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· DPRK NDC Statement Blasts U.S. War Moves
-- Jun 25, 2015
The National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK issued a statement Thursday, 65 years since the....     ...blindly add voice to the U.S. unreasonable and brigandish sophism and dance to the tune of the U.S. acts...     (886 words)

· Minju Joson Terms U.S. Worst Human Rights Abuser -- Jun 14, 2015
An average of more than two citizens have been reportedly shot to death on a daily basis by none....     ...terrorists." It is, indeed, a brigandish logic for the U.S. to noisily trumpet about...     (254 words)

· U.S. Is Not Entitled to Talk about Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula: Minju Joson
-- May 28, 2015
High-ranking politicians and policy-makers of the U.S. are letting loose a litany of rhetoric that....     ...to come under the yoke of slavery under the brigandish pressure of the U.S. for dismantling its nukes...     (292 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Calls for Heightening Vigilance against U.S. Moves
-- May 23, 2015
Rodong Sinmun Saturday in an article calls upon the international community to clearly see through....     ...peace and stability were upset. It is the brigandish method of the U.S. to exercise military...     (241 words)

· KCNA Commentary Accuses Japan of Its Brazen-faced Bid -- May 22, 2015
Japan is craftily working to have the places where the Japanese imperialists perpetrated crimes....     ...a reckless act against humanity and a shameless brigandish act quite contrary to common sense. Japan...     (390 words)

· Underwater Test-fire of Ballistic Missile Is Legitimate Exercise of Right to Self-defence: DPRK -- May 20, 2015
The U.S. and Japanese reactionaries, south Korean puppet authorities and other hostile forces every....     ...DPRK and stepping up overtly and covertly their brigandish moves to invade it and "bring down its...     (569 words)

· Japanese Reactionaries' Suppression of Chongryon under Fire -- May 19, 2015
A spokesman for the Zhongnan Regional Association under the General Association of Koreans in China....     ...challenge to Chongryon and the Korean nation and brigandish hostile action. This is touching off towering...     (139 words)

· Japanese Authorities' Crackdown upon Officials of Chongryon Flayed by Koreans in Kyrgyzstan -- May 19, 2015
Pak Kyong Ho, chairman of the United Confederation of Koreans in Kyrgyzstan, issued a statement on....     ...ambition. The Japanese authorities' brigandish and heinous hostile action against Chongryon and...     (169 words)

· Minju Joson Calls for Judging U.S. as Nuclear Criminal -- Apr 21, 2015
Marshall Islands in the Pacific recently filed a suit with the U.S. Federal Court against the U.S.....     ...world, depending on nuclear weapons. Due to its brigandish behavior the sovereignty of independent states...     (292 words)

· Foreign Crewmen Meet -- Apr 20, 2015
A meeting of foreign crewmen took place at Chongjin Port, North Hamgyong Province on Monday on the....     ...who waged protracted bloody battles against the brigandish Japanese imperialists under the banner of the...     (189 words)

· Japanese Body Denounces Government's Suppression of Chongryon -- Apr 18, 2015
The Hiroshima Prefectural People's Council for Japan-Korea Friendship made public a statement on....     ...statement condemned the police authorities' brigandish suppression of Chongryon and Koreans in Japan as...     (181 words)

· Japanese Organizations Voice Solidarity with Chongryon and Koreans in Japan -- Apr 17, 2015
Japanese organizations made public statements denouncing the Japanese government's brigandish suppression of the General Association of Korean...     (246 words)

· Beninese Party Denounces Japanese Authorities' Suppression of Chongryon -- Apr 14, 2015
The Socialist Party of Benin on April 8 made public a statement in denunciation of the Japanese authorities' brigandish suppression of the General Association of Korean...     (176 words)

· Japanese Authorities Accused of Suppressing Chongryon -- Apr 12, 2015
Japanese organizations released statements on Mar. 31 and Apr. 1 in protest against the brigandish action recently taken by the authorities against...     (222 words)

· Koreans in Japan Protest Japanese Authorities' Fascist Suppression of Chongryon -- Apr 11, 2015
Officials of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and Koreans in Japan....     ...at once, holding placards denouncing the brigandish raid.  (169 words)

· Japan's Anachronistic Moves to Distort History Slammed
-- Apr 09, 2015
The Japanese authorities are persistently resorting to distortion of history. The Ministry of....     ...vicious moves to distort history are brigandish acts to cover up the past crimes and rewrite the...     (156 words)

· Personage of Int'l Body Calls for Stopping Suppression of Chongryon
-- Apr 07, 2015
E. A. Vidyasekera, coordinating secretary of the Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization,....     ...2 denouncing the Japanese authorities for their brigandish suppression of the General Association of Korean...     (192 words)

· Pakistani, Bangladeshi Organizations Terms Suppression of Chongryon Human Rights Abuse
-- Apr 07, 2015
Pakistani and Bangladeshi organizations made public statements on March 31 and April 1 in....     ...condemn the Japanese authorities for their brigandish suppression of Chongryon.  (219 words)

· Swiss, Austrian Organizations Accuse Japanese Authorities of Suppressing Chongryon
-- Apr 06, 2015
Swiss and Austrian organizations sent letters to the Japanese embassies in Bern and Vienna on March....     ...31 in protest against the Japanese authorities' brigandish suppression of the General Association of Korean...     (220 words)

· Japanese Authorities' Moves against DPRK and Chongryon Denounced by Ecuadorian, Nigerian Bodies
-- Apr 05, 2015
Kim Jong Il Library and the Juche Youth Group of Ecuador and the Nigeria-Korea Friendship....     ...in protest against the Japanese reactionaries' brigandish acts against the General Association of Korean...     (268 words)

· Beninese Organizations Denounce Japanese Police Authorities' Suppression of Chongryon
-- Apr 04, 2015
The Benin-Korea Amicable Association "Long Live Kim Jong Il, Supreme Leader" and the....     ...(Chongryon). The statement condemned Japan's brigandish suppression of Chongryon, legitimate overseas...     (235 words)

· Bangladeshi Political Figure Denounces Japanese Authorities for Their Suppression of Chongryon
-- Apr 04, 2015
The general secretary of the Central Committee of the Bangladesh Communist Party released a....     ...condemns the Japanese authorities for their brigandish suppression of Chongryon and Koreans in Japan....     (140 words)

· Japanese Authorities Urged to Apologize to Chongryon and DPRK Government -- Apr 04, 2015
The Regional Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification in the....     ...fascistize it, the statement charged. The brigandish act committed in broad daylight in Japan which...     (253 words)

· Papers Slam Japan's Crackdown upon Chongryon -- Mar 31, 2015
The Japanese reactionaries searched the houses of the chairman and the vice-chairman of the General....     ...Tuesday in commentaries say that the brigandish action is a serious infringement upon the...     (293 words)

· U.S. Strategy to Dominate Asia-Pacific under Fire
-- Mar 19, 2015
The U.S. is working hard to act ruler of Asia-Pacific in this century. Taking advantage of the....     ...latter by force of arms. It openly revealed its brigandish wild ambition not to tolerate the ideology and...     (1125 words)

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