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· Sci-Tech Achievements Encourage Poultry Farming in DPRK
-- Jun 24, 2015
Many sci-tech successes have been achieved in the poultry farming of the DPRK. Among them is a new....     ...are automatically controlled. The Sinuiju Chicken Farm increases egg production seven...     (119 words)

· DPRK's Stockbreeding Farms Increase Output
-- May 12, 2015
Stockbreeding farms in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are working hard to increase productivity. The Sinuiju Chicken Farm carried out its monthly plan at 145...     (84 words)

· Brisk Activities of KEF -- May 04, 2015
Since its birth in January Juche 94 (2005), the Korea Education Fund in the DPRK has intensified....     ...one swept away by flood. It recently aided Sinuiju Disabled Soldier's School in building a...     (149 words)

· National Calligraphy Festival in DPRK -- Apr 30, 2015
A national calligraphy festival took place at the Pyongyang International House of Culture on the....     ...Ju and Kim Jin Gon of the Ponbu Kindergarten in Sinuiju, who displayed calligraphic works...     (178 words)

· National Festival of Science and Technology Closes -- Apr 29, 2015
The 30th National Festival of Science and Technology closed with due ceremony at the....     ...Science, the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory and 32 other units placed...     (185 words)

· Production of Consumer Goods on Steady Increase in DPRK
-- Apr 29, 2015
An upsurge has been effected in the production of light industrial factories of the DPRK. Kim Jong....     ...witnessed in many mills and factories like the Sinuiju Textile Mill, the September Textile Mill, the Hamhung Knitwear Factory, the Songyo Knitwear Factory and the Sinuiju Unha Towel Factory. Meanwhile, foodstuff...     (107 words)

· Universities of Physical Education to Be Established in Provinces
-- Apr 28, 2015
Universities of physical education are to be established in 6 provinces of the DPRK. According to....     ...Physical Education in South Hamgyong Province, Sinuiju University of Physical Education in North...     (120 words)

· DPRK Strives to Develop Traditional Costumes
-- Apr 27, 2015
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is striving to develop the national costumes in line with....     ...dresses and taking the lead in this work is Sinuiju City, North Phyongan Province. Those...     (135 words)

· New Mulberry, Silkworm Bred -- Apr 18, 2015
The Sericulture Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Science has made valuable research....   (129 words)

· Day of Sun Celebrated in DPRK -- Apr 15, 2015
The service personnel and people of the DPRK celebrated with splendor the birth anniversary of....     ...union at the Hamhung Grand Theatre and at Sinuiju Square. Diverse sports and amusement games...     (248 words)

· Gymnasiums Built or Reconstructed in DPRK -- Mar 14, 2015
Gymnasiums have been built or reconstructed in different parts of the country. A three-storied gymnasium was completed in Sinuiju City, North Phyongan Province with the Day of...     (82 words)

· Production of School Things on Increase in DPRK's North Phyongan Province -- Jan 23, 2015
North Phyongan Province in the DPRK has been paying big efforts to educational and sports....     ...Ponbu Kindergarten, Paeksa Primary School and Sinuiju Secondary School No. 1 are noted throughout the...       ...for production of school things. The Sinuiju Essential Plastic Goods Factory has finished...     (159 words)

· Autumn Campaign for Land Management Brisk in North Phyongan Province -- Nov 17, 2014
Many successes were achieved in North Phyongan Province through a brisk autumn campaign for land....     ...35 000 cubic meters of earth from a canal bed in Sinuiju, remarkably lowing its water...     (149 words)

· Promising Economic Development Zones in DPRK -- Nov 12, 2014
A work has been pushed forward in the DPRK to set up economic development zone (EDZ) in every....     ...areas in Unjong District of Pyongyang City, Sinuiju City of North Phyongan Province and Kangryong...       ...Province, Manpho City of Jagang Province and Sinuiju City of North Phyongan Province and industrial...     (314 words)

· Accuracy Landing Contest Held -- Nov 11, 2014
The accuracy landing contest for the DPRK Championships took place recently at the Pyongyang Air....     ...contest. Meanwhile, parachutists of the Sinuiju Air Club won gold medals at individual events in...     (115 words)

· Far-Infrared Lightweight Insulating Bricks in Effective Use -- Oct 30, 2014
Far-infrared lightweight insulating bricks have been applied to various industrial establishments....     ...like the Rakwon Machine Complex and Sinuiju Spinning Machine Plant in DPRK, proving...     (83 words)

· Successes at Asiad Delights DPRK Citizens
-- Sep 30, 2014
People in the DPRK have been rejoiced over its athletes' successes at the ongoing 17th Asian....     ...at the Games. Kim Hak, a teacher of the Sinuiju University of Light Industry, said: I was...     (171 words)

· DPRK: Efforts Paid to Improve People's Livelihood -- Sep 18, 2014
Big efforts have been paid to improve people's livelihood in all parts of the DPRK. Cholwon County....     ...the residents even in winter season. The Sinuiju Knitwear Factory in North Phyongan Province has...     (121 words)

· Competent Educator in Sinuiju of DPRK -- Sep 12, 2014
The Ponbu Kindergarten in Sinuiju City of the DPRK is well known to the country...     (181 words)

· Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il Erected in Sinuiju City -- Jul 24, 2014
The statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il were erected in Sinuiju City, North Phyongan Province on the occasion of...       ...greetings with people of the province at the Sinuiju City mass rally. Since that historical day he...     (783 words)

· Special Economic Zone in Sinuiju City to Turn into Sinuiju Int'l Economic Zone -- Jul 23, 2014
The DPRK decided to rename the Special Economic Zone in some parts of Sinuiju City, North Phyongan Province, Sinuiju International Economic Zone. The sovereignty of...       ...sovereignty of the DPRK will be exercised in the Sinuiju International Economic Zone. The relevant...     (57 words)

· DPRK Premier Makes Field Survey of Farming in North Phyongan Province -- Jul 08, 2014
DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju made a field survey of farming at the Chimhyang Co-op Farm in Jongju City....     ... Earlier, the premier looked round the Sinuiju Chemical Fibre Mill where he discussed the ways...     (135 words)

· Kim Il Sung Remembered by Farmers -- Jul 04, 2014
There took place a remembrance meeting "The fatherly leader will always be with farmers"....     ...Kosan Fruit Farm, and Ju Myong, director of the Sinuiju Chicken Farm, praised leader Kim Jong Il for...     (355 words)

· DPRK Hit by Severe Drought -- Jul 03, 2014
Drought has persisted for a long while in some areas of the DPRK, badly affecting agriculture. In....     ...Anbyon and Kosan counties of Kangwon Province, Sinuiju City and Thaechon, Pakchon and Unsan counties of...     (224 words)

· State Merited Chorus Gives Performances in North Phyongan Province -- Jun 22, 2014
The State Merited Chorus made its performance tour of Kusong and Sinuiju cities of North Phyongan Province from June 16...     (188 words)

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