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August 22nd, Juche 94 (2005)
Interest in NK News Explodes

While I was off on vacation with limited Internet access, this site went berserk. Thanks to recent attention from the media, interest skyrocketed. Nearly 100,000 searches have been run in the past week, up from 7,000 for the first 3.5 months of this site's existence, as people around the globe discovered the joys of North Korean propaganda.

(Either that, or I've succeeded in creating an army of brainwashed Kim Jong Il disciples.)

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who has taken time to visit this site, and especially for the kind words many of you have posted. Your messages have been read, even if I haven't yet responded. In the next couple of weeks, I will start to get back to people, incorporate suggestions, and implement bug fixes. In the meantime, please be patient, and keep in mind that NK News is being run by one guy in his spare time.

Second, the FAQ has been updated to answer some new questions that have cropped up. Might be worth a read, even if you're already familiar with the site.

English / Inglés

·  Spokesman for DPRK Foreign Ministry Blasts Anti-DPRK Human Rights Racket of U.S. and Its Allies

·  Kim Jong Un Receives Message of Thanks from Chongryon

·  Greetings to Zimbabwean President

·  Reception Given by Iranian Military Attache

·  Anniversary of Instructions Given by Kim Jong Il to Schools to Specialize in Particular Sports Events Observed

·  Venue of Kimilsungia Festival Draws Endless Stream of Visitors

·  Delegations, Delegates of Juche Idea Study Organizations Leave

·  Overseas Koreans Delegations Leave

·  Australia-resident Korean Singer Acclaimed at April Art Festival

·  Vietnamese Art Troupe Proves Successful at Art Festival in DPRK

·  Archery Finals Held

·  Participants in Art Festival Visit Mangyongdae

·  Rodong Sinmun Slams U.S. Quadrennial Defense Review Report

·  U.S. Noisy Anti-DPRK Smear Campaign Censured

·  S. Korean Organizations Oppose Arms Buildup

·  Resignation of IS Director of S. Korea Demanded

·  Park Geun Hye Slammed for Patronizing IS

·  Day of Sun Celebrated by Koreans in Russia

·  Day of Sun Celebrated in Peru

·  Day of Sun Observed in Foreign Countries

·  Kim Il Sung's Work Posted by Russian Organ on Its Website

·  Kim Il Sung's Exploits Performed in Nation-Building Praised in Germany

·  Kim Il Sung's Birth Anniversary Celebrated in Foreign Countries

·  Kim Il Sung's Exploits Praised by Foreign Figures

·  Japanese Authorities' Suppression of Chongryon Assailed by Ugandan Organization, Italian Figure

·  Japanese Authorities' Crackdown upon Chongryon Condemned by Brazilian Political Party, Indian Organization

Spanish / Español

·  Kim Jong Un recibe mensaje de felicitacion de Choummaly Sayasone

·  Kim Yong Nam felicita al presidente de Zimbabwe

·  Embajador cubano ofrece banquete por el Dia del Sol

·  Minju Joson revela siniestro objetivo de la orientacion diplomatica de Japon

·  Rodong Sinmun critica informe de revision de estrategia de defensa de EE.UU.

·  Rodong Sinmun condena demagogia anti-RPDC de EE.UU.

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