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· KCNA Commentary Discloses Extreme Misanthropy Prevailing in American Society -- Apr 01, 2015
In recent years the U.S. has committed ceaseless crimes against humanity such as throwing into....     ...again for another similar case recently. CNN on March 13, reporting the results of the...     (583 words)

· U.S. Ambassador Attacked by S. Korean
-- Mar 05, 2015
Mark Report, U.S. Ambassador to south Korea, was attacked by a member of the south Korean civilian....     ...agencies promptly aired the breaking news. CNN, quoting south Korean media as reporting Kim was...     (258 words)

· UN Briefing on Report of DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies Held
-- Oct 09, 2014
The DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies released a report on the DPR of Korea's policy for....     ...rights, selectivity and double-standards. CNN, AP, Kyodo and other foreign media widely...     (357 words)

· Two North Korean Missiles Cause Unified Barrage of Retaliatory Propaganda Fire -- Jul 07, 2014
NSNBC, an internet homepage of Denmark, posted an article titled "Two North Korean Missiles....     ...propaganda barrage include Associated Press, CNN, ABC, Al Jazeera, Japan Times, Chicago Tribune,...       ...Raytheon, NewsMax, FOX News, The Statesman, CNN, Yahoo,… among many others. None...     (905 words)

· KCNA Commentary Decries Japan's Suspension of Subsidies to Korean Schools -- Nov 20, 2013
The Tokyo Metropolitan authorities and the Yokohama City Educational Committee of Japan decided not....     ...deterrence of the DPRK. As was reported by CNN broadcasting journalists' travelogue on a Korean...     (532 words)

· News of Meeting of Political Bureau of C.C. of WPK Reported in Foreign Countries -- Feb 14, 2013
Foreign media Tuesday reported about the decision "On marking the 65th anniversary of the DPRK....     ...and more modern cultural facilities. AP, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Kyodo...     (238 words)

· Rodong Sinmun Slams U.S. for Moving to Use Space for Military Purposes -- Dec 27, 2012
Recently, U.S. Air Force launched small unmanned spacecraft in Florida State. Rodong Sinmun....     ...of satellites of other countries as reported by CNN. The U.S. imperialists have long sought...     (253 words)

· West's Presence Renders Persian Gulf Insecure: Iranian President
-- Oct 04, 2012
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran said that the illegitimate presence of the Western countries....     ...made the remarks in an interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria in GPS program which was aired...     (117 words)

· Photos of Kim Jong Un Carried by Over 200 000 World Media
-- Sep 29, 2012
The world people are becoming louder in their voices praising the dear respected Kim Jong Un. World....     ...is being widely introduced by world media. CNN lauded Kim Jong Un as one of 10 famous persons...     (592 words)

· KCNA Commentary Rebukes False Rumors about DPRK Leadership
-- Jul 20, 2012
The U.S., south Korea and other forces hostile toward the DPRK are spreading false rumors as....     ...the lead in the smear campaign are FOX News, CNN, VOA, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times...     (572 words)

· Kim Jong Un's Speech Given Wide Publicity by World Media -- Apr 22, 2012
More than 12,000 media of the world conveyed the speech made by the dear respected Kim Jong Un at....     ...to Carry Forward Songun Policy". CNN said Kim Jong Un in his speech voiced his will...     (457 words)

· Foreign Media Persons Arrive -- Apr 07, 2012
Foreign media persons arrived here by air and train on Friday and Saturday to visit and cover the....     ...arrivals included reporters of AP, CNN and NBC of the U.S., the First Channel TV, NTV...     (123 words)

· U.S. Political Circle Plagued by Scandals -- Mar 23, 2012
The political field of the U.S. is plagued by all sorts of scandals. The corruptive nature of the....     ...economic depression. In an interview with CNN he said there is no need to worry about the...     (323 words)

· Unhasu Orchestra of DPRK Stays in Paris -- Mar 15, 2012
The Unhasu Orchestra led by Kwon Hyok Bong, advisor to the Korean Traditional Music Institute, on a....     ...radio broadcasting services of France, Reuters, CNN, Asahi Shimbun and Yonhap News of south Korea....     (307 words)

· Head of Unhasu Orchestra Interviewed in France -- Mar 15, 2012
Kwon Hyok Bong, advisor to the Korean Traditional Music Institute who is heading the Unhasu....     ...TV channels and radios of France and Reuters, CNN, Yonhap News of south Korea and Asahi Shimbun of...     (202 words)

· News about Kim Jong Un's Visit to KPA Unit Reported Abroad -- Jan 06, 2012
Various countries and international and regional bodies reported the news that Kim Jong Un, supreme....     ...News, the Polish Internet homepage Onet, AP and CNN of the United States, non-aligned news and the...     (271 words)

· Kim Jong Un Expresses Condolences to Bier of Kim Jong Il: Foreign Media -- Dec 22, 2011
Foreign media and internet reported on Dec. 20 and 21 the news that Kim Jong Un, vice-chairman of....     ...Russia, Press TV Broadcasting of Iran, AP, UPI, CNN Radio, the New York Times, Kyodo News, Jiji...     (169 words)

· Foreign Media Report about Demise of Kim Jong Il -- Dec 20, 2011
Xinhua news, People's Daily and CCTV and ITAR-TASS Monday reported about "Notice to all party....     ...AFP of France, ABC of Australia, AP, UPI, ABC, CNN, VOA, Washington Post, New York Times, USA...     (93 words)

· Iran No Threat to Gulf: UAE VP -- Dec 09, 2011
United Arab Emirates' Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum....     ...the West's fiction of Iran's threat in the CNN interview Tuesday. While Western powers...     (93 words)

· Americans' Support for Afghan War at Record Low: Poll -- Nov 02, 2011
Americans' support for the decade-long Afghanistan war has dropped to an all time low, a new....     ...they are opposed to the war, according to the CNN/ORC International Poll.  (40 words)

· Vast Majority of Americans Discontent with Wall Street -- Oct 27, 2011
Vast majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the Wall Street, a new national poll showed....     ...say they are dishonest, according to the CNN/ORC International poll.  (46 words)

· Cuba Accuses U.S. of Waging "Television War" -- Oct 18, 2011
Cuba's official daily Granma said Wednesday that the United States is preparing a "television....     ...major U.S. TV networks, such as Fox Sports, CNN, NBC and the Nickelodeon Network, but the...     (108 words)

· 1,780 GIs Killed in Afghanistan -- Oct 13, 2011
More U.S. soldiers in "anti-terrorist war" in Afghanistan met deaths due to the attack....     ...the start of the Afghan war, according to a CNN TV on October 7.  (48 words)

· Americans Express Concern over Country's Economy
-- Oct 05, 2011
Nine out of 10 U.S. residents describe economic conditions as poor, a CNN poll released Friday indicated....     (19 words)

· Most Americans Believe U.S. in Recession: Poll -- Sep 06, 2011
Americans are becoming increasingly disappointed by the economic situation. More than eight....     ...Obama to focus more on creating jobs, a new CNN poll showed Friday.  (44 words)

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