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· "World Food Day" Marked -- Oct 17, 2008
It is quite possible to settle the problem of food if all countries of the world buckle down to the....     ...Thursday in an article dedicated to the "World Food Day" and the anniversary of the founding of the...       ...United Nations (FAO). The theme of "the World Food Day" this year is "World Food Security:...     (309 words)

· World Food Day Marked -- Oct 17, 2007
Today marks the founding anniversary of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Food Day. Rodong Sinmun in a signed article dedicated to the day says that the purpose of instituting the World Food Day was to bring the importance of the food problem...       ... The article goes on: The theme of the World Food Day this year is the "right to food". The acute food...     (266 words)

· World Food Day Observed -- Oct 17, 2006
Rodong Sinmun today devotes a signed article to the World Food Day. It says: It is one of the most important...       ...therefore, set October 16, its anniversary, as World Food Day. Various events taking place in various...     (178 words)

· DPRK Observes World Food Day -- Oct 16, 2004
Various events have taken place in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to mark the World Food Day, October 16. On this occasion the DPRK...     (175 words)

· World Food Day Observed -- Oct 17, 2003
Papers here today observe World Food Day. In their signed articles, they note that the...       ...will gather force on the global scale with World Food Day as an occasion.  (236 words)

· World Food Day observed -- Oct 16, 1998
Newspapers here today dedicate bylined articles to the World Food Day. Rodong Sinmun estimates various activities...     (200 words)

· World Food Day marked -- Oct 16, 1997
Rodong Sinmun today marks the World Food Day. The World Food Day was instituted to make people understand the...     (159 words)

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