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· S. Korean Organization against Park Geun Hye's Nominating Confrontational Maniac as "PM" -- Jun 13, 2014
The Solidarity for Progress of south Korea on June 10 released a commentary critical of Park Geun....     ...in a cowardly manner. He labeled the "sunshine policy" "a drain on resources helping...     (300 words)

· S. Korean GNP group's anti-north vituperation refuted -- Jun 20, 2003
The motley crew of the Grand National Party of South Korea at a meeting of its heavyweights on June....     ...by the shared political expediency and the sunshine policy has been helpful to the north only. In this...     (258 words)

· CPRF secretariat denounces anti-DPRK remarks of GNP representative -- May 23, 2003
The secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland (CPRF) Wednesday....     ...against the north, asserting that both the "sunshine policy" and the "policy for peace and prosperity"...     (280 words)

· Just part of truth about GNP's dispatch of its secret envoys disclosed -- Mar 17, 2003
A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee issued a statement on Friday disclosing just....     ...as his criticism of Kim Dae Jung's "sunshine policy" was aimed to win the election, not prompted by...     (430 words)

· KCNA on remarks of S. Korean Foreign Minister -- Sep 25, 2000
It was reported that South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ri Jong Bin in a "speech"....     ...mentioned is none other than a variety of the "sunshine policy" aimed to hurt the dialogue partner of the same...     (589 words)

· KCNA blasts rubbish of S. Korean "ambassador" to Russia -- Apr 06, 2000
The South Korean "ambassador" to Russia in an interview with a Russian paper Rosinskaya Gazeta....     ...shamelessly justified the sinister aim of the "sunshine policy", letting loose a string of rubbish about the...       ...30. It is a well-known fact that the "sunshine policy" on the lips of the South Korean authorities is...     (333 words)

· S. Korean political critic on future of nation -- Feb 29, 2000
South Korean political critic Yu Chol made public an article headlined "Think of future of the....     ...but a scenario of confrontation such as "sunshine policy" and "engagement policy" to do harm to fellow...     (404 words)

· KCNA on S. Korean ruler's "carrot and stick" strategy -- Jan 28, 2000
The "carrot and stick" strategy is the core of the South Korean authorities' policy toward the....     ...an offspring of the "engagement policy" or the "sunshine policy." The South Korean authorities borrowed the...       ... And he did not conceal the fact that the "sunshine policy" was a copy of such policy. The U.S., on...     (429 words)

· KCNA on S. Korean chief executive's "special interview" -- Dec 23, 1999
The South Korean chief executive in a recent "special interview" with KBS let loose a string of....     ...Korean rulers. Peddling the bankrupt "sunshine policy" once again this time, the chief executive of...       ... This is nothing but a red herring. The "sunshine policy" has faced the nation's stern judgement as it is...     (263 words)

· DPRK's proposal for reunification supported abroad -- Dec 22, 1999
The Council of the Union of Communist Parties-the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on Dec. 16....     ...condemned the South Korean authorities' "sunshine policy" as a deceptive move to cover up their ulterior...     (145 words)

· Traitor's despicable nature laid bare -- Dec 18, 1999
The chief executive of South Korea invited the commander of the South Korea-U.S. "combined forces",....     ...with the north under the signboard of "sunshine policy" and "engagement policy".  (279 words)

· Traitor's despicable nature laid bare -- Dec 18, 1999
The chief executive of South Korea invited the commander of the South Korea-U.S. "combined forces",....     ...with the north under the signboard of "sunshine policy" and "engagement policy".  (279 words)

· Document recording crimes committed by Kim Dae Jung regime -- Nov 11, 1999
The central committee of the National Democratic Front of South Korea made public a document....     ...that "the engagement policy of the U.S., the sunshine policy of South Korea, is effective for leading the...     (993 words)

· S. Korean authorities' "sunshine policy" flayed -- Nov 06, 1999
The secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland released an....     ...the injustice and anti-national nature of the "sunshine policy" desperately pursued by the South Korean chief...       ...the article says, and goes on: The "sunshine policy" peddled by the South Korean chief executive is...       ...or undressing the other side. Such "sunshine policy" will only result in a fratricidal war or in...       ...Cold War, is seeking confrontation through the "sunshine policy", regarding the reunification question as one on...     (498 words)

· DPRK FM calls press conference in New York -- Sep 29, 1999
DPRK Foreign Minister Paek Nam Sun attending the 54th session of the UN General Assembly called a....     ...he stressed. He strongly rejected the "sunshine policy" and "engagement policy" of the South Korean...     (244 words)

· Floral basket laid before Kim Il Sung's Portrait -- Sep 13, 1999
A basket of flowers was laid before the Portrait of the President Kim Il Sung at the building of....     ...Korea's reunification, instead of resorting to "sunshine policy" and "two Koreas" moves.  (180 words)

· "Three Kims" must be dislodged -- Sep 11, 1999
Hong Nam Jin, a South Korean professor of politics, published an article headlined "three Kims must....     ...to allure and absorb the north with the "sunshine policy". It is these "three Kims" who have made a...     (372 words)

· "Sunshine policy" assailed -- Aug 29, 1999
The Guyanese Committee for Supporting Korea's Reunification and the Guyana-Korea Friendship....     ...reunification by peddling the hypocritical "sunshine policy" quite contrary to the reality of Korea. The appeal said that the "sunshine policy" of the South Korean authorities to degenerate...       ...South Korean authorities repeal the so-called "sunshine policy" at once, unconditionally accept the reasonable...     (157 words)

· Statement of DPRK FM spokesman distributed as UNSC official document -- Aug 28, 1999
The August 17 statement issued by a spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry was distributed as the....     ...statement exposed the reactionary nature of the "sunshine policy," an anti-national, anti-reunification and...     (53 words)

· "Sunshine policy" flailed -- Aug 27, 1999
Samuel Walker, chairman of the Guyana Labor Union, on August 20 released a statement denouncing the "sunshine policy" of the South Korean authorities. The statement said that the "sunshine policy" clamored about by the South Korean authorities...     (136 words)

· DPRK FM spokesman exposes truth of "sunshine policy" -- Aug 17, 1999
A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK today issued a statement laying bare the true nature of the "sunshine policy" peddled by the South Korean authorities trying to beg for support to it. Their "sunshine policy" is a variant of "peaceful transition strategy"...       ...Korean authorities recently decided to call the "sunshine policy", which was picked from a Greek fable,...       ... All these facts clearly prove that the "sunshine policy" on their lips is a product of the most vicious...       ... Therefore, the South Korean authorities' "sunshine policy" through which they are trying to degenerate and...     (626 words)

· Appeal to world peace-loving people -- Aug 13, 1999
An appeal to the world's peace-loving people was adopted at the closing session of the....     ...the world community with the outcries for "sunshine policy" and "policy of engagement with the north." ...     (737 words)

· DPRK's cause of reunification supported -- Aug 02, 1999
A rally was held in Malta on July 23 in the month of international solidarity with the Korean....     ...from advocating the deceptive and reactionary "sunshine policy", the resolution stressed.  (179 words)

· S. Korea's "sunshine policy" rejected -- Jul 16, 1999
Jiri Jarka, chairman of the Mt. Paektu Czech-Korea Friendship Association, sent a letter to the....     ...executive on July 8 in protest against his "sunshine policy." In the letter, Jarka said the "sunshine policy" is finally aimed at destroying the DPRK's...     (115 words)

· Military provocation flailed by Danish political figure -- Jul 13, 1999
The chairman of the central committee of the Communist Party of Denmark (Marxist-Leninist), Jorgen....     ...South Korean authorities shows clearly that the "sunshine policy" on their lips is nothing but an spurious...     (95 words)

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