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· Kim Jong Un Gives Field Guidance to Historic Site Associated with Fatherland Liberation War -- Jun 09, 2015
Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of....     ...the war to victory and steering the Songun (army-first) revolution, he set forth such tasks to be...     (587 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Exploits Praised by Uruguayan Personage
-- Jun 07, 2015
Comrade Kim Jong Il will always live along with the ever-victorious Workers' Party of Korea headed....     ...activities is the development of the Songun (army-first) idea.  (166 words)

· DPRK's Steps for Bolstering up Its Capability for Self-defence Supported by British Bodies -- Jun 02, 2015
The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy, the British Group for the Study of the....     ...proud fruition of Marshal Kim Jong Un's Songun (army-first) revolutionary leadership. Progressive and...     (167 words)

· Kerry's Hectic Diplomacy Would Get U.S. Nowhere: KCNA Commentary
-- May 23, 2015
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, at a joint press conference in the wake of his junket to Beijing,....     ...of SLBM, a shining product of its Songun (army-first) line and line of simultaneously developing the...     (495 words)

· Kim Jong Un Meets Fighter Pilots' Expedition of Mt. Paektu Area -- Apr 19, 2015
Fighter pilots of the Korean People's Army toured the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt.....     ...mountain of the revolution where the Songun (army-first) revolution began and the Korean revolution took...     (675 words)

· Kim Jong Un Goes Up Mt. Paektu with Fighter Pilots of KPA -- Apr 19, 2015
Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, climbed the top of Mt. Paektu at dawn....     ...of victory and the eternal beacon of the Songun (army-first) revolution, he said, adding: When one...     (320 words)

· History of Songun Leadership in DPRK -- Aug 24, 2014
It has been 54 years since Generalissimo Kim Jong Il started his Songun (Army-first) revolutionary leadership on August 25,...     (346 words)

· Stamps Issued to Mark Day of Songun in DPRK -- Aug 23, 2014
Stamps (one sheetlet and one individual) were issued in the DPRK to celebrate the Day of Songun....     ...when leader Kim Jong Il started his Songun (army-first) revolutionary leadership with inspection of the...     (159 words)

· Anniversary of Kim Jong Un's Work on Songun Revolution -- Aug 22, 2014
It is one year since Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, made....     ...Kim Jong Il's idea and theory on the Songun (army-first) revolution. Kim Jong Il in his lifetime...     (291 words)

· History of Songun Policy in DPRK -- Aug 21, 2014
Leader Kim Jong Il inspected the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean....     ...August 25, Juche 49 (1960), starting his Songun (army-first) revolutionary leadership. This was a...     (288 words)

· DPRK Military Researcher on Significance of Songun Policy -- Aug 21, 2014
With the approach of the 54th anniversary of the great Generalissimo Kim Jong Il's start of the Songun (army-first) revolutionary leadership (Aug. 25), the...     (370 words)

· Kim Jong Suk, Mother of Revolutionary Martyrs' Children -- Oct 19, 2012
The dear respected Kim Jong Un sent a letter "Children of Revolutionary Martyrs Should Become....     ...and grow up to be pillars of the Songun (army-first) revolution.  (306 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Feats for Party Building -- Oct 06, 2012
October 8 is the day when General Secretary Kim Jong Il was elected general secretary of the....     ...an ordeal, Kim Jong Il formulated the Songun (army-first) politics as a basic political mode under...     (397 words)

· KPA Servicepersons Determined to Implement Supreme Commander's Order -- Oct 05, 2012
Servicepersons in the DPRK play the pivotal role in the drive to build an economic power and....     ...the KPA as the reliable pillar of the Songun (army-first) revolution. The project will be finished...     (263 words)

· Kim Jong Suk's Feats in Army Building -- Sep 21, 2012
The Korean revolution was started and advanced victoriously with arms, and its long history is....     ...Jong Suk's feats for the Songun (army-first) revolution will remain forever in the nation's...     (221 words)

· DPRK to Publish "Complete Collection of Kim Jong Il's Works" -- Jan 10, 2012
The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on Sunday made public the following report on....     ...and trust. Under the banner of Songun (army-first policy) he built up the Korean People's Army...     (738 words)

· Songun-based Leadership Carried Forward by Kim Jong Il -- Dec 24, 2011
Leader Kim Jong Il was an illustrious commander who creditably carried forward the tradition of Songun (army-first) leadership, the Juche-based revolutionary...     (281 words)

· Papers Warn U.S. Not to Forget Bitter Lesson Taught by Korean War -- Jun 26, 2006
56 years have passed since the U.S. imperialists' provocation of a war of aggression against the....     ...the single-minded unity in every way under the army-first banner. All the Koreans should turn out in...     (440 words)

· Papers Warn U.S. Not to Forget Bitter Lesson Taught by Korean War -- Jun 26, 2006
56 years have passed since the U.S. imperialists' provocation of a war of aggression against the....     ...the single-minded unity in every way under the army-first banner. All the Koreans should turn out in...     (440 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Birthday Celebrated in Different Countries -- Feb 20, 2006
Lecture meetings were held by the Left United Party of Romania and the Nigerian Group for the Study....     ...socialism by applying the Juche idea and the army-first idea founded by Kim Il Sung. Thanks to the...     (220 words)

· Kim Il Sung Constitution -- Dec 27, 2005
The Korean people greet the Constitution Day (December 27) with great pride of having Kim Il Sung....     ...of the country and the people by embodying the army-first-idea and the mode of Songun leadership of the...     (426 words)

· Symbol of Victory for Korean People -- Apr 10, 2004
Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il gives rifles to servicemen as souvenir....     ...on the people. He had adhered to the army-first line all his life, basing himself on the truth...     (344 words)

· Rodong Sinmun on Songun revolutionary line -- May 23, 2003
The Songun revolutionary line of the Workers' Party of Korea is a scientific revolutionary line....     ...on: The Songun revolutionary line is the army-first line on considering military affair as the first...     (341 words)

· Rural villages appeared -- May 17, 2002
More than 130 rural villages made their appearance in South Hwanghae Province of Korea which....     ...and soldiers who took the lead in upholding the army-first policy of the workers' party of Korea. Thus...     (105 words)

· Strengthening of army called for -- Oct 28, 2001
National sovereignty is guaranteed by a strong army, says Rodong Sinmun today in a signed....     ...the strength-all powerful logic. That is why army-first politics and building up an army are an...       ...Il's idea of giving priority to the army and his army-first politics, the article says that no one can dare...     (410 words)

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