remodeled camp on TV. The...     (275 words)

· Venue of Kimilsungia Festival Draws Endless Stream of Visitors -- Apr 18, 2014
An endless stream of people are visiting the venue of the 16th Kimilsungia Festival every day. It....     ...father of the nation. The visitors were deeply moved to see Kimilsungias displayed by diplomatic...     (218 words)

· Popular China-resident Korean Singer -- Apr 15, 2014
Choe Kyong Ho, a singer of the art troupe of China-resident Koreans, is one of popular singers....     ...Us Become Roots". He said that he was deeply moved by the appearance of Pyongyang changing as the...     (109 words)

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