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· Japanese Political Hooligans' Insult to Victims of Sexual Slavery Denounced -- Jun 10, 2015
Suzuki, Japanese ultra-right politician, recently sent parcels to victims of sexual slavery for the....     ...a miniature marker with letters "Takeshima (Tok Islets) is part of inviolable territory of Japan"...     (240 words)

· Discrimination against Korean Schools and Distortion of History by Japan Accused -- Jun 01, 2015
? The Citizens Council for Defending Schools and Children in south Korea launched a Friday action....     ...the land, while denying the historical fact that Tok Islets are the part of the inviolable territory of Korea and holding an event called "Takeshima (Tok Islets) Day". They denounced Japan's...     (171 words)

· Japanese Ultra-right Political Gangster's Shameless Terrorist Act Touches off Koreans' Indignation
-- May 25, 2015
A Japanese ultra-right political gangster committed a terrorist act of insulting the victims of the....     ...Japanese Army and justifying Japan's bid to grab Tok Islets on May 19, according to south Korean Kyunghyang...       ...of defamation as he tied a pile with letters Tok Islets belong to Japan on it around the sculpture of a...     (168 words)

· S. Korean Bodies Protest against Japan's Moves to Rewrite School Textbooks -- Apr 10, 2015
Bodies of south Korea on April 6 protested against Japan's undisguised moves to rewrite school....     ...school textbooks as part of its attempt to grab Tok Islets. That day the Ministry of Education, Culture,...       ...2016. The call for "dominion over Tok Islets" was contained in all social subjects of...       ...that south Korea "illegally occupied" Tok Islets more than trebled in the same period....     (154 words)

· Japan's Moves to Grab Tok Islets Denounced by S. Korean Paper
-- Apr 09, 2015
The south Korean Kyunghyang Daily News carried an editorial on April 5 denouncing Japan for its moves to grab Tok Islets. The editorial said: The Ministry of...       ...expressions asserting the "dominium over Tok Islets" while the Foreign Ministry of Japan is...       ...Japan's intention to assert "dominium over Tok Islets" in all publications which the Japanese...       ...younger generation in the "dominium over Tok Islets," the editorial charged.  (179 words)

· Japan's Anachronistic Moves to Distort History Slammed
-- Apr 09, 2015
The Japanese authorities are persistently resorting to distortion of history. The Ministry of....     ...the Japanese reactionaries shamelessly described Tok Islets of Korea as "inalienable part of territory...     (157 words)

· Tok Islets, Part of Korea's Territory: DPRK Scholar -- Mar 10, 2015
The Japanese reactionaries are now getting evermore pronounced in the scheme to grab Tok Islets of Korea. However, Japan's historical data go...       ...of Japan acknowledged Ullung Island and Tok Islets are parts of Korea's territory. Its old maps and modern history books, too, show that Tok Islets belong to Korea. Contained in an official...       ...to do with Ullung Island and another island (Tok Islets). The fact that Tok Islets belong to Korea is also proven by Japan's...       ...among them an old map showing Japan's proper and Tok Islets marked in different colors. In general, historical data of Japan evidently prove that Tok Islets had never belonged to it.  (213 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Accuses Park Geun Hye of Insulting Patriotic Spirit
-- Mar 04, 2015
Shortly ago, the south Korean chief executive in an "address on March 1" talked rubbish....     ...Closing her eyes to Japan's moves for grabbing Tok Islets getting extreme recently, she begged her master...     (343 words)

· All-Korean Committee Calls for Opening up Broad Avenue to Independent Reunification This Year
-- Mar 04, 2015
The North, the South and the Overseas Side Committees for Implementing the June 15 Joint....     ...stop distortion of history, attempt at grabbing Tok Islets and discrimination against Koreans in Japan and...     (440 words)

· KCNA Commentary Ridicules S. Korean Chief Executive's Sycophancy toward Outsiders
-- Mar 03, 2015
Park Geun Hye, chief executive of south Korea, in her "address on March 1", again ....     ...the evermore undisguised moves of Japan to grab Tok islets and being forgetful of the crimes the Japanese...     (766 words)

· Tok Islets Are Part of Inviolable Territory of Korea: DPRK Scholar
-- Mar 02, 2015
Japan has now become evermore desperate in its moves for seizing Tok Islets, which are part of the inviolable territory of...       ...Prefecture, which tells schoolchildren the Tok Islets are "inalienable territory" of Japan....       ...asserting Japan's "dominium" over Tok Islets in 11 languages. Japanese Foreign...       ...insisted upon Japan's "claim" to Tok Islets. The Japanese government dispatched a...       ...some days ago to mark the "Takeshima (Tok Islets) day". In this regard, KCNA met Dr....       ...said: According to history books, Tok Islets were belonged to Usan Kingdom from 6th century...       ...laws. Historical data proving that Tok Islets are part of inviolable territory of Korea have...       ...Japanese fishermen were executed for landing on Tok Islets in disregard of "Ordinance Banning Sailing...       ...of Japan instituted in 1950s stipulated that Tok Islets are not belonged to Japan. The...       ...the Korean Peninsula as a springboard. Tok Islets are part of the sacred territory of Korea....     (434 words)

· KCNA Commentary Slams Japan's Ambition for Grabbing Tok Islets -- Feb 27, 2015
The Japanese reactionaries' ambition for grabbing Tok Islets has gone beyond tolerance limit. As already reported, an event of the "day of Takeshima (Tok Islets)" took place in Shimane Prefecture on Feb....       ...becoming evermore vociferous in their claim to Tok Islets. Since the event videos dealing with Japan's unilateral claim to Tok Islets had been translated into 11 languages and have...       ...carefully produced according to the report on Tok Islets worked out by experts on history and...       ...country to conduct intensive propaganda that Tok Islets are part of the territory of Japan. This...       ...This means making the scenario for grabbing of Tok Islets a main state policy. Japan seems to...       ...daylight. It is an acknowledged fact that Tok Islets are part of the inviolable territory of Korea...       ...said that Japanese residents in 1905 recognized Tok Islets as land of Korea, proving the injustice of...     (487 words)

· Protest against Japan's Moves for Grabbing Tok Islets Staged in S. Korea -- Feb 26, 2015
An event of the "day of Takeshima (Tok Islets)" was held in Shimane Prefecture, Japan on...       ...government official attending. Members of the Tok Islets Fellowship Society and other civic...       ...on Sunday to denounce Japan's moves for grabbing Tok Islets as evidenced by the above-said event. Members of the organizations related to Tok Islets also held a rally condemning Japan's shameless...       ...on Feb. 23 to denounce Japan's attempt to grab Tok Islets. Japan would be well advised to bear in...     (214 words)

· Japan's Shameless Moves to Grab Tok Islets Denounced -- Feb 22, 2015
The Japanese reactionaries are getting evermore outrageous in their moves to grab Tok Islets so as to realize their scenario for territorial...       ...briefing let loose reckless remarks that Tok Islets belong to "territory of Japan". An animation file titled "Japan's consistent stand on dominium over Tok Islets" is posted on the homepage of the Japanese...       ...Foreign Ministry. It shamelessly asserts that Tok Islets are "part of the inviolable territory of...       ...is pressurizing adoption of textbooks which say Tok Islets are "part of the inviolable...       ...territory of Japan". Japan described Tok Islets as part of the territory of Japan in its...       ...to the ceremony of the "Takeshima (Tok Islets) day" in Shimane Prefecture on February 22, revealing its wild ambition to grab the islets. Tok islets are part of the inviolable territory of Korea...       ...reactionaries' brazen-faced moves to grab Tok islets are a wanton infringement upon the sovereignty...       ...impudent and undisguised moves of Japan to seize Tok islets are a repetition of the Japanese imperialists'...       ...ulterior design of Japan to reinvade Korea with Tok islets as a springboard. The Japanese reactionaries are running the whole gamut of desperate moves to grab Tok islets, seized by its wild ambition for territorial...     (383 words)

· Symposium Discloses Injustice of Japan's Territorial Claim to Tok Islets -- Feb 18, 2015
A symposium of social scientists to disclose injustice of Japan's claim to "Tok Islets" and denounce its militarist moves for...       ...proved with scientific and detailed facts that Tok Islets are part of inviolable territory of Korea and denounced Japan's historical moves to grab Tok Islets. Associate academician, Prof. and Dr. Jo...       ...of the Academy of Social Sciences, said that Tok Islets have been part of the inalienable territory of...       ...Kingdom which had Ullung Island and Tok Islets under its administration with Ullung Island as...       ...the Korean feudal dynasty Ullung Island and Tok Islets remained land belonging to Uljin County,...       ...October 25, 1900 to reconfirm its dominium over Tok Islets under modern international law at that time. It...       ...committed the moves to grab Ullung Island and Tok Islets. Japan's moves to invade Tok Islets had persisted till its occupation of Korea,...       ...17th century they plundered Ullung Island and Tok Islets of their vast area of forest and marine...       ...plot to hold the dominium over Ullung Island and Tok Islets while officially recognizing the Korean feudal...       ...background against which Ullung Island and Tok Islets came under the jurisdiction of Korea. In 1882...       ...said: Japan's "dominium over Tok Islets" is a shameless distortion of history full...       ...handling of Japanese territory as they defined Tok Islets as land to be abandoned by Japan and made them...       ...said: Japan's dominium over "Tok Islets" is a revelation of its militarist...       ...sought by Japan through its territorial claim to Tok Islets is to seize rich natural resources in the waters off Tok Islets, hold a monopoly of economic interests there...       ...retract at once the shameless "claim to Tok Islets" and "Day of Takeshima" and stop...     (767 words)

· Minju Joson Slams Japan's Desperate "Claim to Tok Islets"
-- Jan 20, 2015
Shortly ago, the Japanese government posted on its website a video clip dealing with its "claim to Tok Islets," says Minju Joson Tuesday in a...       ...proved by historical and legal evidence that Tok Islets belong to Korea. This is aimed to stir up at home social concern for "dominium over Tok Islets" and create a favorable environment for...       ...hard to prevent the enthusiasm to "grab Tok Islets" from waning among the people from the...       ...the advertisement about "dominium over Tok Islets" at home and abroad. This frantic...       ...do. It is becoming vocal making a "claim to Tok Islets" from the outset of the year. The...     (326 words)

· Fire Occurs on Fishing Boat in South Korea -- Jan 04, 2015
A fire broke out on a fishing boat in the waters off Tok Islet on Dec. 30 last year, according to south Korean...     (35 words)

· Korean in Germany Slams S. Korean Authorities' Treachery -- Nov 19, 2014
Korean in Germany Ri Jun Sik made public an article on Nov. 7 blasting the south Korean puppet....     ...plan to suspend the installing of facilities on Tok Islets, the article went on: The south Korean...     (137 words)

· Opening New Phase for Independent Reunification, Peace and Prosperity Called for -- Nov 17, 2014
November 17 this year marks the 109th anniversary since the Japanese imperialists fabricated the....     ...impudent as to distort history and move to seize Tok Islets, far from making due apology and reparations...       ...reinvasion of Korea and its moves for seizing Tok Islets. The driving force of national...     (626 words)

· New Stamp Issued in DPRK -- Sep 15, 2014
The DPRK State Stamp Bureau issued a stamp showing Tok Islet of Korea. Tok Islet has been an inseparable part of Korean territory...       ...stamp shows a geographical map of Tok Islet on which printed are rocks surrounding the west...     (93 words)

· S. Koreans Protest Japan's Plan to Celebrate Anniversary of SDF
-- Jul 13, 2014
The south Korean public denounced Japan for planning to celebrate the day of founding the....     ...SDF in the downtown Seoul while seeking to grab Tok Islets, part of the inviolable territory of Korea, far...     (222 words)

· Japan's Bid to Revive Militarism Censured by S. Korean Organization -- May 20, 2014
The Solidarity for Progress of south Korea on May 16 released a commentary in denunciation of the....     ...while distorting history and trying to grab Tok Islets, far from liquidating the past crimes of...     (257 words)

· KCNA Commentary Assails Criminal Nexus among S. Korea, U.S., Japan -- May 07, 2014
Recently the south Korean puppet forces move to intensify military nexus with Japan while working....     ...cause a friction with Japan over the issues of Tok Islets and interpretation of history but behind the...     (646 words)

· Korean Women Resolve to Have the Issue of Sexual Slavery Settled -- Mar 30, 2014
Representatives of organizations of women of all circles in the north, south and overseas held a....     ...Japan's distortion of history and moves to grab Tok Islets through a nation-wide struggle. We will...     (472 words)

· Japan's Moves to Seize Tok Islets under Fire -- Feb 25, 2014
Organizations of people of various social standings of south Korea staged an action blasting Japan's moves to seize Tok Islets on Feb. 22, according to the south Korean KBS. The members of the Tok Islets Fellowship Society of south Korea held a rally...       ...immediately stop the event of "Takeshima (Tok Islets) Day". Tok Islets are part of the inviolable territory of Korea,...       ...of organizations related to the issue of Tok Islets also held a press conference outside the Japanese embassy. They denounced Japan's ambition for "dominium over Tok Islets" and urged the south Korean authorities to...       ...Korean authorities to institute a special law on Tok Islets at once. The members of the Group for Defending Tok Islets and other civic and public organizations of...     (196 words)

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