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· Kim Jong Il's Birth Anniversary Celebrated in Peru -- Feb 18, 2015
A national meeting for celebrating the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il took place in Lima....     ...and ordeals caused by the imperialists' anti-socialist moves and the collapse of socialism in East...     (352 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Feats Praised by Organizations of Russia, Bulgaria
-- Dec 21, 2014
Organizations of Russia and Bulgaria issued statements on Dec. 10 and 15 on the occasion of the....     ...compelled to make the arduous march due to the anti-socialist offensive of the imperialists and the...     (298 words)

· Kim Jong Il Praised by Tajik Political Figure -- Dec 08, 2014
Sh. Shabdolov, chairman of the Communist Party of Tajikistan, issued a statement on Dec. 1 on the....     ...century when the imperialists intensified the anti-socialist offensive against the DPRK with the collapse of...     (236 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Feats Praised by Personages of Indonesia, Myanmar -- Dec 05, 2014
Personages of Indonesia and Myanmar issued statements on November 25 and 26 on the occasion of the....     ...and other historic works to frustrate their anti-socialist moves and prove the validity of the socialist...     (261 words)

· Indonesian Paper Introduces Kosan Fruit Farm -- Nov 15, 2014
The Indonesian paper International Media carried an article titled "Sea of apples at foot of....     ...the imperialist allied forces were intensifying anti-socialist offensive. Chol Pass has been enshrined...     (286 words)

· Nigerian Organization Introduces Glorious History of WPK
-- Oct 03, 2014
The Nigerian National Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism posted articles on its....     ...those days when the imperialists waged a vicious anti-socialist offensive, trumpeting about the "total end...     (298 words)

· Birthday of DPRK Observed Abroad -- Sep 23, 2014
Institutions and organizations of various countries featured articles on their websites between....     ...the imperialists directed the spearhead of their anti-socialist offensive to the DPRK late in the last...     (242 words)

· Foreign Papers Praise DPRK as Socialist Power -- Sep 12, 2014
Foreign papers carried articles on September 2 and 5 in the run-up to the 66th anniversary of the....     ...in which the imperialists intensified their anti-socialist offensive. Furthermore, it greeted a new...     (241 words)

· Day of Songun Observed in Foreign Countries -- Sep 04, 2014
There took place events in foreign countries between August 20 and 26 to mark the Day of Songun in....     ...the last century, the KPA resolutely foiled the anti-socialist offensive of the imperialist allied forces as a...     (232 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Exploits Praised by Peruvian Political Party -- Jun 04, 2014
June 19 is the day to be specially recorded in the human history that makes the Workers' Party of....     ...and construction to victory, frustrating the anti-socialist, anti-DPRK moves of the U.S. imperialists and...     (232 words)

· Bulgarian Political Figure Raps Imperialists' Human Rights Campaign against DPRK -- May 24, 2014
Atanas Ivanov, honorary chairman of the Bulgarian Communists Union, contributed an article....     ...said in the article that the imperialists' anti-socialist propaganda offensive still persists and its main...     (203 words)

· Kim Il Sung Praised in Peru -- Apr 15, 2014
The Peruvian Group for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism made public a statement on April 4 on....     ...from the imperialist allied forces' anti-DPRK, anti-socialist moves. Korean socialism is now winning...     (273 words)

· Kim Jong Un's Speech Posted by Chilean Political Party on Its Website
-- Mar 12, 2014
The full text of "Let Us Hasten the Final Victory through a Revolutionary Ideological....     ...as it dealt a blow to the moves of the anti-socialist and counter-revolutionary elements to arrest the...     (234 words)

· Day of Shining Star Observed by British Organizations -- Feb 14, 2014
The British Association for the Study of the Songun Policy and the British Group for the Study of....     ...Is a Science", dealt a telling blow at the anti-socialist moves of the imperialists, modern revisionists...     (255 words)

· Ideological Work Guarantees Victory in Socialist Cause: Rodong Sinmun -- Feb 12, 2014
Socialism will certainly triumph by virtue of united struggle of the people armed with socialist....     ...in some countries due to the imperialists' anti-socialist moves, socialism in the DPRK stood firmly and...     (279 words)

· Kim Jong Un's Letter to Participants in National Conference of Subworkteam Leaders in Agricultural Sector -- Feb 07, 2014
Supreme leader Kim Jong Un sent a letter "Let Us Bring About Innovations in Agricultural....     ...by so doing, we can smash the enemy's anti-DPRK, anti-socialist schemes. As our country has already attained the...     (5178 words)

· Anniversary of Demise of Kim Jong Il Commemorated Abroad -- Dec 22, 2013
Political Parties, organizations of various countries posted special write-ups on their websites in....     ...at the moves of the imperialists and anti-socialist elements by proving the scientific accuracy and...     (281 words)

· Struggle of Korean People Supported -- Dec 14, 2013
Diverse events took place during the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students. The youth and....     ...desirous of independence to resolutely smash the anti-socialist moves of the imperialist allied forces....     (395 words)

· Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Demise Commemorated Abroad -- Dec 12, 2013
There took place meetings, book and photo exhibitions, and film shows in Chile, Brazil and Nigeria....     ...Il for frustrating the imperialists' vicious anti-socialist moves with his iron will and pluck, reliably...     (226 words)

· Bulletin Issued by Bangladeshi Organization -- Dec 03, 2013
The Bangladesh-Korea Friendship and Solidarity Committee issued a bulletin under the title of....     ...launching decisive counterattacks against the anti-socialist moves of the imperialists and instilling fresh...       ...building a thriving nation while frustrating the anti-socialist offensive of the imperialists under the uplifted...     (201 words)

· WPK's Anniversary Observed by British Organizations -- Oct 17, 2013
The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy and the British Group for the Study of the....     ...of the red flag of revolution, frustrating the anti-socialist moves of the hostile forces. It has also...     (231 words)

· Peruvian Political Party Praises Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il
-- Oct 09, 2013
The Peruvian National Independent Movement for Free Voting's Union released a statement on October....     ...socialism in the struggle for frustrating the anti-socialist moves of the imperialists and reactionaries in...     (269 words)

· Kim Jong Il's Exploits Lauded by Peruvian Organization
-- Aug 31, 2013
The Peruvian Group for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism made public a statement on August 20....     ...idea and Songun politics he frustrated the anti-socialist moves of the U.S.-led imperialist reactionaries...     (194 words)

· Kim Jong Il Praised by Foreign Newspapers
-- Jun 30, 2013
Foreign newspapers carried special write-ups to mark the 49th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's....     ...when the imperialist allied forces escalated anti-socialist offensive and the DPRK faced the worst ordeals...     (279 words)

· Korean Socialism Is Sure to Win: Newspaper
-- May 05, 2013
Rodong Sinmun on Sunday marks the 22nd anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's work "Our Socialism....     ...deals harsh blow to the imperialists in their anti-socialist moves, the daily says in an article, and goes...     (207 words)

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