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· Spies of S. Korean IS Confess to Truth behind Their Espionage against DPRK -- Mar 26, 2015
There took place at the People's Palace of Culture on Thursday a press conference with spies of the....     ...order for digging out and obtaining earth around Nyongbyon area between October, 2012 and April 2013, he...       ...Yun, a Chinese resident in the DPRK, to Nyongbyon several times, let him gather data on munitions...     (2036 words)

· Famous Scenic Beauties in Korea -- Dec 02, 2014
From long ago, Korea has been well-known over the world for its many scenic beauties. Typical of....     ...Kangson Pavilion in Songchon, Yaksandongdae in Nyongbyon and Segom Pavilion in Manpho. Among the...     (196 words)

· DPRK Bags Gold Medal at Youth Olympic Games -- Aug 24, 2014
Pak Jong Ju, a weightlifter of the DPRK's April 25 Sports Team, won a gold medal in the men's 62kg....     ...Jong Ju began to learn weightlifting at Nyongbyon County Juvenile Sports School in North Phyongan...     (121 words)

· Downpour Hits DPRK -- Jul 26, 2014
Typhoon-10, which turned to low pressure, moving northeast through the central West Sea of Korea,....     ...City, 237 mm in Cholsan County, 233 mm in Nyongbyon County, 230 mm in Unjon County, 229 mm in...     (246 words)

· Ancient Fort Showing Wisdom of Korean Nation -- Jul 24, 2014
In North Phyongan Province of the DPRK there is an ancient fort called Nyongbyoncholong. The fort, built in the period of Koguryo...     (140 words)

· Nyongbyon County Juvenile Sports School in DPRK -- Jul 03, 2014
The Nyongbyon County Juvenile Sports School in the DPRK is...     (203 words)

· Yaksandongdae in Northwestern Part of Korea -- Jun 13, 2014
Yaksandongdae, a mountain in Nyongbyon County, North Phyongan Province, is one of eight...     (183 words)

· Spring Land Management Makes Progress in DPRK -- May 09, 2014
General mobilization for land management in spring is progressing apace in the DPRK. Tree-planting,....     ...organs in North Phyongan Province including Nyongbyon, Hyangsan and Unsan counties aroused masses to...     (411 words)

· S. Korean Chief Executive Ridiculed for Her Remarks -- Apr 09, 2014
The people in the DPRK are now strongly demanding that Park Geun Hye, chief executive of south....     ... She also claimed that the nuclear facilities in Nyongbyon of the DPRK may bring great disaster. In...     (281 words)

· Various Units Fulfill National Economic Plans for November -- Dec 03, 2013
Different units of the national economy fulfilled their November plans. The Ryongrim, Chilli and....     ...Officials and workers of the Pakchon, Nyongbyon and Tokchon silk mills also made achievements in...     (324 words)

· Trees Planted at Arboretum of Kumsusan Palace of Sun -- Nov 26, 2013
Officials of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea and agricultural workers from across the....     ...in Anju City and the Obong Cooperative Farm in Nyongbyon County who brought with them gingko trees and...     (174 words)

· DPRK FM Spokesman's Statement Reported in Foreign Countries -- Oct 26, 2013
The DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman issued a statement accusing the U.S. of working hard to shift....     ...the DPRK restarted its nuclear facilities in Nyongbyon, that is a violation of its international...     (301 words)

· Korean Silk Wins Popularity among Foreigners -- Oct 24, 2013
From olden times, Korea's silk has been widely known to the world. Korea began to produce quality....     ...of Korea noted for silk production are Nyongbyon in North Phyongan Province, Songchon in South...       ...named after Yaksandongdae, a well-known area in Nyongbyon, and Kuryongdan the River Kuryong skirting Yaksandongdae. These kinds of silk cloth are produced at the Nyongbyon Silk Mill, a famous silk producer in the...     (362 words)

· DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Blames U.S. for Posing Nuclear Threat to DPRK -- Oct 23, 2013
The DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman gave a statement on Wednesday in connection with the fact that....     ...that the restart of the nuclear facilities in Nyongbyon are a violation of international obligation and...     (399 words)

· Signal Successes Made by Silk Producers -- Oct 03, 2013
The Guidance Bureau of Sericulture and Silk Industry carried out its plans for September and third....     ...achievements were reported from the Nyongbyon and Kumya silk mills.  (198 words)

· Kim Jong Un Sends His Autographs to Ex-Service Personnel, People -- Aug 03, 2013
Supreme leader Kim Jong Un sent his autographs to service personnel who completed the terms of....     ...autograph to the employees of a workshop of the Nyongbyon Silk Mill in reply to their letter: "I am very pleased to know about your good resolution to be eternal Nyongbyon girls weaving silk. Comrades! Let us serve the...     (434 words)

· Torrential Rain Hits DPRK, Causing Flood Damage
-- Jul 22, 2013
Heavy rains have swept the central part of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, causing flood....     ...and over 200 mm in Kusong City, Sonchon and Nyongbyon counties and Tokchon City. It rained 109...     (226 words)

· DPRK Hit by Downpour -- Jul 17, 2013
Heavy rains swept through the DPRK from July 9 to 16. According to data available, it rained during....     ...Mundok County, 253 mm in Kaechon City, 243 mm in Nyongbyon County, 242 mm in Pakchon County, 239 mm in...     (169 words)

· White Paper Reveals Danger of US-S. Korea War Drills -- Apr 08, 2013
The National Reunification Institute Monday released a white paper revealing the gravity and danger....     ...OPLAN 5026, OPLAN 5027, and the plan for bombing Nyongbyon that envisaged mounting a preemptive nuclear...     (995 words)

· DPRK to Adjust Uses of Existing Nuclear Facilities
-- Apr 02, 2013
A spokesman for the General Department of Atomic Energy of the DPRK gave the following answer to a....     ...and restarting all the nuclear facilities in Nyongbyon including uranium enrichment plant and 5MW...     (224 words)

· DPRK People Enjoy Full Moon Day -- Feb 24, 2013
Full Moon Day, which falls on February 24 this year, is one of the traditional holidays for the....     ...Inphung Pavilion in Kanggye, Yaksandongdae in Nyongbyon and other scenic spots of the country. Kim...     (204 words)

· Minju Joson Lays Bare S. Korean Warmongers' Moves to Make Preemptive Attack on DPRK
-- Feb 05, 2013
Shortly ago, the south Korean ultra-right conservative paper Chosun Ilbo carried an article titled....     ...conducted a simulation test bombing of Nyongbyon nuclear reactor of the north ten years ago in a...     (340 words)

· Modern Sporting Centers Appear in DPRK
-- Jan 05, 2013
The year 2012 witnessed a number of modern sporting centers in the capital city of Pyongyang and....     ...new folklore game grounds sprung up in Uiju and Nyongbyon counties, North Phyongan Province.  (204 words)

· Kim Jong Un Appreciates Demonstration Performance of Newly Organized Moranbong Band -- Jul 07, 2012
Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National....     ...female trio "Silk Weaving Girl of Nyongbyon", string quartet "We Can't Live...     (585 words)

· Kim Il Sung's Life Woven with Songs -- Apr 14, 2012
Nowadays, the songs President Kim Il Sung loved to sing in his lifetime are heard or aired at....     ...in the World", "Ballad of Phyongbuk Nyongbyon" and "A Bumper Harvest in the Chongsan...     (262 words)

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