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· German Organization Lauds Kim Il Sung's Military Wisdom
-- Jul 04, 2015
The Anti-Imperialist Forum of Germany posted an article titled "Comrade Kim Il Sung,....     ...line" and "the last defence line" collapsed like a wet wall and the commander of the U.S....     (284 words)

· KCNA Commentary Denounces S. Korean Puppet Regime's Foolish "Sanctions" -- Jul 03, 2015
The south Korean puppet regime took a measure for independent "financial sanctions against the....     ...regime driving the inter-Korean relations into a collapse and gravely threatening peace and stability on...     (456 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Demands S. Korean Authorities Give up Ambition for "Unification of Social Systems" -- Jun 29, 2015
In order to put an end to distrust and confrontation between the north and the south the south....     ...the inter-Korean relations are bound to totally collapse due to the south Korean authorities' desperate...     (382 words)

· S. Korean Paper Deplores S. Korean Society Full of Falsity
-- Jun 23, 2015
Kyunghyang Daily News of south Korea on June 19 carried an editorial deploring the reality of the....     ...a society without confidence and solidarity may collapse because of disease.  (129 words)

· DPRK Important Day Observed by British Organizations -- Jun 17, 2015
The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy and the British Group for the Study of the....     ...worldwide political upheavals such as the collapse of socialism in the closing years of the last...     (245 words)

· Park Geun Hye Group's Gibberish about "Dialogue" Condemned
-- Jun 09, 2015
The south Korean puppet group, upset by the statement issued by a spokesman for the Committee for....     ...buck to the DPRK for the inter-Korean relations collapsed owing to its treacherous crimes against...     (247 words)

· Kim Jong Il Highly Praised by Political Figure of Kyrgyzstan
-- May 25, 2015
A. Usupbayev, chairman of the Central Council of the People Unity-"Kyrgys El" Republican....     ...higher the banner of Songun when socialism collapsed in several countries at the end of the past...     (176 words)

· Park Geun Hye of S. Korea Accused of Her Invectives against DPRK -- May 18, 2015
A string of malignant invectives let loose by Park Geun Hye of south Korea is lashing all Koreans....     ...like a sleep walker that the DPRK "would collapse soon due to instability of its social...     (446 words)

· KCNA Commentary Terms U.S.-led Human Rights Campaign against DPRK Counterproductive -- May 07, 2015
Recently, the U.S., Japan and the south Korean puppet regime are going busy sponsoring anti-DPRK....     ...in north Korea." To seek the total collapse of the socialist system in the DPRK through an...     (500 words)

· Birthday of KPA Observed Abroad -- May 02, 2015
Papers of Zimbabwe and Namibia carried articles to mark the 83rd founding anniversary of the Korean....     ...offensive was focused on the DPRK with the collapse of socialism in East European countries as a...     (231 words)

· Peruvian Paper Praises Korean-Style Socialism -- Apr 09, 2015
The March issue of the Peruvian paper Accion Nacionalista carried an article titled "DPRK-the....     ...look back on history, everything collapsed and socialism faced a setback due to the crises...       ...to his line, socialism in the DPRK didn't collapse and it will stand more firmly in the future....     (177 words)

· Indonesian Party Demands Halt to U.S.-S. Korea War Drill
-- Apr 09, 2015
The National Guidance Council of the Pioneer Party of Indonesia issued a statement on April 1 in....     ...socialist system in the DPRK will "collapse". The U.S. then launched the war drills...     (214 words)

· Korean Businessmen in China Blast Japan's Politically-motivated Suppression of Chongryon -- Apr 09, 2015
The Federation of Korean National Economic Workers in China on April 1 released a statement titled....     ..."sanctions" while talking about "collapse of social system". The Korean nation...     (274 words)

· Day of Sun Marked in Different Countries
-- Apr 04, 2015
Celebrations took place in different countries on the occasion of the birth anniversary of....     ...building of new society. When socialism collapsed in East European countries, he energetically...     (271 words)

· Beninese Organizations Denounce Japanese Police Authorities' Suppression of Chongryon
-- Apr 04, 2015
The Benin-Korea Amicable Association "Long Live Kim Jong Il, Supreme Leader" and the....     ..."sanctions", talking about "collapse of its social system". Chongryon is a...     (235 words)

· Empire of Dollars Is Bound to Go Bankrupt: Rodong Sinmun -- Mar 31, 2015
The U.S. secretary of Treasury, addressing the Financial Service Committee of the U.S. House of....     ...U.S. domination position is bound to collapse though the IMF is reformed and it is bound to...     (308 words)

· KCNA Commentary Slams European Countries' Plan to Sell Attack Helicopters to S. Korea
-- Mar 31, 2015
Shortly ago, the European munitions business Airbus Helicopters decided to sell hundreds of attack....     ...is divided and euro region is in the danger of collapse. They vociferated about the "peace...     (674 words)

· KCNA Commentary Ridicules EU Blindly Following U.S. -- Mar 30, 2015
Some European countries are blindly following the U.S., unaware of its ulterior design to throw....     ...jobs in case its trade relations with Russia collapse in the future. EU will reportedly suffer...       ...on Mar. 4 reported that the possibility of collapse of the euro zone is increasing. 38 percent of...       ...division of EU and the danger of the euro zone's collapse are something which the U.S. desires. The...     (563 words)

· S. Korean Regime's Escalated Confrontation of Social Systems under Fire in Britain -- Mar 29, 2015
The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy, the British Group for the Study of the....     ...reality and throw away its daydream about "collapse" of the DPRK. The Korean people will...     (256 words)

· Bridge Collapses in S. Korea -- Mar 29, 2015
A bridge under construction at a road pavement site collapsed in Ryongin City, Kyonggi Province on March 25,...     (38 words)

· Korea-Japan Society for Interchange Censures Suppression of Chongryon -- Mar 28, 2015
The Korea-Japan Society for Interchange in a statement Saturday hit out at the Japan Police....     ..."sanctions", talking about "collapse of its social system". Japan which...     (325 words)

· Minju Joson Condemns U.S. Hostile Policy toward DPRK -- Mar 27, 2015
The U.S. is chilling the efforts of the DPRK to defuse tension and create a peaceful atmosphere on....     ...the U.S. is seeking an opportunity to collapse the DPRK as the former is not pleased with the...     (289 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Work Introduced in Chile -- Mar 26, 2015
The Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action) posted on its internet homepage leader Kim Jong....     ...renegades of socialism, referring to the tragic collapse of socialism and the fact that the exploits of...     (184 words)

· DPRK Not Pressed for Time: KCNA Commentary -- Mar 25, 2015
Shortly ago, Koreans in the U.S. had their open letter to Obama carried as a full-page ad on the....     ...already known, Obama openly cried out for "collapse of north Korea" at the beginning of the...     (690 words)

· Japanese Organization Denounces U.S.-S. Korea Joint Military Exercises
-- Mar 19, 2015
The Japanese National Liaison Council of Societies for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism made....     ...aimed to deny the ideology of the DPRK and "collapse" its socialist system. Herein lies...     (257 words)

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