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· American-style "Democracy" Blasted -- Dec 14, 2005
Whoever is truly concerned for the destiny of his own country and the nation and that of humankind....     ...11 incident as a momentum. It has painted brigandish aggression of sovereign states as one for...     (1359 words)

· U.S. Brigandish Demand Rejected in S. Korea -- Dec 12, 2005
The People for Achieving Peace and Reunification, the organization for peace against war in south....     ...that it categorically rejects this U.S. brigandish demand and claim.  (131 words)

· Japan Should Honestly Admit Its Crimes and Apologize for Them -- Dec 08, 2005
The 47th issue of the Russian paper Patriot published an article titled "'Treaty stained with human....     ...Japanese imperialists faked up the treaty in a brigandish manner on November 17, 1905 and announced it,...     (237 words)

· Move to Extend Term of Presence of S. Korean Troops in Iraq Assailed -- Dec 06, 2005
A spokesman for the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea on Dec. 3 issued a....     ...of the country, they should not toe the U.S. brigandish policy of occupation of Iraq, the policy...     (274 words)

· U.S. Chemical Warfare Denounced -- Dec 05, 2005
It is the aggressive nature and brutality of the U.S. imperialists that remains unchanged though....     ...in Fallujah City, Iraq, clearly showed their brigandish nature and brutality of making no scruples of...     (401 words)

· All Koreans Urged to Remain True to Joint Declaration -- Nov 28, 2005
The cause of national reunification is a patriotic cause advancing and emerging victorious thanks....     ...identity, not yielding to them, and defeated the brigandish Japanese imperialists through a bloody struggle,...     (376 words)

· Fabrication of "1905 Five-Point Treaty" Denounced in S. Korea -- Nov 21, 2005
Several events were held in Seoul on Nov. 17, 100 years after the fabrication of the brigandish "1905 Five-Point Treaty" by the Japanese...     (181 words)

· Japan Urged to Redress Its Crimes Committed against Korean Nation -- Nov 19, 2005
A spokesman for the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) issued a statement on Nov.....     ...deprived the Korean nation of sovereignty in a brigandish manner and nothing but a fraudulent document as...     (265 words)

· Japan Urged to Settle Its Crimes Committed against Korean Nation -- Nov 18, 2005
We will always remember the grudge-bearing history in which Japan tried to exterminate all Koreans....     ...by the Japanese imperialists to realize their brigandish ambition to invade Korea. The statement went...     (338 words)

· Japan Hit for Faking up Brigandish "Treaty" -- Nov 18, 2005
The "1905 Five-point Treaty" which the Japanese imperialists regarded as one of the "legal grounds"....     ...imperialists fabricated the treaty in such a brigandish manner and forced the Korean nation into...     (329 words)

· Koreans to Certainly Force Japan to Pay for Crimes Committed by It for Century -- Nov 18, 2005
The preparatory committee for joint functions of Koreans in the north, the south and abroad for the....     ...than four decades after the fabrication of the brigandish treaty. Japan is justifying and embellishing...     (402 words)

· National Meeting Held -- Nov 04, 2005
A national meeting took place at the People's Palace of Culture Thursday to commemorate the 100th....     ...Though the Japanese imperialist hangmen held a brigandish and murderous trial to sentence him to 15 years'...     (471 words)

· Intensified Anti-Imperialist Struggle against War Called for -- Sep 30, 2005
Imperialists are blatantly perpetrating military intervention and aggression against the....     ...struggle at present. It is committing brigandish armed invasion against small and weak countries...     (399 words)

· DPRK Can Never Accept U.S. Brigandish Demand -- Sep 19, 2005
A spokesman for the DPRK delegation participating in the six-party talks for the solution of the....     ...this stand of ours as "weakness" and raised the brigandish demand that we dismantle all our nuclear...     (503 words)

· Traitors' Shameless Intention Brought to Light -- Sep 12, 2005
Documents related to the south Korea-Japan "talks" in the period from 1951 to 1965 was opened to....     ... According to the documents, Japan raised a brigandish demand just like a thief crying "stop thief"....     (338 words)

· National Meeting Celebrates DPRK's Birthday -- Sep 09, 2005
A national meeting took place at the April 25 House of Culture here Thursday to celebrate the 57th....     ...ambition to dominate the world and their brigandish state-sponsored terrorism and firmly preserve...     (834 words)

· Appeal to All Koreans and World Peace-loving People -- Sep 08, 2005
The north, south and overseas headquarters of the Nationwide Special Committee for Probing the....     ...the national liberation, putting an end to the brigandish Japanese imperialists' colonial rule! It is...     (778 words)

· End to U.S. Military Presence in S. Korea Urged -- Sep 07, 2005
The United States should renounce its policy of military presence in south Korea and pull back its....     ...occupation of south Korea was tantamount to brigandish aggression as it was illegally perpetrated...     (599 words)

· KCNA Blasts Remarks Made by Spokesman for U.S. Department of State -- Sep 03, 2005
A spokesman for the U.S. Department of State on Aug. 29 claimed that the appointment of the....     ...and history for being aggressive, arrogant and brigandish in their nature. The same can be said of the...     (554 words)

· UFL-05 Joint Military Exercises Flailed -- Sep 02, 2005
The Association for Friendship with the Korean People having its branches in different countries....     ...for peace and security of the world. The brigandish aim of the war game is to round off preparations...     (276 words)

· National Meeting Marks 60th Anniversary of Korea's Liberation -- Aug 15, 2005
A national meeting took place at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium on Sunday to celebrate the 60th....     ...ambition for world supremacy and their brigandish state terrorism in firm solidarity with the...     (995 words)

· Militarist Japan Has No Future -- Aug 15, 2005
Japan has a record of most hideous war crimes as it provoked many bloody wars against other....     ...fabricated "treaties" with no legal validity by brigandish methods and indiscriminately killed and abducted...     (1048 words)

· Spokesman for Panmunjom Mission of KPA Releases Statement -- Aug 15, 2005
A spokesman for the Panmunjom Mission of the Korean People's Army Saturday issued the following....     ...U.S. side seeks through this war drill. Its brigandish aim is to wind up its preparations for...     (510 words)

· Japan's "Claim" to Tok Islet Rejected -- Aug 01, 2005
The Japanese reactionaries' "claim" to Tok Islet is a sheer fabrication, a distortion of history....     ...be justified nor work on the DPRK as it is a brigandish theory aimed at usurping the territory of other...     (466 words)

· Anti-Japanese Meetings Go on -- Jul 22, 2005
More meetings took place in different parts of the country to denounce the ultra-right reactionary....     ...that this year marks the centenary of the brigandish fabrication of the gUlsa Five-Point Treatyh by...     (274 words)

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