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· S. Korean Unification Minister's Anti-DPRK Rubbish Blasted
-- Nov 30, 2013
South Korean puppet Unification Minister Ryu Kil Jae speaking before businessmen on Nov. 28 said....     ...even by those who earned ill fame in history as big liars. To reflect on the successive Unification...     (305 words)

· KCNA Commentary Slams Political Chicanery in S. Korea -- Oct 29, 2013
The "inspection of administration" by the Park Geun Hye's regime, the first one since she....     ...is in a desperate situation being called a "big liar". She promised to pay a certain...     (533 words)

· What Type of Man Lee Myung Bak Is -- Mar 13, 2012
South Koreans call traitor Lee Myung Bak 2MB. At first, they explained number 2 as his surname and....     ...him as human scum, ignorant and shameless, a big liar and a kingpin of irregularities and...       ...are too many examples to prove that he is a big liar. He scrapped his plans for the construction of...     (925 words)

· Renegade's mode of living -- Aug 10, 1998
The Seoul-based radio Voice of National Salvation on August 6 broadcast an article written by South....     ...the north. The article says: Hwang is a big liar. According to the anti-north newspaper...     (546 words)

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