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· Basis to Identify Bird Flu Viruses Established in DPRK -- Dec 22, 2005
Scientists of the Branch Academy of Cell and Gene Engineering under the State Academy of Sciences....     ...to rapidly and correctly identify any types of bird flu viruses. When bird influenza broke out in some...       ...the research work to put the nation-wide bird flu prevention campaign on a scientific basis. ...     (151 words)

· Observation of Migrants Intensified -- Dec 09, 2005
Observation of seasonal birds has been intensified in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as bird flu spreads world wide. There are more than 210...     (216 words)

· National Exhibition and Presentation of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Agriculture -- Dec 09, 2005
The Juche 94 (2005) national exhibition and presentation of scientific and technological....     ...with the help of laser, method of diagnosing bird flu by use of latest technology, direct rice sowing...     (175 words)

· DPRK Delegation Leaves to Attend Ministerial Meeting in China -- Dec 05, 2005
A DPRK delegation led by Mun Ung Jo, vice-minister of Agriculture, left here today to participate....     ...in the efforts to prevent the spread of bird flu in Asia slated to be held in China. It was...     (69 words)

· Strict Measures Taken to Prevent Bird Flu -- Nov 28, 2005
Strict state measures are being taken in the DPRK to prevent bird flu as the world is now plagued with its rapid...       ...the data on the outbreak and epidemiology of the bird flu worldwide and the latest information available...       ... Meanwhile, information service regarding bird flu is brisk among working people in different...       ...checking and inoculating poultry against bird flu. Big efforts are being made in different...       ...of seasonal birds, the main spreader of virus of bird flu. The committee has obtained correct...       ...the researches into vaccine against virus of bird flu, medicine for treating it and reagent to...       ...airports and border transit points to prevent bird flu.  (397 words)

· Quarantine Intensified in Border and Other Terminals -- Nov 22, 2005
Quarantine has been intensified at the border and other terminals of the Democratic People's....     ...Republic of Korea in an effort to prevent bird flu. The avian flu has been breaking out in...       ...training course on the importance of anti-bird flu campaign, vehicles of its infection, its severe...     (275 words)

· Anti-avian Flu Campaign Intensified in DPRK -- Nov 19, 2005
The anti-bird flu campaign has been intensified in the Democratic...       ...influenza work, emergency rules of action at the bird flu outbreak and a strategy for successfully...       ...and domestic animals from being afflicted with bird flu and take counter-measures at the outbreak of...       ...units are bringing home the general knowledge on bird flu to the working people. Meanwhile, the...       ...a material foundation to effectively cope with bird flu, transboundary zoonoses and transboundary animal...     (340 words)

· DPRK Efforts for Prevention of Bird Flu -- Nov 07, 2005
The DPRK is directing big efforts to preventing the bird flu which is rapidly spreading the world over. Leader Kim Jong Il recently spoke of bird flu several times and took concrete measures. ...       ...have turned out as one in the prevention of bird flu. They are explaining measures for preventing bird flu in various forms and methods to conduct a mass...       ...strengthening a uniform command to prevent the bird flu all over the country. The Ministry of Agriculture is obtaining data on the outbreak of bird flu and damage in other countries and technical data...       ...epidemiological information sections concerning bird flu and sanitation propaganda sections and are...       ...regularly grasp the international data on bird flu and technical data necessary for its prevention...     (310 words)

· Anti-Bird Flu Work Intensified in DPRK -- Oct 25, 2005
A nation-wide campaign to prevent bird flu epidemic has been intensified in the Democratic...       ...has taken necessary steps to prevent the bird flu virus from affecting the country. The government, based on the experience gained in the anti-bird flu epidemic work, has established a system of...       ...researches into separating and identifying bird flu viruses are being made on the basis of successfully making vaccine against the bird flu virus which was found in the country  (313 words)

· Natfl Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Achievements by Youth Opens -- Oct 03, 2005
The national exhibition of scientific and technological achievements by youth was opened to mark....     ...to eurytropic plant growth, diagnosis of bird flu by gene analysis, nano lubricant additives and...     (247 words)

· Stepped up Veterinary, Anti-Epizootic Work -- Sep 16, 2005
September and October are veterinary and anti-epizootic months in the Democratic People's Republic....     ...has directed efforts to the prevention of bird flu even after the State Emergency Veterinary and Anti-epizootic Committee announced on July 5 that H7*-style bird flu had been exterminated completely in the...       ...has been laid for reporting outbreak of bird flu to the center instantly and correctly and for...       ...to the development of vaccine according to bird flu virus.  (244 words)

· Preventive Work against Bird Flu -- Apr 09, 2005
Efforts to prevent bird flu are going on in the Democratic People's Republic...       ...been formed and emergency vaccinations against bird flu applied to all poultry farms. Chicken plants where bird flu broke out incinerated and buried affected...     (190 words)

· Dynamic Work under Way in DPRK to Combat Bird Flu -- Mar 28, 2005
A dynamic work is now under way in different parts of the country to combat bird flu that plagues the world. The State Emergency...       ... According to members of the committee, bird flu has recently broken out at a few chicken farms...       ...industry are busy with researches to eradicate bird flu virus. No one is reported to have been infected with this bird flu from among breeders of those farms. ...       ...set up mechanisms to prevent the spread of bird flu and are mobilizing broad masses for this...     (192 words)

· Preventive Measures against Bird Flu in DPRK -- Mar 08, 2005
An energetic work to prevent bird flu is going on in the DPRK. It is taking thorough-going preventive measures and setting up a watch system to bar bird flu from infiltrating into the country. A...       ...strict control at all the border posts. As bird flu is contaminated notably by migrating birds, a...       ...period. The current work for the prevention of bird flu is attaining a greater depth on the basis of...     (247 words)

· Measures Taken to Prevent Bird Flu in DPRK -- Nov 03, 2004
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has directed great efforts to the prevention of bird flu after the recent recurrence of the epidemic in...       ...Committee, told KCNA: Even a case of bird flu has not been reported in the country. Basing...       ...and hygienic quarantine in order to prevent bird flu from coming from outside. In particular, the...       ...poultry from the regions and the countries where bird flu cases have been reported. The mass media and hygienic short courses give people knowledge about the danger of bird flu and its consequences so that they may turn out...     (326 words)

· Quarantine Measures against Bird Flu in DPRK -- Mar 17, 2004
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is intensifying quarantine measures against the bird flu harassing Asia and other regions of the world,...       ...has taken nationwide measures to prevent the bird flu in close cooperation with the Ministry of...       ...informs the people about the origin of the bird flu, measures to prevent it and places of other...       ...sand. Anti-epidemic measures against the bird flu are being taken at the chicken, duck and ostrich...       ...areas and demarcation line areas to prevent the bird flu from infiltrating into the country from outside....       ...with international organizations to prevent the bird flu.  (348 words)

· Brisk Preventive Work against Bird Flu in Korea -- Feb 06, 2004
A brisk work to prevent bird flu is going on in Korea. Leader Kim Jong Il on several occasions in January gave detailed instructions to prevent bird flu rapidly spreading in Asian countries. ...       ...has sent out technical data on preventing bird flu to the provinces, cities and counties and is...     (298 words)

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