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· Newly Unearthed Remains and Relics on Display to Disclose Japan's Atrocities -- Nov 17, 2014
Newly unearthed remains and relics were displayed at the National House of Class Education to bear....     ...and 1.8 meters wide. Mitsui and other Japs developed 46 gold and silver mines in Chonma...       ...proving the barbarous murder committed by Japs in the pit. They included skulls ridden with...       ...etc. All evidence clearly proves that Japs shot to death the drafted workers, miners and...     (231 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Urges Japan to Opt for Apology and Reparation -- Jun 04, 2014
A group was set up and launched its work in Japan recently to look into the background against....     ...big or small. But there are no beasts like the Japs who took to battlefields 200 000 Korean women to...     (296 words)

· KCNA Commentary Assails Park Geun Hye's Sycophancy toward Foreign Forces -- Oct 30, 2013
Overseas Korean Kang Yong Nam, a member of the "Meeting of Hating Park Geun Hye", sent....     ...scene of scramble among big powers. She brought Japs under the pretext of improving relations with...       ...one after another under the pretext of resisting Japs. In the long run, she was cruelly killed in the...     (516 words)

· Ukishima-maru Explosion Incident, Product of Plot to Kill Koreans: News Analyst -- Aug 24, 2013
68 years have passed since thousands of Koreans were ruthlessly killed by the Ukishima-maru....     ...and jumped into the sea after shouting "Japs detonated explosive to sink the ship." And...     (612 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Ridicules Japan's Childish Action -- Feb 10, 2013
Japanese dietmen recently submitted a "resolution" slandering the DPRK at the recent 21st....     ...clearly proves how narrow-minded and childish Japs are. This shows the base nature of the...     (318 words)

· Ri Po Ik, Grandmother of Kim Il Sung -- Nov 12, 2012
Ri Po Ik, grandmother of President Kim Il Sung, was an ardent patriot who devotedly helped her....     ...Korea's independence." Whenever the Japs came to the native home of the President in...     (321 words)

· Patriotic Woman Recorded in Korean History
-- Oct 18, 2012
Recently the new TV drama "Kye Wol Hyang" was televised in the DPRK. The 23-part drama....     ...resolved to devote her life to driving out the Japs from the country. Pretending to serve the Japs, she spied the enemy movements to inform the...     (209 words)

· Dance Drama "Story of Sado Castle" Staged in DPRK -- Oct 05, 2012
Nowadays the dance drama "Story of Sado Castle" has been staged by the National Folk Art....     ...Sun Ji's native village is invaded by Japs, who slaughtered inhabitants and looted their...     (238 words)

· "Story of Sado Castle", Dance Drama Created by Choe Sung Hui -- Nov 30, 2011
The national dance drama "Story of Sado Castle", which was created by Choe Sung Hui in....     ...of difference in social status. When Japs invade the country, they organize a volunteers'...     (254 words)

· Japan's Liquidation of Past Crimes Urged -- Feb 11, 2010
The Solidarity of Saenal Huimang (desire for a new day) and the East Asian History Citizens Network....     ...against the south Korean trip of the king of Japs. At the press conference speakers accused the king of Japs of shamelessly trying to tour south Korea, far...     (175 words)

· Ambition of Japanese Reactionaries to Grab Tok Islets Flailed -- Dec 28, 2009
According to the information provided by the Japanese Geographical Institute recently to a foreign....     ...is the unchangeable brigandish ambition of Japs to covet other's territory. They give...     (350 words)

· Truth behind Japs' Renaming "East Sea of Korea" "Sea of Japan" Probed -- May 18, 2009
Rodong Sinmun Monday carried an article contributed by Dr. Kim Thae Ryol in which he probed the....   (517 words)

· Japan Has No Future without Redressing Its Past -- Sep 19, 2008
Japan should opt for redressing its past to swim with the trend of the world as early as possible.....     ...the Korean nation would not have been invaded by Japs nor would have undergone such sufferings under...     (499 words)

· Japanese Reactionaries' Suppression of Chongryon under Fire -- Jul 16, 2007
Growing stronger in the DPRK are voices condemning the Japanese reactionaries, the sworn enemy of....     ...commander of Mt. Paektu will never pardon the Japs of the island country and the Japanese...     (288 words)

· Revolutionary Site Attracts Endless Stream of Visitors -- Jun 06, 2007
The Chosan Revolutionary Site in Jagang Province is associated with the immortal exploits performed....     ...to unite in single mind and fight against the Japs to achieve the country's independence and build...     (256 words)

· Japan Urged to Fairly Settle Issue of Remains of Korean Victims of Forcible Drafting -- Feb 02, 2007
We strongly urge the Japanese authorities not to resort to a sleight of hand to shirk off their....     ...is that the authorities of the land of Japs have handed over to south Korea approximately...     (424 words)

· Japanese Authorities' Suppression of Chongryon and Korean Residents in Japan Protested -- Feb 01, 2007
Principals, teachers and students of Korean middle and high schools in different parts of Japan,....     ...26 denouncing the authorities of the land of Japs for becoming all the more undisguised in their...       ...of Chongryon by the reactionaries of the land of Japs have become evermore undisguised in different...     (229 words)

· Japan's Ambition for Reinvasion Blasted -- Feb 01, 2007
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party in the land of Japs declared at its convention some days ago that it...       ...Such moves of the reactionaries in the land of Japs to cook up a war constitution can never be...     (303 words)

· Japanese Reactionaries' Bid for Permanent Membership of UNSC Ridiculed -- Jan 31, 2007
Ruling quarters of the land of Japs are now busy with shuttle diplomacy,...       ...It is, therefore, nonsensical for the land of Japs to claim this post as it is registered as an "enemy state" in the UN Charter. The bid made by the land of Japs for permanent membership of the Security Council...       ...The madcap moves now under way in the land of Japs to rewrite history textbooks and the visits of...       ...of Defence, the ruling quarters of the land of Japs are now taking a series of measures to mobilize...       ...strongly felt in this region. If the land of Japs is allowed to sit on the UNSC, the world will...     (351 words)

· Japanese Reactionaries Urged to Behave with Discretion -- Jan 27, 2007
The reactionaries of the land of Japs had better behave themselves, clearly mindful...       ...in Japan. It is nothing but a daydream for these Japs to exterminate the Korean nation, their...     (232 words)

· Japanese Reactionaries' Moves for Retrogressive Revision of Constitution under Fire -- Jan 26, 2007
The Korean Jurists Committee Thursday made public a white paper stripping bare the reactionary and....     ...of the moves of the reactionaries of the land of Japs to retrogressively revise the constitution in a...       ...went on: The above-said moves of the land of Japs are a wanton violation of the obligation under...       ...rights it is entitled to enjoy. The land of Japs has not yet made any honest repentance or...       ...Noting that the above-said move of the land of Japs is a serious crime as it threatens the peace and...       ...aim sought by the reactionaries of the land of Japs through the revision of the constitution to...     (679 words)

· Japanese Reactionaries' Ambition to Grab Tok Islet under Fire -- Jan 26, 2007
The land of Japs is shameless enough to so frequently assert...     (351 words)

· Minju Joson Raps at Japs' Reinvasion Scheme -- Jan 24, 2007
The Japanese reactionaries some time ago decided to bring to the Kadena U.S. air force base,....   (283 words)

· Japanese Reactionaries' Campaign against DPRK and Chongryon under Fire -- Jan 23, 2007
The Party for Peace and Unity of Russia sent a letter to the General Association of Korean....     ...the moves of the reactionaries in the land of Japs against the DPRK and Chongryon. Expressing...     (212 words)

· Japanese Reactionaries' Suppression of Chongryon Blasted -- Jan 23, 2007
The reactionaries of the land of Japs are getting evermore frantic in their...       ...condemn the reactionaries of the land of Japs for resorting to the adventurous and...       ...properties. It is only the cursed land of Japs in the world that has rejected for no reason...     (290 words)

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