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· Minju Joson Blasts Reckless Action of Japan to Cover up Its Past Crimes
-- Apr 30, 2015
More crimes committed by Japan during its colonial rule over Korea have been disclosed recently,....     ...army unit ordered an officer in charge of "comfort women" to carry out the forcible drafting of...     (318 words)

· Minju Joson Accuses Japan of Denying Sexual Slavery -- Mar 10, 2015
According to a report of interrogation about POWs of the Imperial Japanese Army which was....     ...he was captured by U.S. forces confessed that comfort women for the Imperial Japanese Army were all Koreans....     (240 words)

· Japan's Settlement of Its Past Crimes Demanded in S. Korea
-- Feb 01, 2015
The Council for the Solution of the Issue of the Volunteers Corps in south Korea held the 1163rd....     ...Japanese soldiers after being drafted as one of comfort women for the Imperial Japanese Army, died on Jan. 26...     (147 words)

· Japan Must Feel Ashamed of Sexual Slavery: KCNA -- Jan 30, 2015
8,749 Japanese politicians and scholars including lawmakers and university professors recklessly....     ...that the Japanese army forcefully enlisted comfort women. They went the lengths of demanding compensation...       ...high school textbooks. As a result, words "comfort women for the army" and "forcible...     (485 words)

· Japan Can Never Cover up Criminal History: KCNA Commentary
-- Jan 21, 2015
It is 96 years since the Japanese imperialists poisoned Kojong, emperor of the feudal dynasty of....     ...Suken Press deleted such descriptions as "comfort women for the Imperial Japanese Army" and...     (537 words)

· Japan's Distortion of History Accused -- Jan 13, 2015
Japan is running high fever in tampering with its history, persistently denying its sexual slavery,....     ...11, 2014. As a result, expressions "comfort women for the army" and "forcible...     (139 words)

· With No Rhetoric Can Japan Deny Sexual Slavery: Minju Joson
-- Dec 24, 2014
Some days ago the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives....     ...of the coercion involved in recruiting "comfort women" was just the same as the Nazis' denial of...     (206 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Accuses Japan of Tampering with History -- Dec 13, 2014
It was reported that the Foreign Ministry of Japan recently "urged" the U.S. to rewrite....     ...serve at comfort stations and that some of the comfort women were killed while trying to flee. Japan...     (249 words)

· Brutal Slaughter by Imperial Japanese Army Disclosed -- Sep 23, 2014
A Japanese war criminal confessed to the brutal slaughter committed by the Imperial Japanese Army....     ...of the Japanese army and I could see "comfort women" in the area our unit was...     (143 words)

· DWUK Spokeswoman Slams Sexual Slavery for GIs in S. Korea -- Aug 08, 2014
A spokeswoman for the Central Committee of the Democratic Women's Union of Korea (DWUK) released a....     ...not to cause any trouble with GIs. "Comfort women for the U.S. forces" are said to number...     (479 words)

· KCNA Commentary Urges Japan to Honestly Settle Its Past Crimes Related to Sexual Slavery
-- Jun 16, 2014
The world public is now becoming evermore vocal censuring Japan's crimes related to the sexual....     ...left by the relevant history including the comfort women issue in a responsible manner. Defying...       ...can easily understand that the system of comfort women was necessary for providing rest to nervous...       ...other countries in the world had such system of comfort women at that time." His reckless...     (538 words)

· KCNA Slams Reckless Remarks by Candidate for S. Korean PM -- Jun 13, 2014
Mun Chang Guk, candidate for the puppet prime minister of south Korea, talked a lot of rubbish in....     ...to force Japan to make an apology for the comfort women issue." Addressing a forum marking...       ...in 2005, he let loose sophism that "the comfort women issue was already settled 40 years ago and it is...     (703 words)

· Japan's Move to Evade Settlement of Past Crimes Denounced -- Jun 12, 2014
Osaka Mayor Hashimoto, who co-heads the opposition Japan Restoration Party, recently told....     ...good that the Japanese people came to know about comfort women system and it was natural to oppose things which...     (311 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Slams Japan for Rushing Headlong into Militarization and Lurch to Right -- May 29, 2014
Japanese should feel shame for the history of crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the....     ...he was glad that the people have known about the comfort women system and it was natural to raise different...       ...a repetition of his remarks a year ago that the comfort women system for the Imperial Japanese Army was...     (319 words)

· Japan's Crimes Related to Sexual Slavery Cannot Be Denied: Rodong Sinmun -- Apr 01, 2014
Documents of the U.S. forces proving that the crimes related to sexual slavery for the Imperial....     ...to make money" and "there were comfort women in any country which fought a...     (333 words)

· New Evidence of State-Sponsored Sexual Slavery for Imperial Japanese Army Disclosed -- Mar 27, 2014
Data proving that the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army was enforced by the Japanese....     ...sexual slavery were described as "special comfort women", phone records of the Manchuria Central...       ...and a report of the gendarmerie saying that more comfort women should be drafted on the spot as their number...     (321 words)

· S. Korean Students Urge Japan's Apology and Reparation
-- Mar 21, 2014
Twelve universities of south Korea including Korea University separately held demonstrations on....     ...accused Japan of its impudent remarks that "comfort women existed in any country at war." They...     (100 words)

· Japan's Sexual Slavery Forced in Organized Way: News Analysis
-- Mar 18, 2014
The U.S. forces' documents showing the facts of the sexual slavery forced by the Imperial Japanese....     ...of Kono's statement, arguing that "comfort women issue is faked-up one" and...     (356 words)

· Japan Urged to Settle Its Past Crimes
-- Mar 16, 2014
The 2014 national consultative meetings of the Fact-Finding Group for the Probe into the Truth....     ...coercive nature of the crimes related to "comfort women" for the Imperial Japanese Army, adding...     (260 words)

· S. Korean Paper Accuses Japan of Denying Its Past Crimes -- Mar 07, 2014
Kyunghyang Daily News of south Korea on March 4 carried an editorial blasting Japan's wrong....     ...a reckless remark at a meeting that the "comfort women" issue was fabricated, the editorial said,...     (148 words)

· Japan Urged to Properly Settle All Its Past Crimes -- Feb 28, 2014
A spokesman for the Committee on Measures for Compensation to Former Korean Sexual Slaves for....     ...Imperial Japanese Army forcibly drafted women as comfort women. In January this year the new president of NHK justified the shuddering sexual slavery, claiming that there were comfort women in any country which fought a war. A...     (394 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Urges Japan to Liquidate Past Crimes -- Feb 21, 2014
Some time ago U.S. Congressmen submitted a letter to the U.S. State secretary demanding the....     ...new president of NHK said that "there were comfort women in any country which fought a war and why only...     (267 words)

· S. Korean Broadcasting Service Blasts Japanese Ultra-Right Element's Reckless Remarks -- Jan 29, 2014
The MBC of south Korea Monday censured Japanese politicians for negating the crimes committed by....     ...let loose such unpardonable remarks as "Comfort women were used by any country which fought a...     (262 words)

· S. Korean Paper Raps Japanese Ultra-rightist for Justifying Sexual Slavery
-- Jan 28, 2014
The south Korean paper Kukmin Ilbo on Jan. 27 in an editorial condemned a Japanese ultra-rightist....     ...for the Imperial Japanese Army, there were comfort women in any country which fought a war and the issue...     (178 words)

· Japan's Sexual Slavery Blasted in Brazil, Nigeria -- Nov 29, 2013
The Brazilian Committee for Solidarity with the DPRK posted on its website an article titled....     ...are insisting that forcible drafting of "comfort women" was not truth. Under the subtitles...     (212 words)

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