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August 22nd, Juche 94 (2005)
Interest in NK News Explodes

While I was off on vacation with limited Internet access, this site went berserk. Thanks to recent attention from the media, interest skyrocketed. Nearly 100,000 searches have been run in the past week, up from 7,000 for the first 3.5 months of this site's existence, as people around the globe discovered the joys of North Korean propaganda.

(Either that, or I've succeeded in creating an army of brainwashed Kim Jong Il disciples.)

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who has taken time to visit this site, and especially for the kind words many of you have posted. Your messages have been read, even if I haven't yet responded. In the next couple of weeks, I will start to get back to people, incorporate suggestions, and implement bug fixes. In the meantime, please be patient, and keep in mind that NK News is being run by one guy in his spare time.

Second, the FAQ has been updated to answer some new questions that have cropped up. Might be worth a read, even if you're already familiar with the site.

English / Inglés

·   Kim Jong Un Plants Trees with KPA Pilots

·   Greetings to Bulgarian Prime Minister

·   Yang Hyong Sop Meets Outgoing Lao Ambassador

·   U.S. and S. Korean Puppet Forces Will Face Ruin for Their War Drumbeats: CPRK

·   U.S. "Human Rights" Racket against DPRK and Tortures in Various Parts of World Slammed

·   Senior Officials in Charge of Administrative Affairs Visit Rimyongsu Revolutionary Site, Pegaebong Bivouac

·   DPRK Order Awarded to Lao Ambassador

·   Amnokgang Sports Team Noted for Ssirum Aces

·   Polyploidization Applied to Cultivating Mushroom

·   Rodong Sinmun Accuses U.S. of Straining Situation on Korean Peninsula

·   U.S. Has Lost Position of "Superpower": Rodong Sinmun

·   Minju Joson Accuses Japan of Turning Itself into War State

·   KCNA Commentary Ridicules S. Korean Chief Executive's Sycophancy toward Outsiders

·   S. Korean Regime's Forcible Closing of Progressive Paper Assailed

·   AI Discloses Human Rights Abuses in S. Korea

·   Anti-"Government" Actions Staged across S. Korea

·   U.S. Accused of Covering up Japan's Past History

·   S. Korean Regime Accused of Closing Progressive Paper

·   Resignation of Park Geun Hye Regime Demanded by Koreans in U.S.

·   Kim Jong Il Praised by Syrian Figure

·   Day of Shining Star Observed by Indian Papers

·   KFA Introduces Kimilsungia, Kimjongilia

Spanish / Español

·   Kim Jong Un planta arboles con pilotos de EPC

·   CRPP condena ejercicios militares conjuntos EE.UU.-Sur de Corea

·   Comite de Juristas de Corea publica carta blanca de condena a campana anti-RPDC de EE.UU.

·   Cuadros de administracion continuan recorrido por la zona del monte Paektu

·   Otorgada orden coreana al embajador laosiano

·   Iniciada en Corea plantacion de arboles

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